Argumentative: Peer Pressure

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Parents and friends are the main influences upon teens. Peer pressure is usually thought of as a bad thing, but like most arguments there is also a positive sided. Peer pressure can affect teens through decision making such as the friends they choose, the places they go and even how they live their life. Peer pressure affects teen negatively every day, all over the world. However also, not only causing them to do things they do not want to do, it can even mess up their lives permanently.

A prime example of peer pressure and Influence Is: say a student goes o a party with a bunch of his friends, not knowing that, at that party, there is drugs and alcohol. When he gets there, he realizes and soon his friends start taking part In the activities. After awhile they begin to tell him to try It and influence him to do It. When in his mind he knows it’s not right and that he shouldn’t do It even though his friends might “reject” him If he doesn’t do It. However falling for the trick he caves In and tries It.

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Wanting to be accepted Into friend groups has been a major topic of discussion for many researchers. Mainly because teens are taught to try to fit In. Also It has been scientifically shown that teens who have not reached their adult ages are more easily Influenced. A study by NADIA showed that when teens were alone they were at an average risk taking level but when their friends would be watching their risk level would double(“Peer”). Friends have a major Influence on each other and can cause someone to destroy their life even If they do not mean to.

As well as friends, parents also have a major affect on their teenagers. Studies show that children are prone to become Like their parents because of the examples they set. If their parents do something then they automatically think It Is okay to do It. Also, a major Influence upon teens Is sports athletes. The lifestyles that athletes lead are sometimes worked very hard for and thrown away. Many athletes use drug substances and by doing so children see It and will sometimes take It as “If they do It I can do It” too be Just Like them. They have money and fame, something all kids want (Ireland).

Peer pressure affects teens of all kinds, even In small situations Its an ongoing problem and should be stopped. While peer Influence Is sometimes a bad thing, there’s always a good side to the argument. Peer Influence can come In many good ways, for example, teens saying no to drugs helps their friends say no, as well. It shows them that If their friends are not doing It, It obviously Isn’t good. As well as parental Influence; parents that set good examples for their kids help them grow good examples, no one would know what is right and wrong.

Peer influence has hon. to provide teens with a challenge, sometimes they accept it and sometimes they do not. It has been shown that the friends who hangout with catheter can encourage one another and positively influence you through sports, volunteering and other extra curricular activities. While peer influence has a good side to it, the main problem is the bad side. It has been tested, and the majority of people are affected negatively most of the time. Peer pressure overall effects teens negatively no matter how it is tried. Teens are pressured in many things they do daily.

Teens can be killed and even affected emotionally by peer pressure. Peer pressure makes teens want to be equal to others; friends and even family members can make them feel like they are not equal to them. By doing that it makes the teen want to change to become more like them. Even though it affects them negatively most of the time few people can help others by affecting them positively. Peer pressure is honestly not necessary and should be prevented in any way. Sadly most of today’s teens are not mature enough to say no to things.

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