Parents Are the Best Teachers Argumentative Essay

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Who doesn’t make a mistakes? Everybody do. Who have to teach us how to live? Should our parent’s teach us? I think parent’s are not the best teachers in children’s life. They are very subjective. Parent’s have their own experience based on their life. Of course it’s priceless, but we all have deterrent way. I have friend of mine whose parent’s always talk her what to do, what to eat, what dress she should wear.

Cilia’s aren’t think they help her, she always be little girl and they should be there for her. She can’t breathe free. I think that’s really complicated. Parent’s can teach children how to think, not what they must think. Parent’s have to let their children live like they want and make their own mistakes and get value experience. My brother Michael always has problem in his private life, because of parent’s.

My parent’s don’t like his wife and not Just talking their opinion to brother, hey teach him what he must do in his relationship with his wife. As result he got problems and even thinking about divorce. That is not good influence in kid’s life. In conclusion we can make inference, that parent’s the best teachers Just in the beginning of our life, they teach us how to eat, how to speak, how to walk, but after children grew up mothers and fathers should let them live how they want and Just give good advice if kids ask.

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