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Advantages of the Scientific Approach in Psychology Sample

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Historically psychological science was non considered a scientific discipline nevertheless Karl Popper thought otherwise and believed that it should go more like a scientific discipline so that theories could be tested and proved right or incorrect to do it more valid. One advantage of utilizing the scientific method in psychological science is that it can be falsified. This means that it can be proven incorrect. The purpose of the scientific method is to prove a hypothesis by distorting it i. e. rejecting the void hypothesis.

This is an advantage because it is non possible to turn out a hypothesis correct but you can turn out it incorrect. For illustration the chief expostulation to Freud’s theory is that it is hard to distort. A good theory is one that we can turn out incorrect. Popper ( 1935 ) produced the hypothetico-deductive method which argued that disproof is the lone manner to be certain that a hypothesis is right. He said that “No sum of observations of white swans can let the illation that all swans are white.

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Advantages of the Scientific Approach in Psychology Sample
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but the observation of a individual black swan is adequate to rebut that conclusion” . In other words you can non turn out a theory right – you can merely distort a theory. Another advantage of the scientific attack is that it is nonsubjective.

For research to be considered dependable any opinions findings or accounts must be based on discernible phenomena. they must non be influenced by emotions or personal biass. An experimenter could let for greater objectiveness through utilizing standardized processs and instructions. This is an advantage because without objectiveness we have no manner of being certain that informations collected is valid. For illustration Gardener and Gardener ( 1969 ) In this survey the experimenters might hold judged that Washoe was utilizing existent words because they wanted her to win. This would intend that they were being subjective. Applying and analyzing the research in a manner that is affected by a researcher’s emotions and biass. One concluding advantage of the scientific attack is that it can be replicated. Reproduction is considered indispensable in scientific research.

There is small point in claiming some scientific consequence unless it can be repeated. In order for reproduction to be possible all inside informations of the original survey must be published. including process informations and consequences. In order for research to be judged as dependable it has to hold consistent consequences when it is replicated. Scientists record their methods and standardize them carefully so that the same processs can be followed in the hereafter. Asch used standardised processs when transporting out his survey on conformance degrees and later his experiment was repeated by Perrin and Spencer found one individual conformed on 369 tests whereas Asch found 75 % conformed at least one time therefore diminishing the dependability of Asch’s findings. This is an advantage because reiterating a survey is the most of import manner to show the dependability and cogency of a survey so we can be more certain that our findings our correct. While some qualities of human nature may be lost utilizing the scientific method. for many countries of psychological science it is the best manner of roll uping and analyzing informations from big groups of people to analyze mensurable nonsubjective variables.

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