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Should Parents Give Children Freedom?

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“Parents must larn to raise their boies and girls on a good way. and they have duty for the behaviours of the childs “ . This is speech from Arabic civilization. The precedence for parents is to educate and train their kids. Children need some freedom to construct their assurance that parents see their kids as their hereafter. Although some people give more freedom to their kids and they think that their determinations are in right way ; others think that more freedom has negative influences on children’s behaviour.

It seems to me that more autonomy has the negative influences on the moralss of the kids for several grounds.

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Should Parents Give Children Freedom?
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Society has the largest impacts on the kids manners. if the parents give to their kids the brand connexion with society without control. the kids will do dealingss with anyone in the community. Basically. kids don’t have any experiences in the their life’s and this relationships toward to bad state of affairs.

For illustration. in my state. some research have taken for many old ages and studied the beginnings of the drugs offense. Consequently. the psychological people found that was the highest per centum of the offenses with kids who lived in the same country and these offenses related the kids who took the drugs. So. these consequences show that the society has negative feedbacks on the susceptiblenesss of the kids. An old Arabic history said that parents should take the appropriate accompanies for their kids. On the other manus. some people think that the kids must hold good connexions with the community to construct their experiences and they can educate from the society how to cover with other people.

Children will pass more money if parents give more independency for them. Nowadays. kids need more money for their lives in the schools and the colleges and parents have to assist and give their kids what they need from money. However. parent should follow and keep accountable their kids for this money. In add-on to giving more money for the kids has unfavourable effects on the feeling of kids. For illustration. in the high schools. pupils have more money and can purchase anything. such as drugs.

Furthermore. more money will make the large jobs between the hapless and rich people in the school. For illustration. in my state. rich kids bring expansive nutrient like apple and others. but the hapless kids can non convey any nutrient. So. in some states. the authoritiess have made the good Torahs that there is no difference between the pupils and the rich people must non convey any money from their houses because they can take the breakfast from the schools. As a consequence for giving more money for the kids won’t be dependent on their lives and they don’t attention about the money. In the contract. some people think that they must subsidy their kids by giving to them more money and don’t ask people to borrow from money.

By giving more freedom to the kids. parents can non command and train their kids and parents will lose the good connexions if they give more rescue to their kids. So. kids don’t obey their parents and they will take their sentiments by themselves. For illustration. presents. the parents can non command their kids because the connexions between the kids and the parents are really weak. Even though the kids and the parents live in certain topographic point. they don’t have any connexion between them. Consequently. the relationship between them become weakly. Because. kids will decline any order from their parents and do non obey them at all.

To sum up. the freedom for the kids is really significant. However. more freedom give negative consequences for the children’s behaviour. In my sentiment. the parents shouldn’t give more autonomy to kids for many grounds. such as. the society affects. influences of disbursement money and the parent will lose their self-respect behind their kids.

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