The structure of Norris Company

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He can’t even go through a day and was already tired. Cheat also has a family so its visible he can stressed at home as well dealing with a small child. When it comes to time, Chest’s day at work is all about “so much work so little time” Not once in his work day did he take a time to breathe and focus on himself. Cheat was all about running around and trying to managing everything on his own. Even though he has other Managers who are at his level they were not overly stressed as he was. It is clear to see from the structure of the company the other managers will never e stressed out like him.

From the structure of how the Norris Company is run, the other managers don’t even have anyone reporting under them to receive the amount of stress that Cheat gets in his workload. 2. WHAT ARE THE ORGANIZATIONAL PROBLEMS IN THE CASE? One major organizational problem this company faces is that almost 25 employees are reporting to one Central Plant Manager. There are two Plant Managers who have absolutely no employees reporting under them. This is why Cheat is incapable of resolving his issues. The 3 plant managers (eastern, southern and central) should each have a supervisor.

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Under the supervisor there should be a smaller group of foreman. In one incident while Cheat was having a meeting he is interrupted by the foreman in the meeting to attend to other duties in the warehouse. If he placed a supervisor or a reporting staff in that position the meeting would have gone on. The company should have procedures in place when people call in sick or don’t show up. Even though it might not be Chest’s responsibility to cover other positions when short, but it is his responsibility to make sure to call someone who can. When Cheat started work he sensed the urgency that AY had from his ice.

Cheat is always listening to his employee’s problems however that’s the most he does with it. He is always willing to provide them help but that never gets completed either. Cheat would find a pocket planner could be very useful to him. Jotting down ideas or a “to do list” would help solve most of Chest’s problems. Cheat is always forgetting something. He is so overly stressed and so focused on making everyone happy that he forgets about the smaller things. One example is when he met AY Noreen at the entrance. AY was short one employee and needed help ASAP.

If Cheat had sensed the urgency in Ass’s request he would have worked fast to help him help someone. He just rubbed it off like he does with everything else and made a false promise of calling him back, which he never did. Being a Central Plant Manager, Cheat does not display any qualities of managing his staff. Even though he has managers and supervisors in place it seems like everyone is reporting to him. He is not following the hierarchy of managers. Cheat would also find it very useful if he had certain staff reporting to certain managers, and higher level managers reporting to him.

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