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Body Temperature Change while Sweating

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The reactivity of an atom arises from Answer – b – the existence of unpaired electrons in the valence shell. 8) Which of these statements is true of all anionic atoms? Answer – a – the atom has more electrons than protons. ) What coefficients must be placed in the blanks so that all atoms are accounted for n the produce C6H1206 CACHE + CO Answer – b – 2;2 10) Which of the following statements correctly describes any chemical reaction that has equilibrium? Answer – b – the rate of the forward reaction equals the rate of the reverse reaction.

CHAPTER 3 1) What is the best explanation of the phrase “fitness of the environment”, as use I this chapter? Answer – d – Life as we know it depends on certain environmental qualities on earth. 2) Many mammals control their body temperature by sweating.

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Body Temperature Change while Sweating
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Which property of water is most directly responsible for the ability to sweat to lower body temperature? Answer – d – the absorption of heat by the breaking of hydrogen bonds. 3) For two bodies of matter in contact, heat always flows from: Answer – b – the body of higher temperature to the one of lower temperature.

4) A slice of pizza has 500 kcal. If we could burn the pizza and use all the heat to warm a 50-L container of cold water, what would be the approximate increase in the temperature of the water? Answer – c – 10 degrees Celsius. ) The bonds that are broken when water vaporizes are Answer – b – bonds between water molecules. 6) Which of the following is an example of a hydrophobic material? Answer – c – wax 7) We can be sure that a mole of table sugar and a mole of vitamin C are in equal in their: Answer – c – number of molecules. 8) How many grams tot acetic acid (C aqueous solution of acetic acid? Answer – d – 60. 0 grams 2) would you use to make 1 9) Acid precipitation has lowered the pH of a particular lake to 4. 0. What is the hydrogen ion concentration of the lake?

Answer – c- 10-MM. 10) What is the hydroxide concentration of the lake described in question 9? Answer – c- 10-MM CHAPTER 4 1) Organic chemistry is currently defined as Answer – b – the study of carbon compounds. ) Choose the pair of terms that correctly completes this sentence: Hydroxyl is to is to alluded Answer – c – alcohol, carbonyl. 3) Which of the following hydrocarbons has a double bond in its carbon skeleton? Answer – d – CHI 4) The gasoline consumed by an automobile is a fossil fuel consisting mostly of Answer – d – hydrocarbons. ) Choose the term that correctly describes the relationship between these two sugar molecules: Answer – a – structural isomers. 6) Identify the asymmetric carbon in this molecule: 7) Which functional group is not present in this molecule? Answer – – sultrily; 8) Which action could produce a carbonyl group? Answer – a – the replacement of the hydroxyl of a carbonyl group with hydrogen. 9) Which functional group is most likely to be responsible for an organic molecule behaving as base?

Answer – d – amino. 10) Given what you know about the electro negativity of oxygen, predict which of the following molecules would be the strongest acid. Explain your answer. The molecule in choice b would be the strongest acid because the oxygen bonded to carbon in choice b, the carbonyl group as opposed to two hydrogen atoms bonded to carbon in choice a would make the covalent bond between oxygen more polar and therefore would give the molecule more acidic properties than the molecule shown in choice a.

CHAPTER 5 1) Which term includes all others in the list? Answer – d – carbohydrate 2) The molecular formula for glucose is C6H1206. What would be the molecular formula for a polymer made by linking ten glucose molecules together by dehydration reactions? Answer – d – C60H111051 3) The enzyme amylase can break glycoside linkages between glucose monomers only if the monomers are the a form. Which of the following could amylase break down? Answer – c,d,e – glycogen, starch and amplification. ) Choose the pair of terms that correctly completes this sentence: Nucleotides are to are to protons. Answer – c – glycoside linkages; polypeptide linkages. 5) Which of the following statements concerning unsaturated fats are true? B – They nave double bonds in the carbon chains tot their tatty acids. 6) The structural level of a protein least affected by a disruption in hydrogen bonding is the Answer – d – quaternary level. 7) Which of the following pairs of base sequences could form a short stretch of a aroma double helix of DNA?

Answer – d – 5′-A-T-G-C-3′ with 5′-G-C-A-T-3′ 8) Enzymes that break down DNA catalysts hydrolysis of the covalent bonds that Join nucleotides together. What would happen to DNA molecules treated with these enzymes? Answer -b – The phosphoresce bonds between didgeridoos sugars would be broken. 9) Which of the following is not a protein? Answer – b – cholesterol. 10) Which of the following statements about the 5′ end of a polypeptide strand is correct? Answer – b – the 5′ end has a phosphate group.

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