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Are women better parents than men

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            The topic that is selected for the argument is quite interesting and at times considered as one of the hot debates to talk. However, I would opt to go for ‘Argument through Description’, and then try to give a logical explanation behind my opinion and final conclusion and recommendation supported by my logic.

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Are women better parents than men
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The parents are a great blessing of God. It is because of their care and love with children that makes them what they are.

Both of them contribute to their full extent and provide us with utmost facilities. The try to give their children with best clothes to wear, provide good foods to eat etc, so that their children get proper development. All that parents earn is for their children so that they can have settled life. They provide children with best possible education so that their children can stand on their own and compete in the world later on. Most of the fathers do jobs so that they best earn for their children and provide their families with a happy life.

The fathers usually become the role models for their children. Meanwhile, the mother take full care of their children and teaches them manners of how to live. The parents are the best teacher for any child. Both parties have their important role as parents, and an ideal child is one that gets the support of both. However, now the question arises that who is better between the two? Whom do the children love the most? Before coming to the answer it is necessary to illustrate on the significance of mothers.

Importance of Mother
The mothers are one those who give birth to a child and suffer the pain during the early nourishment of a child. Most of the working women, when turns into a mother, have to sacrifice jobs, earnings etc. The mothers are more nurturing by birth. Every wife has a dream to become a mother, so that she can give her love and care that God has gifted to her. It is by-nature that mothers are more loving and close towards their children. It doesn’t mean that fathers are not close to their children, but the feeling that a mother is gifted, cannot be matched by the fathers. Once a women becomes a mother, she leaves her everything and her main goal is to give the child best care. The best time for a mother is to spend with their children. The mothers are by-nature more emotionally attached to their children. The mothers do everything for their children without complaining to anyone. Such as she cleans off all the mess of their children and feeds them. In almost all the major religions of the world, the importance of a mother is given a great significance. A child cannot pay back his or her mother for the sacrifice she has done for him/her. The mothers are judicially given more rights over their children than the fathers.

Are mothers better than fathers?

            Besides of all the above-mentioned qualities described, now we need to answer the question that are mothers a better parent than fathers? Although these capabilities gives her an advantage over the men, but it is not the case that mother automatically makes her better than father. The attribute that makes her superior is how she tackles these skills and does she fulfill her duties sincerely. There are many cases where irresponsible attitude of mothers have spoiled the children. On the other hand, fathers take their fatherhood more seriously and try to act as an example for them.

One advantage that mothers have is that children are more close to her. This may be because she spends most of her time in home and her main job is to look after the kids and supervise their activities. The children tend to share their secrets more with their mothers and take them into confidence, as mothers are a little easy in term of discipline. There are chances that fathers might scold the child, if they compromise on discipline. But this is not the case. This does not mean that fathers are wrong. For instance, a son is caught smoking, and her mother hides this from his father, then in this case she is not performing her duties sincerely and is encouraging the child to do more bad things.

            This concept also varies from society to society or from religion to religion. For instance, in Asian countries females are also considered better parents than males. This is because there the working women ratio is generally low and it is preferred that a mother herself looks after their kids. Similarly, in religion such as Islam, mothers are given much more weightage than the fathers.

Are single mothers or single fathers are better?
This is also a very important criteria to compare the two i.e. are single women more capable of handling the children without their father or vice versa. Mostly in such type of situations, the women are generally more successful because women become more responsible, attentive and bold when parenting alone. The problem most of the males face is that they have to go for jobs so they could not look after their children properly. So what they do is go for a second marriage and bring them stepmothers.

It is clear from the text that for a family to run healthily, the balance between the parents is necessary. Both need to perform their duties effectively and no one can take over each other’s place. The fathers are equally important for the children. It is the nature of a mother that gives her an edge over the father, otherwise a child’s grooming is incomplete without either of them. The mother teaches how to live and respect others and father teaches to handle and face the world. It is our duty to respect our parents, and follow as their instructions and don’t break their heart, because they put all their lives to make us feel happier.

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