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Application Development Life Cycle (ADLC) Process Microsoft

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Step 1:

1. Define the purpose of your database application.

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Application Development Life Cycle (ADLC) Process Microsoft
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A. Include a problem statement—what is the problem, and why it is a problem.


Karen was a medical student who needed to develop a database system to keep track of patients, physicians, dates, and interesting cases.

B. Describe the methods employed in the present system, including strengths and weaknesses.

The basic methods employed in the present system are as follows:

1.      The medical system has basic data structures at the moments to store the data values of simple patient records.

2.      It generates few invoices and reports for the management to view on regular basis.

3.      The manual system of generating reports makes sure that all the various exceptional conditions are avoided.

4.      The weaknesses of the system are that it does not reduce the effort to generate reports and some data mining of the database.

5.      The ability to share and distribute data among various other applications must be integrated well and such scalability of the database is not present at the moment.

6.      The major weakness is to maintain the concurrency of data in the database.

C. Recommend at least two options to change/improve the current system. One of these options surely must be your proposed database application.

The recommended options to increase the effectiveness of the current system would be in the following way:

1.      Report generation which would take the updated data as and when it is added in the database

2.      Relationship among data is very strong and thus produces faster, optimized and correct answer to queries.

D. Include a solution statement—how your recommended database management system will resolve this problem.

The recommended database solution would “make sure to reduce data redundancies and eliminate insertion, updation and deletion of data from the database”.

E. List specific measurable objectives of your proposed database application.

The measurable objectives are as follows:

1.      Ability to know the number of patients cured with their diseases and the medications. This would help the medical center to determine the specialized doctors that are required to be on board due to the number of cases.

2.      Ability to generate the monthly balance sheet of the medical center thus ascertaining the incomes and expenses of the medical center.

3.      Use Microsoft Word to draft a sample output format of how your report will look.

Step Two

The data items required for this database are as follows:

•         Patient name (in LAST NAME/FIRST NAME format)

•         Patient address (in TEXT format)

•         Patient admission date (in MO/DA/YEAR format)

•         Patient payment info (in NUMBER format)

•         Patient balance payment info  (in NUMBER format)

•         Patient disease and symptoms (in TEXT format)

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Application Development Life Cycle (ADLC) Process Microsoft. (2016, Jul 06). Retrieved from https://graduateway.com/application-development-life-cycle-adlc-process-microsoft/

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