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Apa module assignment

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It enhances the legitimacy and originality of he writer. PAP style is worldwide accepted form of writing papers, where in text citation and references at the end of the paper proves the genuineness of the writing by giving proper acknowledgement to the original idea of the writer. Len- text citation is used when writer is using someone else’s thoughts and quotes. Len- text citations are necessary even if someone else’s thoughts which are already published are written in your own words.

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Apa module assignment
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In-text citations are important, else its noninsured as plagiarism that means to take someone else’s work and prove to be yours own. In-text citations can be given by following few simple steps. There are different software’s and even word documents that help for citations. In my previous assignment on school bullies I used the In-text citations. Example: Goodman (2013) provides facts and findings in the article, Bullied Kids Often Develop Physical Symptoms, Study Says, about the children bullied at school.

According to the research among 220,000 school aged kids and 14 countries, it as been proven that frequent and unexpected physical illness is common in school children when they are victims of bullying (Goodman (201 3),Para. 2). If we want to include any direct quotes in the document, it should be cited properly. Direct quotes are original words of the author and needs to be acknowledged by in-text citations. This can be done by following simple steps. Direct quotes should be included in inverted commas and needs to be in exact words as mentioned in the original source.

Further it should have authors name and year the article was published. It’s a good habit if we include page number or Para number for reference. All this is included in parenthesis. Finally at the very end of the paper is the reference page which included the detail of the in-text citation. Example: “The results of this study suggest that any recurrent and unexplained physical symptom can be a warning sign of bullying,” (Gigantic Gin, 2013, Para. 5).

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