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Aplia Homework Assignment Guidelines

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Description: In order to reinforce the concepts taught during this course, we assign a series of multiple choice-based homework assignments available via the Papilla on-line system. Each assignment consists of 50 to 70+ questions, which are closely linked to the material covered in each chapter of the textbook (Papilla is owned by Coinage Learning, the publisher of the textbook we use). When you purchase the textbook via the link provided to you in mousers, the Papilla access code comes bundled with the textbook.

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Aplia Homework Assignment Guidelines
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Pay close attention to the assignment schedule below (also provided on the last page of this course syllabus). There are a total of 10 assignments spread out throughout the module. Some weeks contain two assignments (during the first half of the course), others only one. You can see that the deadlines fall on a Sunday night or on a Wednesday night, 1 1 :PM. This does not mean that you have to wait until the last minute to complete the assignments! Each assignment takes between one and two hours to complete.

So please plan ahead!

To provide you with some flexibility, I am allowing you 1 “free-pass”. This means that I will drop your lowest grade out of the 10 assignments to compute your final Papilla grade. This also means that if for whatever reason you cannot complete an assignment on time (computer problems, illness, family emergency, simply forgot, etc. ), you will have to use your “free pass”. In other words, you can miss 1 assignment without affecting your overall grade for Papilla. Please do not contact me asking if you can retake the exam or take it at a later date if you pass the deadline.

There will be no exceptions. If you have a technical problem regarding Papilla itself, please contact their helpless, do not contact me. The Papilla assignment, as a whole, is worth 10% of your final grade. Our experience (based on feedback from previous cohorts) is that Papilla is a very valuable tool, helping students to genuinely grasp the financial concepts covered in each chapter. It is a lot fork, but well worth it!

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Aplia Homework Assignment Guidelines. (2018, May 14). Retrieved from https://graduateway.com/aplia-homework-assignment-guidelines/

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