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After reading Chapter 2 of the Mantel text, carefully reread the Southern Care Hospital case study on pages 74-77 and answer the following questions: Describe the primary roles and responsibilities of a project manager. According to (Mantel Jar. , Meredith, Shafer, & Sutton, 2011) A project manager is considered a facilitator. The primary role of a project manager is to manage project effectively as it relates to the entire process such as the scope, resource management, budget management, time management, risk management.

The success of the project depends on the leadership of the project manager and how well he or she place there team and utilizes their skills. The project manager must ensure that those who work on the project have the appropriate knowledge and resources. A Project Manager position is to coordinate and control the process from start to end. This includes specific functions to perform regular progress checks, to coordinate requirements, to monitor quality, etc. – See more at: http://www. Birthrights. Com/certification/79369-the-general-functions-of -a-project-manager/#stash .

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Stabbed. Duff How would you recommend the project be organized? Functional Project? Pure Project? Matrix? If one was the project manager on the Southern Care Hospital team one think the Matrix project ill work best for this case. Based on the scenario at Southern Care Hospital the strong matrix will work best for their situation because they need quick and accurate decision making in an effort to resolve the issues of decreasing their lead time from three day turnaround to a day and half turn around.

The reason for the choice of Matrix is because Strong matrix allows the project manager to be in full control over the project organization, and have full-time project managers with considerable authority and full-time project administrative staff. According to (http://businessadministrationblog. Reorders. Com/2012 /02/03/project-management-pure-if national-and-matrix-project-statement-of -work-work-breakdown-structure/ According to MAP Book The matrix project attempts to blend properties of functional and pure project structure.

With choosing the matrix form, the project for the lead time will have to borrow rows of matrix and borrows resources from functional areas which are the columns. With choosing this process this will allows upper management or senior management to determine which form of matrix to use for the project whether it being consider cake, balanced, or strong form. By choosing the Matrix form this will be the best method for the lead time project because the communication between functional divisions will be enhanced and resources duplication is minimized. Http://move. Rejections. Co. UK/the-role-of-the-project-manager. PH What are some of the similarities and differences between the various organizational structures? Functional organizations are grouped by their discipline and have only one clear superior. Under the functional organization; project manager have minimal control over their team. Primary decision making are made by functional managers. In a productized organization; the project manager has full control over the project from beginning to the end. All works performed under productized are consider projects.

All employees are under the leadership of project managers or someone within the structure of the project with assigned tasks and duties. Most of the employees under productized projects or contracted or temporary staff and will continue with employment until the end of the project. For this reason team member has the tendency to be more committed to the project. Additionally, productized has more effective communication amongst team members. Matrix organization is a mixture of both functional and productized organization, in an effort to balance the strength of the two.

During a matrix project the project team member have to report to two bosses; which are the functional manager and project manager. With the Functional organization, productized share the same disadvantage of being a project manager; their career path could be limited once the projects are completed. Under matrix organization; team members usually have a place to go. Matrix process also get more support from the functional department moreover than functional and projectile organization.

What criteria would you use to select resources to serve on your project team? According to MAP Project should be measured in terms of completing the project within the constraints of scope, time, cost, quality, resources, and risk as approved between the project managers and senior management. From the available resource pool, who would you select to be on your project team? Why? Support your assignment with specific references to all resources used in its preparation. Use correct PAP formatting for all resources.

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