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To what extent is Taylor’s theory of scientific management still useful in todays business

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    The manifestation of Frederick Taylor ‘s theory of scientific direction was a major discovery in traditional attack to direction procedure. Simultaneously, as direction theory evolved bit by bit Taylor ‘s theory was badly criticised and its function decreased dramatically to the extent that nowadays it is argued whether scientific direction still exists. It is non difficult to happen illustrations of Scientific Management in today ‘s modern universe ; we can see the auto industry which use a similar attack every bit good as the computing machine fabrication workss even some infirmaries, about all of them function more expeditiously due to the application of Scientific Management. However, as stated these administrations use a ‘similar ‘ attack, so hence, in this essay I will try to detect if or how much is Frederick Taylor ‘s theory of scientific direction still used by directors in its pure signifier.

    Taylor ‘s experience at the Midvale Steel Company led to the birth of scientific attack to direction. As he worked there he recognised that the labour productiveness was mostly inefficient due to a work force that functioned by “ regulations of pollex ” . He started his experiments at the workplace in order to replace the traditional “ regulations of pollex ” by factual scientific cognition. The anchor of this activity was his “ Time And Motion Study ” where he worked out how he can cut down the figure of gestures in executing a undertaking in order to increase productiveness. This component of his theory is still widely used by directors today, which is apparent in McDonalds, who use one standardized procedure e.g. to do a Burger, which workers have to follow.

    This standardized procedure and the 5 rules of scientific management* put together have obviously been used and proved to be the best manner for such administrations to make their ultimate productiveness as they are the universe taking fast nutrient concatenation. Topographic points for illustration Dubai or India, clients are guaranteed their order within 60 seconds, and this warrant can merely hold come from the application of Taylor ‘s Time and Motion survey. Taylor ‘s experiment led him to believe, workers are motivated entirely by money and he promoted the thought of “ A just yearss pay for a just yearss work ” which I will travel into subsequently in this essay.

    * The 5 rules of scientific direction:

    A clear division of undertakings and duties
    Use scientific methods to find the ‘one best manner ‘ of making a occupation
    Scientific choice of best individual for the freshly designed occupation
    Ensure workers are trained to execute the occupation the ‘one best manner ‘

    Rigorous surveillance of workers utilizing a hierarchy of authorization and close supervising
    Every director will hold their ain alone manner of direction ; nevertheless, every director has to utilize schemes which are compatible with the administrations nature of work and the civilization of the administration. Taylor experienced his attack was rebelled and criticised for being stiff and inflexible because merely workers did non desire the alteration. Therefore directors have to believe deep about which scheme to utilize in their administration and seek ways of accomplishing greater flexibleness in the work force. One of the major giants in today ‘s universe Google do non use Taylor ‘s “ machine ” metaphor to their administrations work force and concentrate more on the Hawthorne experiment where certain experiments were carried out by George Elton Mayo at the Hawthorne Works.

    His research decisions were welcomed as it showed that the work force is more of an plus to the administration. This increased motive and productiveness seemed to hike every bit good as in quality because his experiments lasted 5 old ages hence, he had greater informations to pull decisions from unlike Taylor. Therefore, Google allows their work force to hold the freedom to work at coveted times and the environment is custom designed by the work force. Google ‘s organizational construction enables the work force to work in squads on undertakings which showed in Mayo ‘s experiments that working in groups can be extremely efficient.

    The two administrations I have mentioned above are good in front in their concern universe utilizing wholly contrasting schemes. One can state that they both are in different market sectors, where one requires high advanced and originative accomplishments and the other requires custodies and pess, good that is one decision this essay can do that Taylorism is still utile today depending on the merchandise and construction of an administration. A piece rate system will non accommodate Google, therefore they will non hold Taylor ‘s theory applied to their administration. Furthermore his “ best method ” thought will besides non accommodate all administrations because to be advanced and originative there ca n’t be merely one best method.

    Another interesting point is since 1960 the clip when the downswing of Taylor ‘s theory had begun, charitable administrations had started to increase, and this can be seen in the Fig 1.1 below. The graph shows that people were willing to work voluntarily without money being their chief motive. This proves that Taylor ‘s thought of money being the lone factor was incorrect. Therefore once more charitable administrations which there are tonss of today will non be utilizing Taylor ‘s methods in their work environment. However, during a clip of an exigency such administrations may use Taylor ‘s “ best method ” on their assembly line, to acquire to the people in demand every bit shortly as possible. Again we can see some of Taylor ‘s theory being used but still non in its pure signifier.

    Fordism is another direction theory which has its roots based on the theory of scientific direction. The theory combined the thought of the traveling assembly line together with Taylor ‘s systems of division of labor and piece rate payment. With Fordism, occupations are automated or broken down into unskilled or semi-skilled undertakings. The gait of the uninterrupted flow assembly line dictates work. Although Ford led the manner of production in the assembly of consumer goods, such as autos, his theory had the mistakes of Taylor ‘s. Theory X direction ensures a high division of labor in order to efficaciously run mass production ; this leads to small workplace democracy ensuing in unsated work force ( Nelson, 1980 ) . In add-on, machinery is given more importance than workers. Merely the component of piece rate can be applied in some administrations today by directors.

    Overall scientific direction seems to be an uncomplete system, which directors try to finish today by utilizing some elements and incorporate it with other theories for illustration Maslow ‘s hierarchy and Herzberg ‘s theory.

    Employees now seem to be more intelligent so earlier, people have started to value themselves more but as seen in both the Steel works under Taylor ‘s direction and in every McDonald ‘s eating house in the World, labor is going “ deskilled ” . As occupations are broken down, and workers undertakings are made easier, humans become little more than “ machines ” in the concatenation. They are non satisfied with merely financial wages for their undertakings. Under Taylor ‘s Scientific Management system workers were viewed as working entirely for economic wages. In current administrations, on the other manus, it has been recognised that productiveness and success is non merely obtained by money and control of work force but by lending to the societal wellbeing and development of the single employee. Every employee out there is at that place to contend and be promoted, non merely work as machines.

    In decision, it can be seen that Scientific Management is still really much a portion of any administration in the twenty-first Century. Its strengths in making a divide between direction maps and work maps have been employed widely at all degrees and in all industries. In add-on its strengths in doing administrations efficient through replacing of “ regulations of pollex ” with scientific fact have insured its widespread application.

    Now that all modern administrations work on a factual footing and all of them have managerial and employee constructions competition is controlled by other factors outside the boundary of Scientific Management. Modern administrations prioritise societal factors such as employee enterprise, trueness and adaptability aboard efficiency. For this ground, Taylor ‘s claim that workers are entirely concerned with pecuniary wages and that every gesture of work demands to be controlled from above seems outdated, untrue, and impractical.

    It is possibly so better Scientific Management theory in its pure signifier is non seeable in modern administrations, nevertheless, elements of it are so relevant that they have become profoundly ingrained in all modern administrations with other theories assorted and matched. These are the very grounds why direction has taken on new dimension in the twenty-first Century.

    I believe Taylor ‘s methods in its pure signifier still can be found in developing states. Simply because spot administrations put their fabrication works where labor is inexpensive and is despairing for money. Therefore, Taylor ‘s stating “ A just yearss pay for a just yearss work ” can work really good at that place, giving administrations high productiveness for inexpensive labor.

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