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Vision, Mission, Values and Goals of Grameenphone Ltd Sample

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The key to accomplish this vision is a mentality where every one of us works together. Making it easy to purchase and utilize our services. Delivering on our promises. Bing respectful of differences. Inspiring people to happen new ways. Get this right and Telenor will be a impulsive force in modern communications and client satisfaction.

MISSION STATEMENT & A ; VALUESMission:• Knowing client Expectations• Knowing us• Forming usValuess:

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Vision, Mission, Values and Goals of Grameenphone Ltd Sample
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Make it EasyWe’re practical. We don’t over complicate things. Everything we produce should be easy to understand and utilize.

No waste. No slang. Because we ne’er forget we’re seeking to do customers’ lives easier. Keep Promises

Everything we set out to make should work. or if you don’t acquire it. we’re here to assist. We’re about bringing. non over promising – actions non words. Be InspiringWe are originative. We strive to convey energy into the things we do. Everything we produce should look good. modern and fresh. We are passionate about our concern and clients.

Be Respectful

We acknowledge and respect local civilizations. We do non enforce one expression worldwide. We want to be a portion of local communities wherever we operate. We believe trueness has to be earned.

GoalsCustomer Satisfaction:The Customers are in the mainstream of gross revenues oriented services. The success of such companies mostly depends on the satisfaction of the clients. The purchasers are happy if the merchandise and/or the services meet their outlooks. If their demands do non run into the outlooks the purchasers become discontented. they are delighted when the public presentation fulfils their demands. Customers’ past purchasing experiences. the sentiment of friends. associates. seller. rival information and promises lead to the outlooks. Marketer must be careful to put the right degree of outlooks. If they set outlooks excessively low. they may fulfill those who buy but fail to pull adequate purchasers. In contrast. if they raise outlooks excessively high. purchasers are likely to be disappointed. Dissatisfaction can originate either from a lessening in merchandise and service quality or from an addition in client outlooks. In either instance. it presents an chance for companies that can present superior client value and satisfaction.

To-day most successful companies have taken the scheme of are raising outlooks and presenting public presentation to fit. Such companies track their customers’ outlooks. perceived company public presentation. and client satisfaction. Highly satisfied clients produce several benefits for the company. Satisfied clients are fewer monetary values sensitive remain clients for a longer period and talk favourably to others about the company and its merchandises and services. Although the client centered steadfast seeks to present high client satisfaction relation to its rivals. it does non try to maximise client satisfaction. A company can ever increase client satisfaction by take downing its monetary value and increasing its services. but it may ensue in lower net incomes. Therefore. the intent of selling is to bring forth client value productively. Now. we have a really good thought sing the importance of client satisfaction. So. it is besides of import for the company to cognize about the satisfaction degree of the clients. When any job is identified. it becomes easier to work out the job.

Transparency International Bangladesh [ movie ]

MissionTIB’s mission to catalyse and beef up a participatory societal motion to advance and develop establishments. jurisprudence and patterns for battling corruptness in Bangladesh and set uping an efficient and transparent system of administration. political relations and concern holding respect to gender equality and a policy of non-discrimination on evidences of faith. race. caste or topographic point of birth.

VisionTransparency International Bangladesh ( hereinafter “TIB” ) is an independent. nongovernment. non-partisan and non-profit organisation with a vision of Bangladesh in which authorities. political relations. concern. civil society and the day-to-day lives of the people shall be free from corruptness. In the context of the international motion against corruptness. as the to the full commissioned national chapter in Bangladesh of the Berlin-based Transparency International ( TI ) . TIB spouses and cooperates with TI and its chapters worldwide.

ValuessTIB is committed to values of democracy. justness. regulation of jurisprudence. transparence. answerability. unity. bravery. nonpartisanship and equal right of every single irrespective of age. sex. faith. civilization. cultural beginning or any other marker of individuality.

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