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Assignment and thesis writing 4th edition



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    The prosecutor had the role to present the State’s case against the defense which he/she had to prove that it was in Mr.. Masters knife collection, his drawings, failure to report seeing Piggy’s DOD, and the time frame of the homicide. Which with that being said that is why he was a suspect of Peggy Whittier murder. It took the police several years with them trying to build a case and which didn’t come up with too much evidence. Mr.. Masters defense attorney, which role was to represent him as the accused and to prove him innocent.

    Which his attorney filed petition for a new trial due to the lack of lack evidence because the original trial did not have the DNA and the defense attorneys had not been informed of other suspect(s) that was involved in this case. Which one of the other suspect(s) was Richard Hammond which was a actor lived near the scene at the time. Dry. Hammond also had a prior record of filming several different females in 1995 and his residence was 100 yards from Piggy’s murder scene. Which Dry. Hammond bedroom was facing the scene where they found her body at and Dry.

    Hammond committed suicide nearly two days later in 1995 after he was arrested as a sexual voyeur, but he was never considered a suspect in the Whittier case. (Anytime, 2007). He was also acquainted with her according to the new court documents. When it came to the evidence in the prior suspect and reports from experts stated that Mr.. Masters as not guilty which that was enough for the judge to allow him a new trial. The Judge role in this case is to ensure there is justice and holds the ultimate authority and responsible for balancing the rights of the offender that is being accused and the society.

    Which the judge did rule that with all the evidence that was withheld in the prior trial then there will be a new trial on Peggy Hitchhikers case. Which when Mr.. Masters had his new trial he found not guilty and released from prison. Later on the judge ruled he was wrongfully convicted and Mr.. Masters sued and was granted millions. The roles of the prosecutor(s) in this ease was not easy because the the prosecutor was given old evidence that had no evidence that it was Mr.. Master that murdered Peggy Whittier. When it came to the police they only had his knife collection, drawings, and a date of Mr..

    Masters death to build the case against him. His defense attorney really had a hard time proving his innocents. Which this case took several years to actually come across a judge that would hear their case about the investigators withholding evidence from them in court. Which they also helped Mr.. Master to get the settlement when he sued the State from them convicting him of a roomful accused charge of murder. The new judge had to agree that the case could have a new trial with all the new evidence to be considered.

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