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Gone Are The Days Of Static Logo – Animated Logo Is The New Trend 

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  • Pages 2
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    In the field of graphics, innovation is inevitable and designers need to upgrade their skills continuously as per the latest trends in order to keep pace with the competition. Adapting their skills with the new techniques helps them securing a strong market in the graphic design industry. Motion design has grabbed the most attention this year. The principal element of branding is the company logo and now static logos are being continuously swapped with animatic logos. Business owners are taking the firm decision of investing in motion designers to get animated logos. You may wonder why suddenly they are keen on spending extra money! Well, the answer is the benefits reaped from using animated logo are huge. Let us see what those advantages of using animated logo are and why your brand definitely needs one too.

    Adds Uniqueness to Your Brand

    When you design a static logo unintentionally it may look similar to that of your competitors. This happens because designers are generally instructed to incorporate some recognizable elements in the design so that the target audience gets an idea of the product or service a company is offering. But the moment you blend some motion effects into graphical elements, the outcome is always exclusive.

    Pleasing Impression

    “The first impression is the last impression.” – is the core viewpoint in branding and marketing. If your logo fails to grab the eyeballs of the audience in the first place, then it never will. To leave an impactful dent on the minds of the potential customers, you must get your logo animated by an expert animator.

    Adds an Emotional Touch

    A surprising animated logo with some fun, fresh or interesting elements triggers an emotional sensation in the viewers’ mind. They feel more connected to your brand and positivity; excitement and joy intrigue them to know your business more.

    Increased Brand Awareness

    As per the marketing experts, videos and dynamic images attracts more viewers than static images. They are better comprehended and are not easy to forget. Also, animations last for 5-10 seconds or sometimes more than that which certainly gives way to easy memorizing of the logo by the viewers.

    Reflects Professionalism

    Though customers are not marketing experts, they keep track of the recent or ongoing trends. When you replaced your older version of the static logo with a fresh animated one, they look up to you as a company that maintains professionalism by bringing in innovations and technology improvements. The more professional and updated you look in their eyes, the higher is the chances of getting them converted into clients. In a nutshell, the era of static and print ready graphic design is history now. Technological innovations paved the way to a new style of marketing where dynamic images, videos and motion graphics are the primary players. If you are thinking of rebranding your company logo and updating your company website then you can reach out to an expert Web Designer in Port Saint Lucie working with Wheelistic Web Design.

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