Articles of Confederation

Unit 3, #1Name ____________________________ Date ________________ Pd ________ America’s First National Government—The Articles of Confederation II - Articles of Confederation introduction. The Articles of Confederation A. When Americans declared ___________________________ in 1776, they needed to form a new ___________________________: 1. They wanted to form a __________________________ where citizens ________________ for elected leaders to represent them 2. They wanted to __________________ citizens & individual states from a __________________________ national government B.

Thirteen Independent States 1. When independence was declared, the 13 colonies became _______________________________________________________ 2. Each state had its own constitution, ____________________, & an elected governor; 8 states had ________________________ 3. But, the USA needed a national gov’t to do things that states could not, like sign ________________ & form a ______________ C. The National Government 1. America’s 1st national gov’t was the _______________________________________________________________ (1777-1789) 2.

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This “_______________________” style gov’t loosely connected the states under a __________________ national government a. Structure: Each state could send between 2-7 ___________________________ to the national ______________________, but each state had only _____________________________; To pass a law, ______________ of the 13 states had to agree b. Powers: The national congress could make _____________, settle disputes between states, negotiate _________________, handle Indian affairs, oversee a military; But all other _____________________ were left up to the ___________________ c.

Americans did not want to re-create a powerful gov’t like the one they just fought the Revolutionary War to break away from; So, the national gov’t had no ______________________ & could not _____________________ the states or citizens II. Successes of the Articles of Confederation A. The Land Ordinance of 1785 1. The Articles established a good system of ___________________________ ____________________ lands 2. First, states had _________________ (give up) their ___________________ to lands in the west to the national gov’t 3.

Congress passed the ______________________________________ of 1785 to create an orderly way to divide the west into ______________________ & farms a. Selling western lands was the only way the national gov’t could generate _____________ since it did not have the power to __________ b. Section 16 of the each township was set aside for a __________________________________ B. The Northwest Ordinance of 1787 gave __________________________ to the territories 1. When a territory had _______________ residents, it could create a self-governing _____________________________________ 2.

When a territory had _______________ residents, it could apply to become a ________________________________________ 3. ________________________ was outlawed in the northwest III. The Weaknesses of the Articles A. The Articles of Confederation was America’s 1st form of gov’t: 1. The _____________________ the national gov’t was originally seen as ___________ because it eliminated ________________ 2. Later, these same weaknesses kept the gov’t from solving serious __________________________________________________ B.

Economic Problems & Shays’ Rebellion in 1787 1. The inability of the government to ________________________ led to problems: a. America could not pay off ______________ from the _____________________________ War b. Property foreclosures led an ____________________ among Massachusetts farmers called _________________ Rebellion in 1787 but the gov’t could not ______________________________________________ to stop it i. Poor farmers in western Massachusetts were angered over _____________________ & the prospect of debtors _______ ii.

Daniel Shays led an uprising & closed __________________ & threatened a federal arsenal 2. Shays’ Rebellion proved to be the convincing event that led to the ___________________________________________ of 1787 C. The Philadelphia Convention in 1787 1. After _________________________, people like Hamilton & Madison began calling for a __________________ national gov’t 2. In 1787, delegates met in ________________________ to discuss ways to _______________________ the Articles 3. Instead of _____________________ the Articles of Confederation, the delegates __________________ it with the Constitution

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