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I have not worked collaboratively nor have I copied from any other student’s work or from any other resource except where due acknowledgement is made explicitly in the text, nor has any part been written for me by another person. Realize that the penalties may ensure for late submission or any other breaches of assignment rules. ACKNOWLEDGEMENT would like to express my greatest gratitude to the people who have helped ; supported me throughout my assignment.

I am grateful to my teacher Dry Rodgers Wright and tutor Xenon Diesel’s for their continuous support for the assignment, from initial advice & contacts in the early stages of conceptual inception & through ongoing advice & encouragement to this day. First Stage Of The Assignment: In this Part we have given a video with having numbers O to 9 and we have to split our student ID from the following video and then we have to add title and credits to that video. We have also been told to add transitions to numbers of our student ID. 1 .

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Go to add videos and photos and add the video which has given to us. 2. Play the video and split the first number at the moment when the second number comes by pausing the video. The split option is in the Edit. 3. By repeating the same procedure we will get our Numbers which we require to make our student ID. 4. We have to add title to our video and the background of the title must be green and we have to add effects and the effect is cinematic-burst 2. The title can be added from the home option and background color and effects can be added from the format option. 5.

We have to add different transitions to the numbers and i have kept the transition duration 1 second. By clicking between the first and second number i have added the transition. 6. By following the same procedure i have added transitions to all numbers. 7. We have to add credits to the video and also add effect to the credit which is intimate burst right. 8. The last step which i have done is that i have added the sound to the numbers. 9. By clicking at the start of the number and go to add music at the current point and select the file which we want to add to the frame and it will be added. 0. By following the same procedure we can add music to all the numbers. 1 1 . In the assignment they want us to keep the volume of 1 digits as medium and the volume of as high. To adjust the volume at the top of the media player there is music tools. By clicking the music tools go to music volume and adjust the volume from there. END OF FIRST STAGE SECOND STAGE OF THE ASSIGNMENT In the second part we have to create five web pages and they have specified that the pages must be saved with following names. * The first page must be of home and we to save it with the name index. HTML * The second page will be about informative film so it must be saved with the name of film. HTML. * The third page will be about my favorite book so it must be saved with the name of book. HTML. * The fourth page will be about my hobby and it must be saved with the name of hobby. HTML. * The fifth page will be about some facts regarding e and it must be saved with the name facts. HTML. I have made a folder in which i have kept the CSS sheet the images the sound file the video and also i have to save the pages in that folder.

I have designed all the web pages in Dream Weaver CSS. First i have designed layout for the web pages which is a . CSS file and i can use the same style in all my web pages by attaching this file to the . HTML file. Creating the Style. CSS document * I opened the dream weaver and select the CSS option and then writing the code for creating the dive. Created two AP DIVE for my web pages and set their order to double. I select the font family for my both dive as veranda. The height of both the dive is same but the width is different. * The background color for my web pages is #off. I added a:hover code to the style so when one puts the mouse on the link it will be red. * I also added a:link and a:visited codes to the style. For the first the color of the link will be green and the visited links will be #doffed. So by writing all this code i have created the style. CSS sheet. Creating the First page index. HTML * I have opened a new file in dream weaver CSS and select HTML and then attach my style. As file to the file and then saved it with the name of index. HTML. * give heading to the page as homepage and then in vapidly i added my pages name i. Home, my favorite film, my favorite book, a hobby of mine and about me and gave them links except home because in the where i am it should not be linked. * So after writing all this code my page looking like below. * In the aphids i added details like my Name, student id, course code, course name, assignment no, assignment name and email me option and link email me to my email address. * I added a photo of me to aphids by clicking insert and hen clicking image and then add the picture. * I inserted audio to the aphids and the audio must be the first three dot points of the homepage.

Go to insert then media then plugging and select the audio which u want to add. So with all this my first web page is ready. Following is the screen shot of my first page. Align the components of aphids to the centre by clicking format and then align and then centre. Second Web page saved as film. HTML saved my first page and then go to save as and saved my other page as film. HTML as my style. CSS and other things are mostly the same in my all web ages so i can make my web pages from single page. I changed the title for my page and set it as favorite film. I gave the heading in the aphids as My favorite film. * I removed the link from my favorite film and then select home and linked it to the index. HTML. * I added the picture of my favorite film and linked that picture to the website from where i have retrieved it and also i have given the link below the picture. Then i have asked to add 5 dotted points about my favorite film that what i like about the film in unordered list and dots will be square. With the help of this ode our dots can be square. <LU style=”list-style-type:square”>. * The final view of my film. HTML page is as follows. Third page saved as Book. HTML saved the film. HTML and then save as another page with the name book. HTML. This is the same page as film. HTML just i changed the title of the page, the heading of page i gave the picture of my favorite book and then add 5 dot points that what i like about the book. I removed the link from my favorite book and linked my favorite film to film. HTML. The final view of book. HTML is as. Fourth page saved as hobby. HTML saved the book. HTML and then save as hobby. HTML and in this page only i have to embed a video from you tube.

I changed the title of the page as my favorite hobby. I UN linked a hobby of mine and linked my favorite book to book. HTML. I also changed the heading to my favorite hobby. Embed the video of my hobby to the page with the following code. <p align=”left”>&NBS;<frame height=”31 5″ ISRC=”http://BTW . Youth. Com/embed/jar_Outfall” allowableness></ frame></p> I add five points with the help of UN ordered list and the dots will be the same as in film. HTML and book. HTML which is square. The final view of the page is as . Fifth page saved as facts. HTML saved hobby. HTML and then save as facts. HTML and then make changes to it. Changed the title of the page. I unlinked the about me and linked a hobby of mine to hobby. HTML. I also changed the heading to some facts about me. Embed the video which i have made in the first part of the assignment by clicking insert then media and then plugging. Also added some facts about me under the video which are also in UN ordered list and square bulletin is used. The final view of the page is as. So with the completion of this page i have completed all my five pages.

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