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Crime Under the Insanity Defense

Insanity Defense

Mens rea

Words: 1686 (7 pages)

It is not uncommon to hear about the general populations’ distrust of the legal system; sometimes many even believe that a lot of criminals get away because of legal technicalities, such as the ability to plead insanity for a crime. The real prevalence of the insanity plea may be shocking to the general population, most…

Essential Elements of Crime


Mens rea

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Introduction Forensic accountants are professionals who provide litigation support and act as expert witnesses. They are financial investigators and detectives who audit and investigate financial reporting documents to determine their accuracy. Their work is often related to legal actions that are either anticipated or ongoing. When it comes to criminal and civil cases, including pretrial…

Strict Liability for Criminal Offences


Mens rea

Words: 705 (3 pages)

How does the law justify imposing strict liability for some criminal offences? ‘actus non facit nise men sit rea’ means an act alone cannot constitute guilt without the proof of a guilty mind, for most criminal cases. Strict Liability is the legal responsibility for injury or damages even if the person was not at fault…

Explain the Arguments for and Against Strict Liability Offences


Mens rea

Words: 1157 (5 pages)

The concept of strict liability offenses can be summarized as follows: these offenses do not necessitate proving criminal intent, or mens rea. In cases of strict liability, individuals can be convicted even if they did not intend to commit a crime but are found to have committed a specific element of the actus reus. The…

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