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In the late eightiess, Spritzer Berhad was set-up in Taiping. It is figure one bottled H2O trade name in Malaysia. It was passing a multi-million ringgit in order to construct 300 estates of environmental protection bottling installation and continue tropical wood land off from taint. Spritzer was focused on healthy life style and green environment. It encouraged people after imbibing H2O to writhe the bottle for recycling. It besides launched new turn battalion. New twist battalion is a lighter weight bottle and able saves recycling infinite. It besides aids to cut down C emanations.

Spritzer has five subordinates that included in the fabrication and distribution of natural mineral H2O, scintillating natural mineral H2O, distilled imbibing H2O, non-carbonated fruit flavoured drink, carbonated fruit flavoured drink, functional drink, toothbrushes, preforms and packaging bottles. It besides comprises seven H2O beginnings which are involved five of natural mineral H2O and two of imbibing H2O. Peoples can distinguish the H2O beginnings by the coloring material of bottle caps. Natural mineral Waterss are utilizing color caps and the white coloring material of bottle caps is imbibing H2O.

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All the bottle of jammed mineral H2O produced by Spritzer is extracted from an aquifer in the tropical rain forest to vouch the H2O quality is good. The H2O has healthy hint minerals are extracted from the aquifer. Spritzer ‘s production lines are utilizing the state-of-the-art bottling engineerings. It has extremely qualification professionals to run the works well. The professionals of Spritzer ever step and analyze the H2O resources in order to forestall contaminated. Furthermore, the H2O resource besides protect by Spritzer in order to guarantee the best H2O quality.

Besides that, Spritzer provides the natural mineral Waterss that have healthy benefits. Their natural mineral H2O contains orthosilicic acid ( OSA ) which has many wellness benefits for us. These natural mineral Waterss can healthy our hair and anti-aging to allow us look younger. It besides can healthy our nails to avoid nail infection. Furthermore, natural mineral Waterss can beef up our castanetss and blocks soaking up of aluminum to allow us healthier. However, the imbibing Waterss are no wellness benefits. It is because H2O beginning of imbibing H2O is come out from the pat and that has a small spot of minerals.

Company ‘s Production / Operation Processes & A ; Facility Layout

Production / Operation Procedures

Diagram of production procedures flow ( stairss ) & A ; its descriptions






Shrink Tunnel




Spritzer is infusions H2O beginning from 400 pess deep resistance. This natural H2O that infusion is uncontaminated and rich in natural minerals after filtered through assorted sort of natural stone stratum. Whole production procedure of Spritzer is use province of the art engineerings to convey the best quality natural mineral H2O.

The first measure of production procedure is bottling procedure. Spritzer Chuan Sin Sdn. Bhd. do bottle by utilizing PET ( polyethylene terephthalate ) stuff. The chief intent of PET stuff is it can recycle to recycle and cut down the cost. Spritzer utilizing six stairss in the procedure to bring forth PET bottle. First measure is drying of PET, PET absorbs wet from the ambiance, this must be removed by a dehumidifying deceasing before processing, so continue to PET pellets plasticising which are compressed and melted by utilizing revolving prison guard ( KenPlas, n.d. ) . After plasticising the PET, the procedure semen to injection modeling the PET perform. Following phase is to run PET which injected into the injection pit and cooled quickly to organize a preform. Preform is look like a trial tubing that has to organize a bottle in which bottle is blown. Then continue to PET preform warming. It needs to set suited temperature to heat the preform to guarantee the correct profile blowing. The temperature must set still hot plenty to be stretch blown to organize a bottle. The hot preform is stretched and blown into a bottle ‘s form blow cast in doing PET container more tough and lightweight. Stretching applied from two waies at right angle, as in stretch blow casting, give biaxal orientation ( KenPlas, n.d ) . In the last phase, finished PET bottle is ejected from PET container ouster. After traveling through the full bottling measure, the bottles are used to make full mineral H2O after filtrating procedure.

After bottling procedure, it proceeds to rinsing and make fulling procedure. There have a lavation machine in rinsing the bottle. The bottles must do certain that was rewashing clear and clean and can be make fulling the mineral H2O. In make fulling phase, mineral H2O is filled harmonizing to weight of mineral H2O. The machine will command filling of H2O into a bound in avoid the H2O leaking. Filling system is referred to gravimetric filler, when mineral is passed from pealing bowl without any force per unit area, non same as carbonated H2O. It is merely by force of gravitation.

Following is cresting treating. The bottle was cresting after make fulling the mineral H2O. The procedure is to protect mineral H2O from contact with outside factors and to forestall spread out from the container.

Labeling is considered as one of of import parts of full procedure. Labeling on H2O bottles is a great manner to advance company and supply item information about the merchandises. The information is applied on the negligee and stick in the center of bottle to guarantee merchandise quality such as of logo of Spritzer, ingredients of mineral H2O, day of the month codification, maker ‘s name by Chuan Sin Sdn. Bhd. , the reference is Lot 898, Jalan Reservoir, Off Jalan Air Kuning, 34000 Taiping, Perak, Malaysia and beginning of location with Jalan Reservior, Off Jalan Air Kuning, 34000 Taiping, Perak, Malaysia, types of beginning is come from belowground H2O and typical analysis, name of distribution which is Yee Lee Corporation Bhd. every bit good as award and making and blessing figure. After finished labeling, shrivel tunnel is working to do tightly of the label to forestall loose of it. Shrink tunnel heating the surface of label and so continue to the blower machine in blowing off the wrap which is in hot. It can be help to strength the label.

Last come to boxing procedure. This wadding procedure is use car bagger to pack 24 bottles of 600ml mineral H2O into one paper box and the box besides contains information which attached on the boxes. Then, the bottles are being stored in the warehouse and workers will fix for cargo and bringing to clients or retail merchants.

Analyze and address strengths and the failings

As we know, Spritzer organized around merchandise and machine use in insistent or uninterrupted procedure. There have several strengths found in Spritzer production procedures.

First, Spritzer can cut down the variable cost. Low variable cost occurs because of high equipment use. Since Spritzer is produced standardised merchandises which the merchandises are utilizing machines to bring forth Spritzer merchandises. By utilizing machine engineerings, Spritzer could besides increase the efficiency and effectivity to bring forth more merchandises to run their concern. Machine can cut down a batch of human mistake and every parts produced will be more systematic. Products will hold a good quality produced by machine. Spritzer produce finished merchandises harmonizing to the sequence of operation. That is average natural stuff ( mineral H2O, bottle, negligee, paper box ) usage to processed through the first machine, 2nd machine and so on until it goes through all the procedures and finally produced a finished merchandise ( bottle H2O ) . In short, big measure of merchandises would be produced without utilizing high skilled of workers.

Second, production procedures can assist to cut down work-in-process stock lists ( Heizer & A ; Render, 2011 ) . Spritzer can cut down work-in-process when each of the machines has keeping work overload ( Shanthikumar & A ; Stecke, 1986 ) . It can maximise production rate even there are green goodss in big measure of portion in the system. Spritzer ‘s production lines are wholly automated and equipped with the state-of-the-art bottling engineerings. They are utilizing the machine-controlled machines to command the sum of measure produced per twenty-four hours so that overrun is less occurs over a clip. Therefore, it would be lower the procedure stock list. Work-in-process stock lists requires storage infinite to hive away the surplus merchandises which determined the merchandise demand is stable plenty to warrant high investing in specialised equipment. Appropriate in control measure of merchandises produced is of import to get the better of deficit supplies of goods and decreased stock list cost ( Inman, n.d. ) .

Last, since Spritzer is toward on product-oriented, therefore, they are high use on specialised equipment. They focus on produce the Spritzer ‘s merchandises by utilizing the specialised intent machines. Therefore, Spritzer hired operators or workers with less loosely skill to pull off the operation system instead than hired labour with high-skilled degree. Labor specialisation cost can be reduced such as preparation clip and cost.

Furthermore, there are several failing found in production procedures. One of the failings is deficiency of flexibleness in managing assortment of merchandise or production rate ( Heizer & A ; Render, 2011 ) . It is inflexible and can non easy react to necessitate system particularly change in merchandise design ( Inman, n.d. ) . Spritzer needed different machine to work in sequence but merely can bring forth one type of finished merchandise ( low assortment ) . Overall, Spritzer has produced many assortments of bottle H2O merchandises such as natural mineral H2O, scintillating natural mineral H2O, distilled imbibing H2O, carbonated fruit flavoured drink, non-carbonated fruit flavoured drink, and functional drink. But each of different type of bottle merchandises must hold their ain production procedure severally and can non bring forth together.

Besides that, Spritzer produces the bottle H2O merchandises can do to work arrest at any point ties up the whole operation ( Heizer & A ; Render, 2011 ) . If one of the machines within the production procedure is non function or harm, it would act upon whole production procedure. The production rates will travel down because it will take a longer clip for waiting machine to be repaired and restart to finishing the undertaking than if the machine were function and extremely utilised. This state of affairs has come out some major jobs such as late bringing to retailer or clients on clip. Furthermore, sometimes the machine still can work but the merchandise come out are broken or low in quality which had been sent to clients. After they consumed it, they found some job about the merchandise and will take an action semen to kick the company. Company will endure loss at the same clip. Each of the operators must often look into all the machines to guarantee that the machines are function swimmingly.

Another job of Spritzer is deficiency of skilled workers to manage the machine. The whole procedure would non complete on clip in instance if one of the machines is non working and holding job. So if workers are deficiency of proficient accomplishments and the machine is no map at the same time, there will be no 1 capable to repair the machine and could impact the whole production procedure.

Facility Layout

Diagram of installation layout and its descriptions

Factory Layout of Chuan Sin Sdn. Bhd.

The first is the company chief office. This is where most of the cardinal section such as Administrator Human Resource, Marketing and Gross saless, Export, Information and Technology, Logistic, Finance, Purchasing, and Managing Direct office are located. The decision maker office is farther divide into cardinal edifice where all the caput of section and cardinal forces will be located.

Plant A is the topographic point where mineral H2O and imbibing H2O are bottled. Plant A is merely specialised in bring forthing none carbonated or non-coloured drinks such as mineral H2O and imbibing H2O. This mill produced H2O bottle such as the outstanding Spritzer and Cactus and other private label H2O bottle such as Tesco and Jusco. The procedures taken topographic point in this works are executing, filtering, capping, quality confidence, and packaging. The works non merely produces the imbibing H2O but there are warehousing and logistic return topographic point at the same time as the H2O are bottled.

Plant B is the works where carbonated and flavored drinks are bottled. Product such a POP, frisson and Spritzer + FIBRE are produced. This works have the same installation as works A where it portion the same installation, warehousing and logistic return topographic point at the same time as the bottle are produced.

The last portion of the installation is the preform works. Preform refer to a particular plastic that are formed into the desire tubing form before it will be formed into the specific bottle runing from 350ml to 6 litres bottle. Polyethylene terephthalate or PET as known to many, is the chief molecular merchandise that make the preform. Each PET is placed into a faculty with different size and strength to bring forth the specific preform. This preform will be blown with air and it will go a bottle.

Analyze and turn to the strengths and the failings

First of wholly, the strength of the layout is the mill located in a suburban country and it is surrounded by wood. The H2O reservoir is located beside the mill can supply a strong strategic topographic point for its nucleus operation. As the mineral H2O is harvested from the land, natural filtration is of import in order to maintain the of import minerals and unwanted pollutant off. The reservoir which located besides the mill is the beginning of H2O which flow or absorbed by the land. This H2O normally contains high concentration of minerals. Not merely that this will let the company to take down down cost of operation in footings of purchasing fresh H2O from seller. It will able the company to distinguish themselves from the rival in footings quality and monetary value leader. The strategic location is of import for the company because they want the H2O beginning to be free from pollutant every bit much as possible so that they could keep the quality of the H2O every bit natural as possible.

Other than that the failing of the layout is the one-sided design of the mill. This design is a defect of the mill. This design wills possible arrest the future growing of the company. There is no infinite for enlargement if the company wanted to spread out the production installation. For illustration, Plant B is unifying between the Head Office and Plant A, this will be hard for the enlargement plan for Plant B as it is there is no room for it to spread out. This same goes to the Plant A which is the nucleus installation of Chuan Sin Sdn. Bhd. where it is the lone topographic point to bring forth the outstanding mineral H2O in this state.

The layout of the mill will prone to jobs. The Plant A and Plant B should non be located side by side to avoid miscommunication and managing issue. During our circuit, there is no index saying the location of works A and works B. This could convey catastrophe to the new employed logistic people who might be confused with the works and hence it would present a incorrect packaging to the incorrect client. Besides that, the caput office should be located farther from the fabrication works. This will supply better productiveness between the decision maker and the fabrication employee.

Study Area ‘s Literature Review & A ; Contributions

Supply concatenation direction can be specifying as many ways. Harmonizing to Ellram, Lambert and Stock ( 2001 ) , supply concatenation direction is a supply concatenation is the alliance of houses that bring merchandises or services to market ( Ellram, Lambert & A ; Stock, 2001 ) . Using green construct in to the supply concatenation direction, green supply concatenation direction can be define as supply concatenation activities such as cut downing beginnings or waste and resources of ingestion ( Zhong, 2006 ) .

Areas Activities Developed to Implement Green Supply Chain Management

Green Supply Chain Management ( GSCM ) as an incorporation of environment-friendly enterprises into every facet of supply concatenation activities embracing sourcing, merchandise design and development, fabrication, transit, packaging, storage, retrieval, disposal, and post-sales services including end-of-product life direction ( Hokey & A ; Ilsuk, 2012 ) . There are some countries developed into cardinal activities to implementing GSCM: ( 1 ) policy of the company related to concern moralss and corporate-social duty, environment policy and audits, and authorities ordinance. ( 2 ) Synthesis that portrays a wide image about green supply concatenation direction. ( 3 ) Buying focal point on the environmental issues that can impact the environment like sound pollution of the machine. ( 4 ) Fabrication concern about the merchandise design is environmental-friendly and cut down environment pollution. Besides the cardinal activities, green logistics trade with the environment factors like transit, stock list, repositing, packaging and installation location determination. Furthermore, rearward logistic will better the efficiency to manage the recycled or returned merchandise and manage waste of disposal. Spritzer is a mineral H2O manufacturer, their mill are operate on about 300 estates of tropical wood in Taiping, Perak to off from possible pollution and safeguarding their natural H2O beginnings to guaranting the high quality of their merchandise. Furthermore, Spritzer concern about the green supply concatenation direction for their company. For the intent to cut down their waste and ingestion of resources, they cut down the packaging and lightweight for their merchandise to extinguish excess resource used in the merchandise. Spritzer is utilizing the stuff of bring forthing the bottle which is 100 % reclaimable for packaging in order to cut down the pollution of environment to implement the societal duty of the company and the production and the stuffs used to bring forth are following the authorities ordinance.

Internal Environment Management

Comparing green supply concatenation direction pattern among internal environment direction, green buying, client cooperation with environment considerations and eco-design, internal environment direction can take the organisation to success with high degree than other similar pattern. Without first turn toing their ain environmental direction patterns, it is difficult to widen these environment patterns to providers and client ( Hujita & A ; Hashimoto et al. , 2010 ) . If a company can implement internal environment direction in high degree, the company will bask these competitory advantages in term of fiscal public presentation that can cut down the environmental costs such as stuff buying cost. Besides that, operation public presentation betterment such as increasing sum of good delivered on clip, diminishing stock list degrees and increased merchandise line ( Hujita & A ; Hashimoto et al. , 2010 ) . Furthermore, the activities of internal environment direction can be classify into committedness of green supply concatenation direction from senior directors ; support for green supply concatenation direction from mid-level directors ; cross-functional cooperation for environmental betterments ; entire quality environmental direction ; ISO 14001 enfranchisement ; environmental conformity and scrutinizing plans and environmental direction systems. In contrast, there have many barriers to implement internal environment pattern like deficiency of sustainable green supply concatenation direction patterns in organisations vision and mission, deficiency of corporate leading and support, deficiency of authorities support, deficiency of cognition and experience, deficit of resources and etc. ( Balasubramanian, 2012 ) .

As a consequence, Spritzer has performed high degree of internal environmental direction among their rivals and this creates the competitory advantage to Spritzer. From our interview to the official direction squad, we know Spritzer ‘s employees have high degree of committedness between each other and they can acquire support from directors when the employees confronting job. Spritzer had improved their efficiency of production and bringing truth by holding high degree of committedness between employees. For illustration, employees in the company can seek for aid if they are confronting any job and these employees or directors willing to assist and giving support to them that can increase the committedness between employees lead to high public presentation. Besides that, Spritzer was successes to follow in implement internal environmental pattern. Spritzer is concern about the quality of the H2O because its merchandise will impact the consumer ‘s wellness. Therefore, they put a batch of attempt for choice direction in their production procedure in order to guarantee the quality of the H2O green goods is high. Besides that, the workers who are supervising the production procedure are trained before public presentation the occupation that he/she is expertise on the monitoring public presentation of the production procedure.

Reverse Logistic in Green Supply Chain Management

Reverse logistic is a term for fabricating new merchandises and remanufacturing used merchandises that is returned from the market for future reuse ( Alshamrani, 2012 ) . Reverse logistic is a cardinal component with respect to the progressively rigorous regulative force per unit areas across Europe on the terminal of life merchandises and merchandise take back strategies ( Victor et al. , 2012 ) . Reverse logistic can category into green supply concatenation direction that the intent of rearward logistic is reuse and remanufacture the merchandises return from the market. Reverse logistic focused around economic benefits but participants recognized the possible positive relationship between decreases in costs and betterments in environmental public presentation and client satisfaction ( Bernon et al. , 2010 ) . Furthermore, Process-based integrating schemes search for “ operational excellence ” through advanced procedures for recycling, reuse, renovating and remanufacturing ; fabrication processes for energy efficiency and thin production ; and concern procedures for quality betterment and waste riddance ( Cronin et al. , 2011 ) .

Reverse logistic is one of the supply concatenation direction used by Spritzer to implement its supply concatenation traveling green. For illustration, Spritzer has a good relationship with its retail merchants that Spritzer able to acquire order from them and Spritzer besides provide understanding to these retail merchants they can return the merchandises back to the Spritzer if any damaged. Spritzer will recycle or remanufacture the damaged points for future usage or other intent like patron to other ‘s party. Besides that, Spritzer besides implements the recycle plans cooperate with retail merchants, stakeholders, recycling companies and the community recycling for charity ( CRC ) to roll up these unwanted bottles after consumed and disposes it by return or sells to Spritzer to reproduce or recycle the dispose points for future usage. Furthermore, this part helps Spritzer to make consciousness of the society and better the repute of the company that Spritzer bring forthing environmental-friendly merchandises and aid to cut down the pollution of the environment. For illustration, Spritzer had implemented some run like “ Drink Spritzer Twist to Recycle ” run to promote people recycles the bottle after consumed.

Green Selling

Green selling has been defined as associating green selling to identifying and fulfilling green clients, and advancing environmentally-friendly merchandises. For illustration, Banyte et Al. ( 2010 ) , specify it as “ finding the demand to cognize the new, so called green, consumer and to accommodate selling determinations to the focal point on determining the outlooks and fulfilling the demands of such a consumer ” ( Banyte, Brazioniene, & A ; Gadeikiene, 2010 ) . Along the line of green clients, some research workers investigated the importance of utilizing branding techniques to present green merchandises to green markets ( Muntean & A ; Stremtan, 2010 ) . They were found that most clients can non easy place greener merchandises ( other than clean merchandises ) although they would be in favour of greener merchandises, and that most bing selling schemes are non peculiarly relevant or prosecuting ( Tureac et al. , 2010 ) .

Selling is to find the demands of the client and integrate into supply concatenation at the get downing province of the merchandise that planing province of the merchandise that planing the merchandise or at the terminal of the supply concatenation through publicity like advertisement to the market. This subdivision proposes a theoretical hub-and-spoke integrating theoretical account which integrates green marketing into sustainable supply concatenation direction from multiple positions, viz. the 6Ps – merchandises, publicity, planning, procedure, people and undertaking. For illustration, on the merchandise radius, green selling communicates the demands of green merchandises, based on the apprehension of green clients ‘ demands, to the sustainable supply concatenation direction ( Kasturiratne, Liu & A ; Moizer, 2012 ) .

Companies with product-based integrating schemes had environmentally focused merchandises ( Smirnova et al. , 2011 ) . They were proud of their supply concatenation capablenesss to bring forth the merchandises and their sensitiveness in observing clients ‘ demand. These companies were eager to present advanced merchandises that could fit the green client ‘s outlooks.

The bottled H2O industry is divided into two sections: the mineral and imbibing H2O section. Spritzer, which is involved in bottling both mineral and imbibing H2O, there is a immense difference between both types of H2O that are widely available today. Mineral H2O of Spritzer is sourced belowground and is a merchandise of natural rain H2O after old ages of being filtered through beds of the Earth and absorbing the assorted minerals on the manner. While imbibing H2O is merely tap H2O without minerals, boiled and/or filtered and so packaged out. Spritzer beginnings its mineral H2O from five Health Ministry approved points 400 pess belowground at its works in Taiping with current capacity use of 180 million litres of H2O per twelvemonth. The H2O from the beginnings is located on 300 estates in Taiping. Because of the huge exuberant idle green ecosystem where we beginning Spritzer mineral H2O from, it can be certain the H2O is pollution-free and of pristine quality ( Chuah, 2013 ) . Besides that, Spritzer launched the advanced merchandise that the bottle can be recycling which fulfill the green client outlooks.

A 2nd of import factor to bridge the supply side and demand side is through publicity, in which communicating plays a cardinal function ( Ozanne & A ; LeCren, 2011 ) . Schemes largely used by the companies were: clear merchandise labeling supplying information on environmentally-related statistics and merchandise disposal instructions ; publicizing green merchandises in a justifiable, self-explanatory and clear manner.

Spritzer usage green colour as the labeling to distinguish their merchandise with other rival. Through green labeling, Spritzer can easy allow client cognize that their company is provide green environmental merchandises through the green labeling. The most of import information about green benefits should be every bit specific as possible so that clients can measure its truthfulness and rationality. Spritzer should reflect the green benefits in the merchandise ‘s monetary values and offers, so that clients know precisely what they are paying for. Spritzer provides clear information at the labeling which states how to dispose the bottle after finish off.

Companies using planning-based integrating tend to hold long-run aspiration in and committedness to sustainable concerns ( Violeta & A ; Gheorghe, 2009 ) . In this dimension, big companies have clearer visions and programs. Schemes included: scene clear environmental and societal steps and including the steps company ‘s concern public presentation and budgeting for long-run capableness development ( such as people and engineerings ) demands.

Since Spritzer financials had reported consistent growing in net net income and dividend payout ratio on the dorsum of dual digit per centum growing in gross from fiscal twelvemonth 2008 to 2012 ( Daniel, 2013 ) . Net assets per portion have grown from 93 cent back in 2008 to RM1.21 as at November 30, 2012 while its basic net incomes per portion for the nine months to end-November last twelvemonth stood at 6.34 cent which is about dual the old twelvemonth ‘s tantamount period ( Daniel, 2013 ) . Spritzer ‘s dividend payout ratio has besides risen from 25 % in 2008 to 37 % in 2012 as noted in its one-year study ( Daniel, 2013 ) . In 2013, Spritzer hopes that they can make better public presentation and consequence than the last twelvemonth 2012. Spritzer future program is to export their merchandise to abroad and become portion of the market portion in planetary. By the manner, Spritzer besides plan to better their bing engineering and better their employee accomplishment, they believe that it may take to increase their productiveness. Spritzer besides implement green environmental cognition to their employee for motivate them to be more duty on the environment and hope in the hereafter they can taking good attention of natural and came out more originative thought contribute to company.

Organizations dominant of project-based integrating are big companies which play a prima function in their industries. They use the environmental and community undertakings as a selling communicating tool to convey their environmental and societal stance to their mark audience ( Leonidou & A ; Hultman, 2011 ) . Schemes provide included: puting up new environmental undertakings to raise the company ‘s green repute and investment in community undertakings to pull more green consumers.

Spritzer besides supplying instruction and cognition to enable communities to understand their environment ensures a step of autonomy. Spritzer actively educates communities about the importance of H2O quality through engagement in the events such as the Smart Kids Education Fair, Expo Cintai Malaysia, Singapore Food Fair, MATRADE Exhibition Trade Fair and Expo Perdagangan Buatan Malaysia. Spritzer besides acts as a sponsorships for the 16th Spritzer Basketball Cup which held in Kota Kinabalu, Larut Matang and Selama. Besides that, it besides provided for the Taiping Open Badminton Championships, the Maybank Golf Open, Badminton Open Spritzer Cup held in Taiping, Malaysia. Spritzer besides involves in the community featuring events such as the Ipoh Star Walk, Penang Walk and Jacob Walk of Life all received Spritzer sponsorships. The high spot of their clean sponsorship activities for the twelvemonth under reappraisal was their part to Olympic Malaysia. Spritzer was accorded the official mineral H2O patron for the Malaysia Olympic squad. The chief intent of the sponsorship is to make trade name consciousness and construct the green company repute. The undertaking intent is to make green environmental friendly and derive more support from green consumer. Besides that, it besides advertises their merchandise through the undertaking and reduces the use of advertisement in other media.

Green Management Perspective

A concern should confront up to environmental issue and make competitory advantages through green enterprises. There are four uninterrupted phases of the environmental consciousness of a house ‘s which are proactive, constructive, receptive and reactive ( Newman & A ; Hanna, 1995 ) . In conformity with these categorizations, a house should foretell and measure state of affairss in order to make up one’s mind the sum of resources to put in green direction of the house. Then, the house would organize a strategic green attitude in developing green supply concatenation direction schemes. There are four types of green direction position. They are proactive invention, active integrating, receptive acquisition and reactive response.

First of wholly, the feature of the proactive invention is to increase the capablenesss of the house green direction in order to go portion of the house ‘s corporate scheme. Other than that, this position besides strengthens green direction public presentation through invention. If Spritzer is in the position of proactive invention, they should see about green direction while be aftering their corporate scheme. They can even include green properties in their company mission, vision and aims in order to incorporate green direction in their corporate scheme more efficaciously.

Other positions are active integrating. There are two types of active integrating which are outer and interior active integrating. Outer means develop concerted dealingss with spouses in the supply concatenation. As for inner, it means include and implement environmental plans into other concern maps. Spritzer can discourse with their distributer, Yee Lee Corporation to administer their merchandises more environmental friendly. For illustration, Yee Lee Corporation can utilize less fouling manners of conveyance such as railroads.

Furthermore, receptive leasing besides one of the green direction positions. The feature of receptive acquisition is introduced environmental enterprises non-spontaneously and take a benchmark as a theoretical account. In this instance, Spritzer can choose The Coca-Cola Company as a benchmark as The Coca-Cola Company besides produce drinks and has put a batch of attempt in the green enterprise to protect the environment.

Last, the green direction positions are reactive response. Reactive rhythm is to act in conformance with environmental ordinances and to carry through client ‘s environmental wants, demands and demands towards a merchandise or service. In order to understand more on the client ‘s environmental wants and attitude, Spritzer can promote their clients to supply sentiment on their official web sites. By making this, Spritzer can accomplish better public presentation that match the client ‘s outlooks while implementing green direction.

Execution of Green Attributes in Stages of Product Life Cycle

In order to implement green supply concatenation direction scheme more expeditiously, a elaborate and organized analysis is needed. Life-cycle analysis could be a method of measuring overall environment impact of a merchandise ( Poole & A ; Simon, 1997 ) . In add-on, environmental properties could be extracted from each stage of a merchandise ‘s life rhythm such as merchandise fabrication, usage and service and concluding disposal ( Kurk & A ; Eagan, 2008 ) . Hence, in order to better a house ‘s public presentation in the green direction, the green patterns can be implemented into each map based on the phases of merchandise life rhythm which are green design, green buying, green fabrication, and green selling and service.

First, in the green design phase, the new merchandise development ( NPD ) squad will do determinations in indispensable stuff choice, production procurances, bundle design, and energy use. The new merchandise development squad demands to hold considerations sing the influence and impact on the environment. Their considerations may include design-for-environment, eco-design, or even design for disassembly, reuse and recycling.

Many companies that implemented green design experienced struggles between the green demands and demands of traditional merchandise public presentation which are velocity and convenience. Hence, companies need to happen and put the balance point between green considerations and practical maps ( Polonsky & A ; Rosenberger III, 2001 ) . Companies that implemented green design should carry through four factors which are stop utilizing toxic substances, salvage energy, following with rules of disassembly, reuse and recycling, and increase invention capablenesss.

Spritzer is presently utilizing Polyethylene terephthalate ( PET ) as the stuff to do the plastic bottles of their drinks. This is really environmental friendly as PET is extremely reclaimable. When Spritzer is be aftering to develop a new merchandise in the hereafter, at the design phase, Spritzer should besides choose PET as the stuff of the new drinks container. In add-on, Spritzer can seek to make an sole plastic bottle that is more extremely reclaimable than PET.

Previously, companies did non pay a batch of attending to buying map because they see it as a supportive function to accomplishing concern aims. However, many organisations that presenting green plans have found out that green buying eliminates waste significantly and efficaciously. Therefore, companies should set more attending to buying map.

Green buying means concentrating more on environmentally-conscious patterns such as eliminates waste, recycling and reuse, and replacing stuffs without impacting stuff belongings ( Min & A ; Galle, 2001 ) . For illustration, Spritzer should carefully analyze the sum of natural stuffs needed in the production procedure so that Spritzer would non buy excess and unneeded natural stuffs. By making this, Spritzer is able to extinguish waste.

In the phase of fabrication, a batch of energy is needed and consumed by firing assorted natural resources like coal, coke and natural gas ( Pal, 2002 ) . Combustion may be carry on in the procedure of fabrication and this will do air pollution. In add-on, big sum of waste will besides be generated.

Green fabrication is a survey about how to heighten current procedures or techniques in order to diminish the coevals of toxic affair ( Tan, Liu, Cao, & A ; Zhang, 2002 ) . A successful execution of green fabrication should hold fulfilled four factors in the fabrication procedure. They are the sum of energy and resource use, green grade of energy, sum of risky waste and besides the figure of reuses of risky waste. From our visit to Spritzer, we have seen that the fabricating procedure of drinks is considered environmentally friendly as it did non affect any procedures that will do monolithic pollution. For illustration, burning that causes serious air pollution is non occurred.

Discussion & A ; Conclusion

In our sentiment, we consider the importance of company ‘s production procedure is the machine should be guaranting to run swimmingly. If the machines are unable to work all of a sudden, it will ensue in losingss. Spritzer should guarantee the workers have a good proficient accomplishments to manage the job occurred. Furthermore, product-oriented procedures are deficiency of flexibleness in managing assortment of merchandise. Spritzer produces assortment of merchandises but they still can manage it. We suggest them can keep their current strength or better their strength in order to acquire more net incomes.

Furthermore, we think that the strategic location is really of import for a works. Location of Spritzer ‘s works is a best topographic point for them. It is because the reservoir locates beside the works. Therefore, they can obtain the H2O beginning straight. Besides that, they can salvage the transit cost, because they do non necessitate to travel far to obtain the H2O beginning.

Furthermore, the layout of the mill is utilizing the one-sided design. This design will act upon to spread out the mill. There is no infinite if the company wants to spread out the mill. Therefore, Spritzer need to analysis and find clearly when they want to develop a new mill.

Apart from this, green supply concatenation direction is besides really of import to Spritzer. It is because people emphasizes on attention for the environment today. Spritzer is utilizing the contrary logistic to recover the bottle after finish the drinks. Furthermore, Spritzer still can keep “ Drink Spritzer Twist to Recycle ” run in order to promote people recycle the bottle after consumed.

Besides that, Spritzer besides can larn from The Coca- Cola Company to better their green direction. The Coca-Cola Company is really successful to run the green direction. Spritzer cans cooperation with the providers and spouses in order to cut down C emanations for full value concatenation.

In decision, we consider Spritzer is a good company of green goods the drinks. They produce the drinks have healthy benefits to all of us. They besides care for the environment to cut down C emanation. However, they still need to better in order to acquire better consequence in the hereafter.

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