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A&P 1 Practice Exam 14

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  • Pages 3
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    The secretions of the adrenal medulla act to supplement the effects of ____.
    sympathetic stimulation
    Short preganglionic, long postganglionic fibers.
    Active after you have eaten a meal.
    Decreases heart rate.
    Causes erection of the penis.
    Stimulates ciliary muscles of the eye.
    Increases blood pressure.
    In contrast to the somatic nervous system, the autonomic nervous system uses ________.
    a two efferent neuron chain
    Preganglionic sympathetic.
    Acetylcholine (ACh)
    Preganglionic parasympathetic.
    Acetylcholine (ACh)
    Postganglionic parasympathetic.
    Acetylcholine (ACh)
    Most postganglionic sympathetic.
    Norepinephrine (NE)
    Preparing the body for the “fight-or-flight” response is the role of the ________.
    sympathetic nervous system
    The parasympathetic nervous system is characterized by peripheral ganglia usually near the ________.
    organs and by short postganglionic fibers
    A drug that might be used specifically to reduce heart rate in cardiac patients could be ________.
    a beta-blocker
    The parasympathetic ganglion that serves the eye is the ________.
    ciliary ganglion
    Cardiovascular effects of the sympathetic division include all except ________.
    A) dilation of the vessels serving the skeletal muscles
    B) dilation of the blood vessels serving the skin and digestive viscera
    C) increase of heart rate and force
    D) constriction of most blood vessels
    B) dilation of the blood vessels serving the skin and digestive viscera
    Over 90% of all parasympathetic fibers are derived from cranial nerve number ________.
    A) V B) VII C) XII D) X
    D) X
    The “resting and digesting” division of the autonomic nervous system is the ________.
    parasympathetic division
    Control of temperature, endocrine activity, and thirst are functions associated with the ________.
    Which of these effectors is not directly controlled by the autonomic nervous system?
    A) smooth muscle B) most glands C) skeletal muscle D) cardiac muscle
    C) skeletal muscle
    Which of the following is not a result of parasympathetic stimulation?
    A) increased peristalsis of the digestive viscera
    B) salivation
    C) dilation of the pupils
    D) elimination of urine
    C) dilation of the pupils
    The site of origin of the preganglionic fibers of the parasympathetic nervous system is the ________.
    brain stem and the sacral region of the spinal cord
    Sympathetic responses generally are widespread because ________.
    NE and epinephrine are secreted into the blood as part
    The parasympathetic fibers of the ________ nerves innervate smooth muscles of the eye which cause the lenses to bulge to accommodate close vision.
    The parasympathetic tone _____.
    determines normal activity of the urinary tract
    Beta-blockers ________.
    decrease heart rate and blood pressure
    Erection of the penis or clitoris ________.
    is primarily under parasympathetic control
    Which is a uniquely sympathetic function?
    A) regulation of cardiac rate
    B) regulation of respiratory rate
    C) regulation of pupil size
    D) regulation of body temperature
    D) regulation of body temperature
    Raynaud’s disease ________.
    is characterized by exaggerated vasoconstriction in the extremities.
    Autonomic dysreflexia ________.
    involves uncontrolled activation of autonomic neurons
    In Horner’s Syndrome ________.
    damage to the sympathetic trunk causes loss of ability to sweat on one side
    In aging, autonomic inefficiency is often due to ______.
    clogging of preganglionic axon terminals with filaments
    Sympathetic fibers leave the spinal cord in the ________.
    thoracolumbar region, and the postganglionic fibers secrete norepinephrine.
    Sympathetic division stimulation causes ________.
    increased blood glucose, decreased GI peristalsis, and increased heart rate and blood pressure
    The smooth muscle of the digestive viscera is served largely by the ________.
    tenth cranial nerve
    The route of major parasympathetic outflow from the head is the ________.
    vagus nerve
    Parasympathetic functions include ________.
    lense accomodation for close vision
    All preganglionic axons of the autonomic nervous system release ________.
    the same transmitter as the one released by parasympathetic postganglionic axons
    Emotions influence autonomic reactions primarily through integration in the ________.
    The vagus nerve does not innervate the ________.
    parotid gland

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