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Animals for Scientific Experimentation

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General Introduction of the Problem (Thesis Statement which states your opinion)

            There are ethical and moral issues that go along with animals subjected for scientific experimentation. Animal rights’ advocates believe that animals should be left in their natural habitat leading their usual way of life wherein they are allowed to roam freely (Animal Welfare Institute n.

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Animals for Scientific Experimentation
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Furthermore, for them, animals have the freedom and are supposed to be given ethical considerations in how people should mingle with them (Animal Welfare Institute n.p.).  Moreover, animals are capable of giving importance to their own life, this is why animal rights advocates push that animals deserve “rights in order for them to protect their autonomy” (Animal Welfare Institute n.p.).  Explaining further, “the right of an animal to possess their own flesh means that, any human or human institution that trade animals for scientific testing, or any other purpose infringes upon the rights of the animal to possess its own being, therefore the property status of animals, which is used to maintain the use of animals for human ends is unethical because it ignores the rights of animals” (Animal Welfare Institute n.p.).

            However, for me, humankind cannot help but need and utilize animals for scientific experimentation for the sake of medical breakthroughs and advancements, that’s why there ought to be circumstances wherein animals should be utilized for scientific experimentation (Animal Welfare Institute n.p.).

History of the Problem (Including Past Attempts at a Solution)

            The aforementioned problem has been existent ever since the proliferation of animal rights groups who condemns the utilization of animals for the sake of scientific progress. It is good however, that some organizations attempted to come up with a solution and presented some conditions as to under what circumstances should animals be used for scientific experimentation (Animal Welfare Institute n.p.).

Extent of the Problem (Who is Affected?; How bad is it?)

            The animals and both humans are affected. The animals are affected because their rights are violated; and humans are also affected because most likely, they will not to be able to create advancements or breakthroughs without using animals for experimentation (Animal Welfare Institute n.p.).

Repercussions of the Problem if not Solved

            If animal rights advocates will not allow animals to be utilized for experimentation then there is a great possibility that humans will not come up with breakthroughs and medical advancements that will benefit us all (Animal Welfare Institute n.p.).

Arguments & Facts; Objections and Concessions

            Animals should only be utilized for scientific experimentation under the following circumstances:

            First of all is when there is no known possible substitute (Animal Welfare Institute n.p.). Although animal rights’ advocates do not agree that animals are commodities or properties that exist to serve humans, animals should still be used especially if there no other substitute for it (Animal Welfare Institute n.p.).

            Second is after evaluation of a cautiously premeditated research based on information and understanding of obtainable writing on the subject (Animal Welfare Institute n.p.).

            Third is if the minimum feasible quantity of animals will be utilized (Animal Welfare Institute n.p.).

            Fourth is if only the most appropriate species will be used (Animal Welfare Institute n.p.).

            Fifth is when the animals to be utilized are maintained and kept in the most advantageous and best possible environment (Animal Welfare Institute n.p.). In a debate which I have attended in the past, animal rights’ advocates restated John Stuart Mill’s Utilitarianism, “which is built on the concept or principles of utility, which he believes is the foundation of morals, and holds that actions are right in proportion as they tend to promote happiness, wrong as they tend to produce the reverse of happiness (Bennagen 162). Animal rights’ advocates also reiterated that, “happiness according to John Stuart Mill, is equated to pleasure and the absence of pain, while unhappiness, for him, refers to pain and the privation of pleasure” (Bennagen 162). They stated directly that since animals are utilized for scientific testing or experimentation, and that these animals are not happy about being utilized as such then human beings were already violating the rights of the animals (Bennagen 162).

            Sixth is when the animal/s to be utilized are under the supervision and care of an individual who is extensively trained, who is compassionate, and sensitive enough to properly treat the subjects (Animal Welfare Institute n.p.).

            Seventh is if pain, apprehension, and fretfulness will be addressed through the use of painkillers, pain-relievers, as well as, tranquilizers (Animal Welfare Institute n.p.).

            Eighth is if the animals to be utilized are not classified as “endangered species” (Animal Welfare Institute n.p.).

            Last but not least is if the threatened species are utilized in experiments which match the requirements for human experimentation (Animal Welfare Institute n.p.).

Conclusion (Restatement of Thesis and Summary of Main Ideas)

            Advocates for animal rights may point out over and over that animals have the right to be kept from harm or anything that does not entail living in their natural habitat or leading their usual way of life (Animal Welfare Institute n.p.). However, human beings also have the objective of coming up with advances and breakthroughs that entail utilization of animals, this is why there are conditions or circumstances stated that go along with the permission that animals may be used (Animal Welfare Institute n.p.).


Animal Welfare Institute. Animal Institute Welfare Policy on the Use of Vertebrate Animals

for Experimentation and Testing. 2007. n.a. 01 October 2007


Bennagen, Pia. Social, Economic and Political Thought. Quezon City: UP Press, 2000.

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