Assessment of Personal Learning Style

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According to the learning style assessment, my personal style is more inclined to the auditory learning style. I think it suits me that in life I am more sensitive to sound than to words, and I remember the same thing better when I hear it than when I see the words on it. Of course, I think listening makes me pay more attention, other ways are a bit boring. For example, in order to deepen my memory of the knowledge I just learned, I usually choose to repeat it. I like to read aloud and over and over again in memory. For the research of a problem, it is a good method for me to discuss with my classmates.

Another feature is that I think auditory people like me are more interested in the liberal arts, and the daily advertisements are more impressive to me than the posters. In the process of helping memory, some words and pictures can be converted into phonetic learning methods to facilitate learning, such as turning a fairy tale plot into a puppet show or composing a song, which will make the plot more firmly remembered. Using tapes, conversations, discussions, debates, social gatherings to assist learning will improve learning efficiency, the effect is more significant. But people with auditory learning styles have a hard time focusing when there’s noise.

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In deciding how to proceed, I will consider honor, beauty, morality, and virtue — guided by the purity of my intentions as mediator, We Know What We Are, but Know Not What We May Be. I have the ability to communicate deeply with others and can easily express my ideas in my own way. I usually project myself into work to explore ideas. I have a talent for self-expression and communication, and a strong language ability. Have an advantage in learning a language.

I usually listen more than I talk, and focus on a few people that would otherwise distract and drain my energy, but I often get frustrated with things I can’t solve or get involved with. In my personality, I like to think about assumptions and philosophy more than any other personality type, and may need the help of others to get back to reality. But my affection, creativity, altruism and idealism will exist forever, back to the person I love, my compassion and beautiful view of the world will always accompany me.

Idealists: have admirable optimism, have incredible resilience in the face of difficulties, and believe that human nature is good Seeking and harmonious values: like democracy, strive to hear every voice and point of view Open minded and flexible: Don’t like being restrained and supporting others’ right to do the right thing, unless thoughts and principles are challenged. Extremely creative: a combination of vision and enlightened thinking, unconventional view of things Passionate and energetic: When something attracts me, I will go all out. Dedicated and hard work: Don’t give up easily, have a sense of purpose.

First of all according to the survey, suitable for my learning style is the listening learning style, my character is also very suitable for auditory learning style, and will use this style to improve their learning efficiency. Hearing learning style can be discussed, participate in some dialogue debates, group cooperation, etc. to assist in learning, and my diplomat-like character in communication with people is an advantage, I can easily express my ideas, and language ability is very strong, my character makes me emotional, creative, and in the group will give people a comfortable feeling Because I prefer democracy, as long as my principles and ideas are not challenged I will support others, these people are willing to associate with me, so that I have the opportunity to discuss and participate in group activities, my character is very helpful to my study, I have a sense of purpose, will not give up easily.

But the diplomat-like character also interferes with me, such as being too idealistic, may fantasize too perfectly about my partner, but no one is perfect. I’m not afraid to point out what went wrong, but I often lack judgment. I am very outgoing, in the exchange also has a certain affinity, which is conducive to assist my auditory learning style, but my responsibility is not strong, in a group to carry out learning activities I may not be responsible enough, which needs to be strengthened. My neuroticism can also affect my study, which makes me more prone to anxiety and bad emotions. But communicating with people can reduce my anxiety, and it’s my ability to learn from the hearing to help me.

In the workplace I prefer freedom, rather than being told directly about what i do, and always looking for meaningful jobs that I really want to do, which makes me more focused on my job in the workplace than on getting it done. I prefer to be human and creative, which will make me play better. My personality is that I am not so humble in the workplace and not so competitive to win, which makes me feel just good. I never like to control others and be controlled, as long as I think everyone is good for me, I will do everything possible to maintain friendly relations with everyone, I think harmony is the best. My personality makes me more open and flexible in the workplace, but there are also extremely emotional situations that, though not present, occasionally affect my judgment, thus affecting my work and hindering my team’s development.

My emotional feelings are my biggest concern and my weakest, like a time bomb as a hidden danger in my work. But my personality is still suitable to work in a team, team work is also an important part of the workplace, but also let me realize that my emotional and anxiety is also what I need to change for my work, my responsibility is to strengthen, so that we can better integrate into the workplace, improve the effectiveness of the work.

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