The traffic congestion in the city

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Behavior modification can be used to reduce traffic congestion in the city by teaching people to change their behaviors and take alternative modes of transportation. However, some view this as a form of control. In a study on the benefits of homework for elementary school children, it was found that low-achieving children spent more time on homework than those with better grades. The solution may be individualized assignments and less homework for struggling students. The use of tangible rewards for performance and cooperation in elementary school may backfire as children may come to expect rewards every time they do well.

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How could behavior modification be used to reduce he traffic congestion in the city? It is teaching people different behaviors and changes by making them take the transit bus or the subway or carpool in the hove lane to reduce traffic congestion in the city. Some people see it as a form of control trying to force people to ride these transportations instead of their own vehicles to try and reduce the traffic congestion in the city. 2. The Homework Puzzle. An article published in The New York Times reported the results of a large-scale study on the benefits of homework for elementary school children.

The study showed that the lowest-achieving children spent more time with homework than children with better grades. How can the longer time spent by the low-achieving children be explained? Why aren’t the children who spent more time with homework the ones who are making better grades? The children that are spending more time on their homework is the ones that are struggling and have to work twice as hard as the other children that the work comes easy for them. The children that are spending hours on homework usually are the kids that have an PIPE or in specialized classes.

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They are not making better grades than the other kids because they struggle in school and its sad to me to see them work harder and longer because its almost like a punishment to them because they struggle all day in school navy’s. I think a solution for these children should be individualize assignments for these children and less homework or maybe not so hard homework for these children so as not to overwhelm them so they don’t want to give up or stress them out. 3. Stars and Stickers. Should elementary school children receive material rewards for performance and cooperation?

Imagine that you are a parent and that you have a child in the first grade. You have received a notice from the principal of the school that a program of tangible rewards (buttons, stickers, stars, bags of popcorn, cookies) is being considered. The notice compares tangible rewards for the children with the pay adults get for work. From what we know about behaviorism, is this a good idea? Explain why the extensive use of tangible rewards may backfire in this situation. I don’t think this is such a good idea because think that overtime they do good they will expect something.

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