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Train the trainer is the art of training the less knowledgeable people about a certain topic or field of work so as to enable them be able to the same to others - Train the trainer module Essay introduction. This training or education comes up in three different styles. These includes; orientation training, skill training and supervisory and management training. For the trainer to carry out the training effectively, the trainer must observe some steps while coming up with his or her module as discussed below.

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Train the trainer program is the art of educating, training or lightening a non educated or non trained person about a specific field of work so as to enable him or her to be able to facilitate the same program. This kind of training comes in different forms depending on the field of specialty. In hospitality, there are three major kinds of training methods used, (Eldred, 2008)

2.1       Orientation or Induction Training

This is the kind of training where by the employer introduces the new employee into his or her team. This enables the new employee to become more familiarized with the system at the organization as fast as possible

Company induction training: this is where the senior manager tries to communicate to the new recruit the clear vision of what the business or company owner has to achieve.

Departmental induction training: this is whereby the new employee is introduced to the location of work and the old employees at the work place.

2.2       Skill Training

This is the kind of training of which provides the new recruit with all the technical skills necessary in order to perform the job or duty properly. For this training to be more efficient to the learner, the trainer has to be able o break a specific job into number of duties and later scale the duties down to number of component tasks. Later, the component tasks are analyzed and taught to the learner in the order that will lead to fast productivity in the organization.

2.3       Supervisory and Management Training

This kind of training is broken down into three levels namely,

Supervisory training: this is the kind of acquiring people handling skills, (Eldred, 2008). Middle management training: this is whereby the trainer introduces the organization team productivity skills to the learner.

Senior management development: it is where the trainer educates the learner on the different managerial offices within the organization.

In order this training to be effective, there are certain steps that a trainer must observe in coming up with his or her module. These are;

Background: he has to come up with a clear purpose for the training, the type of client in the group and there number.
Current status: the training should state the factors that limit the training and its budget in totality.
Mission statement: should identify the ideal reason or goal as to why the training is needed by the learner.
Methodology: to identify way in which he or she will use to achieve the goal stated in the step number three, he is also to know who will participate in the training and to identify the type or kind of the training that needs to be offered.
Description of the training: the trainer has to be able to elaborate on the different types used in the training and thus he will need the time frame of each item to be trained.
Time frame: should be able to indicate when the training will be offered.
Goal: should have specific goals and identify the clients and each ones objective for the training.
Learning objectives: should be able to identify what the learner wants to learn, understand or identify at the end of the training.
Training schedule & budget: this enable the trainer to set the date of the training, the method to be used, the cost of the training and the total number of the learners.
Reporting: at this stage, the trainer will be expected to present the training session. It’s at this step that at the end of the training, the trainer is able to know if his or her goals were met or not. (Ministry of Labor & Citizen Services, 2006).

Title                       : FOH training

Code                      : FOH 376.

Client                     : FOH.

Mission statement: To elite the participants on the duties required in there office

Time frame            : 1 month.

Training schedule: 4hours per day.

Description            : What do it the office comprises of? What duties are done in the office?

Objectives              : To know all that entails in the office, to know the use of all the machines in the office and to get familiarized with the duties done in the office.





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