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Animated Film “Kung Fu Panda”

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Figuracion, Gabrielle Frances R. January 25, 2010 BSFT-2 FFP10-BD KUNG FU PANDA (A movie review) Many animated movies had been made and shown throughout the years. There were those who covered great animations, few were so-so, and most were two thumbs up. Being an animated film fan, I chose Kung Fu Panda for a movie review, although there are movies I have watched that are better than this. This is because some failed to internalize the lines or script that this film have.

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Animated Film “Kung Fu Panda”
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I have seen this film once and only during the recent semester break, October 2009, that we had. Yes Kung Fu Panda has a plot as old as the hills, but this clever, touching, humorous, action-packed movie seems fresh as the morning paper. “To make something special, you just have to believe it is special. ” The animated film in 2008, Kung Fu Panda, is the story of Po, who is – you guessed it – a Kung Fu-loving Panda who is actually nothing but a Kung Fu fan a bored noodle peddler.

When a mishap turns an important prophesy around and declares him as the town’s legendary Dragon Warrior, he needed all the help he can get from a frustrated Kung Fu Master Shifu in order to defeat Tai Lung, a villain who escaped from prison to extract revenge upon the village. Preparing him was a struggle for Master Shifu, as the Furious Five, skilled apprentices of Master Shifu, also do not believe in Po as the legendary warrior. With great determination and love for Kung Fu, Po works hard, and Shifu was able to guide him well in order to receive the power of the Mysterious Scroll.

Upon opening the mysterious scroll, Po finds out the scroll is empty and the hopes of defeating Tai Lung was gone. Later, Po realized that the secret power of the scroll lies in believing in oneself, just like the empty Mysterious scroll is special, even though it has nothing in it, because everybody believed it was. With his newfound discovery of the “truth”, Po battles with Tai Lung and defeats him. The film talks about the virtues of believing with one’s own capabilities and determination to achieve one’s goals.

Po, the main character of the story, was a complete opposite of what a Kung Fu genius would look like. Po is fat, lazy, inflexible, and has no talent whatsoever in martial arts. But his will and determination to learn gave him a chance to make his life better. “There is no accident. ” The Kung Fu master Shifu, on the first place, never believed that Po could be the Legendary Warrior, nor he believed he can transform him into one in a matter of days. But his will and determination gave him a chance to do what he thought was impossible.

By using Po’s weakness, he figures out that Po can literally do Kung Fu involuntarily when his food was involved, and was able to train him through an improvised method. “Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is a gift – that’s why it is called PRESENT. ” The film also talks about making TODAY more important than the past and the future. TODAY is a chance for anyone to fulfil his dreams and make that difference. There is nothing you can do about the past but learn from it.

The future cannot be foretold and is always shrouded with a cloud of obscurity, but could be guided by the actions of TODAY. Kung Fu Panda is a great feel-good film for kids and even for kids at heart. Packed with action and comedy, and characters are dubbed by famous Hollywood celebrities like Jack Black, Dustin Hoffman, Angelina Jolie, and Jackie Chan, this is truly one decent animated film worthy to be watched, as it has incorporated lively animated cast of animals for the morals of the story to be easily grasp by children.

Jack Black and Dustin Hoffman make a magnificent comedy team. They lead this creative menagerie of characters that are all voiced well. The animation in Kung Fu Panda is phenomenal. The lighting glimmered as the sun moved across the day. Though there are few characters that came off flat, but still my eyes were remarkably satisfied by the exceptionally beautiful animation. The dialogue was equally pleasurable. While there are a few one line jokes in Kung Fu Panda that come across my taste as sour apples, most of the script are bright and appealing.

Silly, memorable, and entertaining verbal parlays will make even the most serious in the audience chuckle out loud. It has also the right amount of humor that makes it fun to watch from start to finish. The plot takes every opportunity to sprinkle the delightful spices of sweetness and sincerity. I think the most sociologically exposing movies a society creates are their children’s movies. They always show the basest values of a society. In here showed mixture of characteristics that anyone posses, like greed that Tai Lung has, wanting the power.

Kung Fu Panda’s message is one I love; “You’re good enough. ”  Couple that with two butt kicking girls, Tigress and Viper, who don’t show their boobs or have ridiculously narrow waists and are treated just as equals to their male counterparts, I am so happy about what this movie says about us. An unexpected surprise, Kung Fu Panda made me laugh audibly; it made giggle and made me hopeful. This is a great movie for me. The 10 year old in me LOVED Kung Fu Panda and like for most who have watched this film readily identified with Po, the most likable, unlikeliest of hero’s.

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