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Gun Control Laws in The US

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Do regulations on gun control make the United States safer? This bibliography was created by researching different aspects of gun control to determine if such regulations correlated with crime rates and other factors hindering the safety of United States citizens. While researching, more emphasis was on the opponent side of gun control. All annotations describe the academic Journal or other type of source to provide information concerning the topic of gun control laws and regulations.

Swoon, Is-Wham G. “The Effectiveness of Gun Control Laws: Multivariate Statistical Analysis.

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Gun Control Laws in The US
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” American Journal of Economics and Sociology 56. 1 (1997): 41-50. ASTOR. Web. 15 Par. 2014. In this academic Journal, Swoon is attempting to provide evidence for whether the preexisting state laws on gun control are effective, by using statistical data. He explains that although there are many debates and arguments on whether there should be stricter law enforcement on gun control, there is very little research done about the restrictions that already exist.

He begins by talking about how widely discussed the topic of gun control in our nation.

He then allows the reader to consider different factors that must be examined before gun control laws and regulations can be effective. He believes that United States citizens have certain aloes that would restrict the progress of his plans, such as devotion to the 2nd Amendment. Moore also suggests that effective regulations may not be able to take place in this generation. Because so many people today already own guns, it would be more problematic to remove them.

Clock, Gary, and E. Bruit Patterson. “The Impact of Gun Control and Gun Ownership Levels on Violence Rates. ” Journal of Quantitative campanology 9. 3 (1993): 249-87. Print. Like the authors of some of the previous Journals listed, Clock and his co-writers attempt to correlate gun violence with firearm restrictions and laws to determine if the laws are effective. They explain how studies are often contradicting or only provide infirm evidence one way or the other. For the study of this article, the authors took a number of different factors and applied them to states.

Overall, their evidence was similar to that other the previous articles: there is no outstanding proof that gun regulations are controlling gun violence. Perky, Anna Systole. “An Unsteady Finger on Gun Control Laws: Despite 2nd Amendment Cases, Firearms Codes Are Moving Targets. ” ABA Journal 96. 12 (2010): 14-16. ASTOR. Web. 15 Par. 2014. This short Journal by Anne Perky, she divulges some historical information on gun saws and regulations. She explains that there will always be debate on gun laws and how and if they should be enforced.

Of course, many United States citizens are extremely concerned about how gun control contradicts the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution. Not allowing people to own their own guns is directly going against what this country was built on. Others, however, believe that additions and changes could be added to make the country safer when dealing with firearms. One point in particular that was made was about an age restriction for purchasing guns. While in most states the legal age is twenty-one, opponents to gun laws argue hat men and women can enter the army as carry weapons at the age of eighteen.

Young, John T. “Trends: Guns. ” The Public Opinion Quarterly 60. 4 (1996): 634-49. In this Journal, young explains that the issue on gun ownership has been debated since day one. He also includes that not only the amount of firearms in household across the United States, but only the type of firearm has varied in the last fifty years. In the past, rifles and shotguns were more prevalent. However in more recent years, handguns have made a surge. Rather than using statistical data in his research, Young used the opinion of United States citizens.

Many believed that obtaining a permit should be essential to owning a gun to provide proper training of gun handling for safer use. Cook, Philip J. “”Perversity, Futility, Jeopardy”: An Economic Analysis of the Attack on Gun Control. ” Law and Contemporary Problems 59. 1, Kids, Guns, and public policy (1996): 91-118. ASTOR. Web. 15 Par. 2014. Cook goes beyond stating that gun control restrictions are not effective and states that they are actually making things worse. He goes on to explain that more violence will eventually take place where gun restrictions make it more difficult to obtain a firearm.

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