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Animal in Extinction

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    Muhamad Naem Bin Yusof Title : Animal in Extinction SubTopic : Why the animal under verge of extinction Introduction In bucked the trend towards modernization and progress, we increasingly forget that not only human beings that inhabit this universe. Ever forget the existence of human animals and the environment so that most of us have succumbed to the demands of modernization and progress. Humans have killed the flora and fauna around us to make way for development. Implications as we see now, many fauna species that are being threatened by extinction.

    More and more animals without realizing next dwindling and disappear from the earth. Do we just need to try to help save animals threatened with extinction without knowing what causes that led to the extinct. Below is the factor why animal is under verge of extinction. Body 1 Firstly, change and habitat destruction by human activities is a major cause of animal extinctions. Changed or degraded habitat through several processes such as logging, swamps dried, sea cliffs reclaimed, rivers constrained to make dams, forest areas are opened up for agriculture and settlements and pollution occur due to certain activities.

    The impact of this change and habitat destruction sometimes cannot be discovered in a short time. Sometimes this effect does not occur directly but it correlates and can destroy several animal species after going through a long period of time. Opening certain forest areas for example may break and minimize habitat animals such as tigers and elephants in need of a large and spacious area to get food, shelter and breeding. Small habitat has complicated these animals to compete for food and reduce the reliability of finding a mate for breeding purposes.

    Both of these things can cause the death of animals and reduce the number. For an example Sumatera Rhino had decrease in number because of hard to find the mate for breeding purpose, this had cause the number of Sumatera Rhino always decline in every year. In some countries such as in Indonesia, forest areas opened and cleared for agricultural purposes and also that the use of the ‘cut and burn’. This method is very easy and cheap, but sometimes it can cause a large forest fires cannot be controlled. When this occurs some species can destroyed in a fire may once and for all.

    Fires can also produce thick smoke, and haze problem to the country and neighboring countries. Haze is not only difficult to see even pose a health hazard to humans. Body 2 Animal business is a big business in countries like the United States, England and Europe. Exotic animals such as parrots, tigers, fish and some other animals found only in tropical countries such as Malaysia, Thailand, Burma and countries in South America, or the animals from countries in Africa are usually smuggled into these countries to be sold as pets.

    Preserving exotic animals particularly difficult animals found to be a trend among those who can afford it. As business-animal and an endangered species is prohibited by international law, most of the affected animals exported and sold illegally. Usually the animals shipped to destinations in the difficult and sad situation. Of the 10 animals that were smuggled in, usually only one which may come into the hands of buyers in a good and safe situation. This causes the price to increase sales of higher animals.

    The animals are unique and hard to find can be sold with a very expensive price and this is what causes than those willing to take the risk to smuggle illegal. Buyers were willing to offer a very high price to certain animals for possession of such animals signifies the ‘status’ of a person or personal wealth buyers involved. Poaching activity is a very serious threat to animal life one time. In history, marine mammals such as seals, otters, whales and some other marine animals actively hunted for fur, skin, meat, fat, and their ivory.

    Land mammals such as elephants, tigers, lions, rhinos and others are also hunted for the same purpose. Poaching activity has virtually eliminating fade or had some animal species from the face of the earth before these activities are controlled by a number of international agreements. Currently hunting activities in countries such as the United States and Canada are controlled and the person doing the hunting without a valid license will incur heavy fines. However the threat of poaching activity is still a serious problem in some countries in Africa and Asia although these countries also have strict laws to regulate hunting.

    This is because these countries have a number of very public but have insufficient food sources. Economic activity in these countries is also not well established. The animals like the tiger, rhinoceros and elephant either captured alive or parts of animals, such as ivory or skin can be sold at a higher price. Income derived from the sale of these animals or parts of the body can cope with a certain number of families for several months. By the residents of the countries involved are willing to hunt the animals they know even though his act was wrong and could face severe penalties.

    Body 3 Finally, the cause of why the animals are threatened with extinction due to external causes. Other causes are due perubahan2 happened to nature. However, dig a little more subtle, other sources also caused by humans. People are increasingly negligent in their life. Many things are done has brought bad thing in the long run. Effect of human action has resulted in changes to natural ecosystems and ultimately life threatening nature. Among the problems that occur unnoticed had threatened fauna is climate change / global warming, pollution and shooting activities by farmers.

    Global warming not only causes air plants, but also lack of cause of homeless animals. Global warming has affected large enough to rainforests. This has led to amphibian animals such as frogs that depend on the rainforest difficult to survive because of the loss of shelter. In addition, the effect of global warming has caused the ice in Antarctica melted. Melting ice reduces the ability of polar bears to find enough food for hire as prefer to use ice as a platform to hunt for prey. Other than that, warmer temperature has caused spread of viruses and bacteria, this major impact on the animals.

    Orangutan is severely affected animals to the problem. Global warming not only causes loss of habitat and the spread of the virus, but also disrupt food and water resources under increasing pressure causes the animal to survive. The other problem that occurs is pollution. Human pollution caused no sense of responsibility to the environment, and let impunity contamination occurs. Among the types of pollution is noise pollution, air, water, and land. For instants, water and soil pollution has a great impact on the environment.

    Bring many pollutions and disease; destructive to the habitat. Nevertheless, shooting farmer intended to repel animals that interfere with orchards and crops also contribute to reducing the number of animals and, consequently, the threat of extinction. Animals like elephants and monkeys are often victims of this matter. Conclusion As for the conclusion, people need to think of ways to overcome and control of animal extinction from continuing. The main cause of this problem as poaching, pollution and habitat loss can be overcome.

    Therefore, all parties must carry out their duties more transparent so as not to let the matter of impunity continue. For instant to prevent animal extinction and endangerment in the future animal, we should certainly learned from the lessons of the past and try to eliminate as many causes of animal demise only as possible. The exploitation of natural resources often leads to animal that extinction is closely linked to economic progress where this process occurs. We should strive to find the right balance between human and animal welfare. That is the only way forward towards harmony of man and nature.

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