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Even though, Cairo is considered as a largest metropolis in Africa, it besides expected that the traffic will be major issue to cover with. There are at least 18 million people live in Cairo in add-on of 3500 neonates added to this figure each twenty-four hours. Logically it ‘s non all 18 million people have auto but the nature of streets are clogged because of the traffic ( stop- spell ) . It ‘s hard to spot any peculiar regulations of the route because there are many streets are one manner non ever this regulation is working. It ‘s known that ruddy light mean “ halt ” or “ lag ” and green visible radiation “ walk ” light mean it ‘s safe to traverse the route, but it ‘s non needfully to believe in that, the drivers are increasing the velocity to acquire through ruddy traffic visible radiation with horns blasting to halt anyone who might see acquiring in their manner. Sometimes they are driving over the pavings ; the lone thing that forces the driver to halt is no possible manner to squash around.

Even though Egypt have a despite strategies of modernisation in many parts of Cairo, donkey-carts are still a outstanding characteristic in many streets and they manage their manner through traffic with their ain system but what an unbelievable thing is many autos do the same, in add-on they use the lane of oncoming traffic when their ain lane are full.

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“ Traffic in Cairo is perfectly helter-skelter. If you are of all time tempted to drive in Egypt, take a remainder until you get over it, ” said Mohamed Abdel-Hamid, director of an international bank in Egypt, who suffers the day-to-day commute from Heliopolis to 6th of October City and have a existent vision about the traffic jam and the accident that occur every five proceedingss, which make us believe that even the pandemonium has its ain regulations.

As Abdel-Hamid said: “ lane markers on the route are simply suggestions, and traffic signals are merely an sentiment, ” we can detect that the driver is driving like lunatics, he is free to drive down the center between two lanes of traffic, blaring his horn anticipating from the autos parallel to his on each side to do a room if possible. “ This is non considered rude or in any manner out of the topographic point, ” Abdel-Hamid says with sarcasm. “ Traffic was non that bad few old ages ago. Cipher respects traffic ordinances now ; everybody merely goes his ain manner. It takes hours and hours to travel anyplace. Streets are blocked all the clip, twenty-four hours and dark, particularly on 6th of October Bridge -it is brainsick to drive on the span today, ” added Abdel-Hamid.

More than 7000 people per twelvemonth have been killed and wound about 35,000 causes of route human deaths as experts mentioned, so will we make to restrict the figure of vehicles. It ‘s evidently now that Cairo is crumpling under the duplicate force per unit area of traffic and population.

Harmonizing to Mohamed Mursi Mansour, manager of Public Traffic Authority of Giza Governorate, new enterprises to turn to the traffic congestion in Egypt and the issues environing route safety are now active in General Authority for Roads and Bridges. “ Hundreds of 1000000s of dollars will be spent on upgrading the safety and efficiency of the bing substructure in the short term, while mid- and long-run ends focus on increasing the breadth of roads, ” said Mansour.

With refer to World Bank appraisal of an urbanization degree of 70 % by twelvemonth 2020. The most issues that are confronting Egypt in urban conveyance are congestion, high trust on route conveyance and traffic safety. Cairo experience show that the mean velocities of traffic is less than 10 Km/hr. which keep in falling down with the increasing in the figure of autos. As mentioned in World Bank study, dependance on public transit is less than 65 % .

Abdel-Rahman sherif, caput of South-central Cairo Administration for General Transport, believes that the right solution is to develop an efficient public transit system, such as the belowground tube, besides encourage people to utilize it, to cut down the figure of private vehicles. “ A commission of traffic specializer and applied scientists should be formed to analyze the job and bill of exchange a comprehensive maestro program. I believe that Cairo is in desperate demand of better planning if traffic is to be streamlined, ” states sherif.

Let ‘s take a Dukki part as instance in point, which was originally planned as a vicinity of Villas and avenues. Owners of most Villas in the territory indiscriminately expanded into more profitable high-rise flat blocks. The streets and sewerage system, nevertheless, could non get by with the attendant addition in the figure of dwellers, particularly since few of these flat edifices included garages. Planners, Sherif adds, had to spread out the streets at the disbursal of prosaic pavings – a “ large error ” , in his sentiment. “ Expanding streets and adding more fly-overs and tunnels is non ever the solution to traffic congestion, ” Sherif argues. Rather, these steps encourage the inflow of more vehicles into already congested countries.

Nowadays, traffic in Cairo should be seen to be believed. It ‘s more than like elemental force than a motion of autos. Absolutely there is many several forces contributed to traffic jam, these factor should be taken earnestly and diagnosed before solution will be out of control. With refer to Atef Abdel-Ghani Fayad, whose working as general manager of roads, he mentioned to the factors which might be considered as causes of traffic congestion: the population detonation, high frequence of day-to-day trips by automobilists, and urban and economic development. He besides explained the demand of efficient public transit system and more qualified web of route and rails ways. That ‘s because the automobilists make three trips daily in Greater Cairo as an norm, with add-on of population growing rate, its high at 2.4 % : “ this means that we have an addition of about one million people every twelvemonth. ”

It ‘s useless to lunch a undertaking without analyzing the effects adequately, like edifice Bridgess at Lebanon square in AL-Mohandissin, besides Fayad was speaking about this issue and he said: “ This country was originally planned for residential intents, but now it is chief cause of traffic congestion. ” The solutions we asked for should non be traditional, harmonizing to Fayad ; we should analyze every little peculiar thing and take it earnestly before we do it, besides we have to acquire a drawing program to analyze the web route, besides we need to analyze the figure and waies of day-to-day trips made by automobilists and commuters, after that we can state and construct the figure of auto Parkss needed. “ By increasing people consciousness of traffic ordinance and pressing them to utilize public transit are necessary, through efficient public transit, and route care. ”

As mentioned by Director-General of Transportation at Ministry of Interior, Essameddin Asfour, there is a comprehensive program on the tabular array as to how to streamline traffic. “ people must be patient ; when the completion of building work of the span located in Lebanon Square every bit good as Al-Remayah Square comes to an terminal, this will relieve much of force per unit area, ” as Asfour said.

Asfour added: “ the ministry has besides formed a commission of senior police officers whose undertaking is to maintain the congestion traffic countries clean, ” this job is non merely difficult sometimes to work out by ministry but it besides hard sometimes to be solved by experts and specializers in add-on this instance of job is non the duty of Ministry of Interior entirely, because the solutions can besides be found by utilizing information and communicating engineerings ( ICTs ) . “ To the unexpected of many that technological solutions and applications can decidedly set an terminal for this job through a good usage of database and instant information. Specialists and those are responsible about this job should work together to happen an lineation for the way down which ICTs and conveyance can fruitfully unify, ” adds asfour.

Mohamed Abdel-Atti, an eminent conveyance expert, explains how ICTs will give a large aid in traffic monitoring, particularly supervising traffic jams, like constructing up a powerful database capable of foretelling constrictions and accident before they happen. Abdel atti explains that brining foreign engineerings into Egypt market is non ever good, so we should do our best out of them and accommodating them to local demands and conditions.

On the other side we should happen a desperate solution to procure the transition of walkers. The metropolis streets are non organized ; it ‘s hard to traverse the street. Its normal to traverse one lane when that ‘s all you can traverse, so stand in the center of downpour of whirring autos waiting for the following gap. “ Death is inevitable, ” says Fayad sardonically. The applied scientists and the worker on the site are ever focus on traffic jobs without taking in computation that people and non autos are doing the metropolis as it is, besides pedestrians go about ever inconsiderate. Fayad adds: “ autos are traveling over pavings, which are no longer safe, and walkers have been forced into the centre of the street, since going the chief victims of traffic jobs. ”

To see the safety to walkers transition, it was announced recently that there exists program to construct prosaic tunnel all over Cairo, equipped with escalators. The first action is expected to get down constructing the prosaic tunnel in forepart of Cairo University in Giza. An tantamount tunnel already exists below Salah Salem Street in forepart of the Cairo Trade Fair grounds. “ Two other tunnels will be built in the countries of Abbasiya and Fustat, ” says Fayad. Officials wants that after developing an efficient public transit system, “ traffic will be streamlined and walkers will be able to walk and traverse streets safely, ” Fayad added.

Prime curate, Dr. Ahmed Nazif, has checked how is traveling the first undertaking of public transit in Greater Cairo which aims to include 200 coachs as a first measure. This undertaking aims to let go of around 1100 coachs through the three coming old ages, get downing from this twelvemonth besides there will be 300 coachs added to the 200 before the terminal of this twelvemonth.

The program of this undertaking is to supply 300 coachs yearly over the coming two old ages.

The undertaking besides includes programs to develop the human resources for the workers and employees in Cairo Transportation Authority ( CTA ) , every bit good as puting developing plan for administrative employees and drivers.

Prime curate, Dr. Ahmed Nazif after he checked the first action of the undertaking confirmed that Cairo is one of the biggest and largest metropolis in the universe with high population that usually cause a traffic congestion ; nevertheless the authorities still contending against the twin force per unit area which coming from traffic jam and high population. The authorities has decided to work out and work on this job on two stages. Reduce the population through build new metropoliss and bettering homesteaders. “ There is a undertaking exists and its purpose is to acquire rid of booths to be implemented by the homesteader ‘s development fund, ” Dr. Ahmed Nazif mentioned. The 2nd stage with aid of Cairo Transportation Authority ( CTA ) i?S development and betterment is taking to work out citizen day-to-day surfing in Cairo traffic congestion, besides promote the people to utilize a public transit alternatively of their ain private autos.

Dr. Ahmed Nazif maintain the doors open for the private companies to take part in the mentioned undertaking by including 1500 new air-conditioned coachs by coming period, something which might promote private autos proprietors to utilize particular coachs alternatively of their owns.

Cairo is designed to home around 4 million drivers, but harmonizing to recent statistics confirmed that Cairo home 17 million at least, which evidently this immense difference will do what called “ congestion ” and “ high population ” . Harmonizing to this most Egyptians are waking-up on the noise of non duke but noise of horns, besides they have the same modus operandi at every forenoon at 8 am, the hotfooting downpour of coachs, and one time once more at 5pm, riders are acquiring in and out of the NON-STOP public conveyances while it maintain in gesture.

In September 2008, the authorities takes an action against the new reachings of new 120,000 vehicles to the Greater Cairo Streets, which was as mentioned by Abdel Azim Wazir, Cairo Governor: the Government has turn up a infinite country outside the bosom of the capital of Egypt, and the Government offices and ministries will be removed and reconstruct it at that place, besides it will halt construct any more schools, universities or even authorities offices inside Cairo.

After taking many sentiments and remarks besides a recommendations from many responsible work forces and governments, most of them are acquiring head-ace and confounding from this job. But every bit position as traffic experts, they have another point position which is about the drive wonts specially from what it calls “ microbus ” , most of Egyptians are utilizing these sort of transit with disregarding how bad the driver while he is driving keeping horn all over the mob doing noise pollution and it ‘s non merely this, but besides he does n’t esteem the regulations of the traffic even the regard of humidness. Microbus drivers are non rewards by hours, but they wages by the figure of day-to-day trips the can make. So, they are throwing themselves in problems with police officers besides with most unsafe accident, that causes a high traffic congestions, besides it need more than three hours to be solved. “ Because the authorities are non mentioned to the new traffic Torahs, that ‘s why the drivers are keep disregarding the traffic marks, ” as Rehab Mahmoud said, a free-lance concern trainer.

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