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Animal testing needs to be illegal

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In my introduction I began it with a statement that was quite striking. Most people would not associate cute little animals with a killing scientist.
Throughout the whole speech the problem and solution are organized problem-cause-solution pattern. In the first paragraph I state the actual problem which is what animal testing is, the second paragraph I give the reasons for why people continue to still use animal testing, and the third paragraph I state the solutions to this problem.

The harm for animal testing is that most animals are badly burned, and almost all are killed in the process to examine their bodies after treatment has been given.

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Animal testing needs to be illegal
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Millions of healthy animals are killed each year for animal testing. Up to 200 animals can be killed in one test.
To create logical proof I use statistics within how many tests are proven invaluable on animal testing for human use. Also there are plenty of alternatives that I found to prove that animal testing could be illegal if many countries were willing to try and use them.

I use emotional proof in how I explain what is happening to these animals, and how badly they are abused when in the end they are going to be killed. Many of these animals that are used for testing people have in their own homes so the audience can relate to it.

I establish my ethos in that I give both the pros and cons to animal testing, and I don’t just push one side onto my audience. In my introduction I start it off with a statement that everyone can relate to.

The solutions that could be used are culturing human skin and protein cells to use to test different chemicals. Another solution would be what people in the UK donate their blood to be used to test for immune system drugs.

I found various countries that have adopted alternative approaches to drug and chemical testing that did not involve testing on animals.
I used from the survey on most of the students agreed that animals testing should not be used, and almost all of the class stated how they thought cosmetic testing should not be done at all. Also I used how many of the students in the class knew nothing about animal testing so I explained it so all knew the problems from it.

In my conclusion I finished with a memorable clincher. I tied the introduction where I had people thinking about their pets and tying it to pets that kids could have today.

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Animal testing needs to be illegal. (2016, Aug 27). Retrieved from https://graduateway.com/animal-testing-needs-to-be-illegal/

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