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Sloppy People vs. Neat People

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  • Pages 3
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    Suzanne Britt leaves really clear, in her essay, that a neat person is inferior to a sloppy person. Reasons being that, the sloppy person has a “heavenly vision”, as she describes it; and the neat person doesn’t keep anything at all. But as for myself, I don’t completely agree with her opinion, I belief that a person is what he is and not the contrary like Britt explains. I will defend my opinion later on in the essay. For the mean time let focus on discussing her essay. Britt starts out her essay saying: “I’ve finally figured out the difference between neat people and sloppy people…

    Neat people are lazier and meaner than sloppy people. ” She describes how a sloppy person has a perfect plan figured out for everything in its life. She explains how the sloppy person would try to organize all its mess on top of its desk, but ends up throwing away absolutely nothing, simply because of the idea of “I could use that for something, someday”, the sloppy person might think. The sloppy person, for instance, will have a room filled with mementos almost a “million” years old, but will so innocently think that they will organize and give some things away someday.

    This Phenomena, according to Britt, makes a sloppy person neat. Britt continues her essay, explaining how a neat person is indeed more sloppy than neat. She says, in her essay, that the only thing a neat person keeps from its mailbox are: letters from home, postcards from Europe, bills, and paychecks; but of course after they have read and responded to them, they go straight to their new home: the trash bin. They keep nothing! Letters from grandpa, who passed away merely a week ago, go to the trash, receipts are kept solely for tax purposes and of course coupons have no use for a neat person and are thrown away immediately.

    She affirms that the only sloppy place in a neat person’s home is the trash bin. In my opinion, a sloppy person is not neat and a neat person is not sloppy. It isn’t logical to say that a sloppy person became neat because of the simple reason of having a supposed plan for everything. A neat person may throw everything away, but this is what makes him neat, isn’t it? And by the way, I’m a neat person and I do have billions of precious mementos, but the trick is to have them meticulously organized, if I’m not wrong that is what also makes us neat.

    I belief we all have a neat side and a sloppy side. We may be neat with school related materials and be sloppy with car maintenance materials, for instance. In Conclusion, Britt’s essay on sloppy and neat people is a truly subjective essay but interesting, nonetheless. She tries to explain or more than less persuade us to think that a neat person is sloppy and vice versa, she tries to accomplish this with some day to day situations that are fairly common to every person but are also very relative. She has also written this essay with a pinch of sarcasm and mockery, in my opinion.

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