Organizational quality management system

Barriers to communication are identified and of libations, workforce diversity, social media, managing organizational change and managing knowledge are looked at and how they impact workplace communication. Dwyer goes on to explain how social media tools contribute to an organizations internal and external communication and interactions. She also impress’ the importance of a social media policy to avoid embarrassment and defamation of the company.

With the globalization of business and social media, Dwyer discusses’ the opportunities and challenges of intercultural communication and being able to empathic and see things from a difference respective. Finally, Dwyer looks at the importance of ethics in workplace communication and the main aim of ethics being to achieve a mutual understanding. In the sports and exercise industry, social media and innovative ways to communicate with the public is becoming more and more important.

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Organizational quality management system
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Being aware of how to effectively communicate in different scenarios Approval, 1. , & Lapin, l. (2014). Corporate social responsibility in the framework of quality management, Proceeds – Social and Behavioral Sciences, 156(2014), 178- 182, Retrieved from In this article, Approval, & Lapin look at the concept of corporate social responsibility in the context of organizational quality management system.

They begin by introducing the aim of their research and the aspects of corporate social responsibility strategy and quality management system as the tools for reaching organizational excellence and sustainability. They briefly cover the research method (literature review and statistical analysis) that they used, and the method of analysis of causes and effects of the high employee rotation problem in the organization (Chickasaws diagram). From here Approval, & Lapin moved on to their results and findings followed by a discussion of the research findings.

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