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Any article dealing with Employment Law

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Any article dealing with Employment Law

Organizations these days face an alarming issue of sexual harassment at the workplace, which results in the violation of moral and ethical conduct, decline in productivity and performance, and lower self-esteem. The article outlines several methods proposed by Californian Law to prevent this issue such as, by asking employers to train the employees on how to resist sexual harassment, keep any eye on the employees, punishing them when they are found harassing the other party, and not providing technology or means from which employees can communicate for purposes other than that of business.

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Any article dealing with Employment Law
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Training employees is often not considered by the managers since they feel embarrassed in doing so, it leads to spreading the issue more than it actually is, and redundant use of resources and time. When it comes to keeping a close eye on the employees through cameras or through spies, it results in violating the privacy rights of the employees that are provided by the employment law of the U.

S. Employees often do not like if their privacy is stolen from them because they think that managers do not have enough trust on them. Even when any case of sexual harassment is caught in the workplace, managers often run for covering the issue instead of going in its depth and punishing the harasser. It is because they do not want to harm the relationships they have with the employees or create any enmity that in turn would affect the business as a whole. Whereas, not providing the employees with the technology or resources to communicate makes the employees feel deprived, creates job dissatisfaction, and inability to keep in touch with others even in emergency.


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