The Three Key Elements of Human Resource Planning

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The three key elements of the HRS planning process are forecasting labor demand, analyzing present labor supply, and balancing projected labor demand and supply. ” [http:// www. Investigated. Com/terms/h/human-resource-planning. Asp] It means that Human Resource Planning is the process of predicting about demand and supply for workers as well as increasing their skills within the purpose or the strategic of the organization. In addition, Human Resource Planning is the process that defines the available employees and future human resources which is to be demand for a company to get their goals.

It responds to the importance of business campaigns and planning to make sure that the quality and quantity of workers are efficiency. Therefore, we can say that HRS is the principle activity of FIRM. 1. Explain the meaning of Human Resource Planning – HRS “The HRS plan needs to be flexible enough to meet short-term staffing challenges, while adapting to changing conditions in the business and environment over the longer term. Human resource planning is also a continuous process. ” [http:// www. Investigated. Com/terms/h/human-resource-planning. SP] 2. Explain the meaning of planning process. The planning processes of most organizations define what will be accomplished within a given time frame, along with the numbers and types of human resources that will be needed to achieve the defined business goals. This is typically accomplished by defining competencies that are required by workers to achieve business goals, matching people with these competencies to the right tasks, and assessing the overall process for progress and improvement. ” [HTTPS:// www. Boundless. Mom/management/textbooks/boundless-management-textbook/ huh man-resource-management-7/purpose-of-human-resource-management-56/ unman-resource-planning-281-8373] 3. Three factors that impact on HRS. There are several considerations that HRS is influenced in an organization and both inside and outside the organization (internal factors and external factors) The more important of them are: (1) type and strategy of organizations, (2) organizational growth and planning, (3) environmental uncertainties, (4) time horizons, (5) type and quality of forecasting information, (6) nature of jobs filled, (7) off-loading the work. Sweatpants, 2007 pop) According to move. Backstretches. Org. UK, there re plenty of the external factors affecting HRS of the organization: Labor market, Technical changes in the society, Organizational changes, Demographic changes, Shortage of skill due to labor turnover, Multicultural workforce. [http://move. Backstretches. Org. UK/essays/business/an-introduction-of -harm-and-shrimp. PH]. In this essay, we just focus three factors that impact to organization’s HRS 4. Type and strategy of Organization The most important factor that affects to HRS is Type and Strategy of organization because it shows the process of the production to be relevant, annuity and the types that worker needed and the supervisory and managerial personnel required. The strategic of the organization identifies the demand of the organization’s HRS. For instance, Coles Supermarket’s strategy intends to expand a new shop at AS for the internal growth, it means that additional employees must be hired.

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Meanwhile, Acquisitions or mergers (according to www. Businessperson. Com. AU) Microsoft completes the Monika acquisition; it could be mean that the organization will have to plan for layoffs or firing some staffs. Since acquisitions or mergers are completed, with fewer employees hat can be controlled more efficiently and less costly activities. In addition, the organizations decide to be careful that they predict about demand of labor or they could be simply reacting to needs as they arise.

Therefore, if the organizations fill HRS carefully, ensure that the organization keeps the accurate number of HRS worker with high skills and professions when they are required. For example, Finally, the organization has to make a decision that is flexible plan to predict and control the problems. For example, organizations look for to reduce risks by planning, which includes forecasting possible future conditions ND events HRS can contain many problems, which reflect different scenarios thereby assuring that the plan is flexible and adaptable. . 2 Organizational Growth Cycles and Economic conditions. The organization’s growth could be a lot of influences to HRS small organizations. At this time, HRS predicting is becoming essential development of the internal. For example, if a vehicle company decided that the best strategy to increase profits was to become more market orientated, this is likely to change the current employees the business needs. Probably there might be a demand for workers tit marketing research skills or training them of how to promote cars.

However, the reversal in the economy can also impact HRS such as in a recession, a firm is likely to decrease its workforce as demand for its product reduces. When organization’s growth goes down eventually, the labor of the organization becomes corny as just to be few younger worker are hired. Thus, HRS becomes less flexible and innovative and some problems like retirement dominate the organization’s HRS. During inflation, HRS has to be different approaches includes cutting down the number of worker, retrenchment and retirement. For example, the firms will have to decline their workers.

On the other hand, they will not hire new workers during inflation because the organization has not enough financial abilities to pay for their workers who are get higher salary and benefits for the newly hired workers. More interesting, HRS is impacted by the employment situation in the country, Indian is one of the high unemployment countries; the organization may be more pressure from government to appoint more people, meanwhile in Australia, some firm force shortage of skilled labor and they have o recruit workers from other countries such as Indian, China, and Viet Name… 3. Labor Market Labor market is one of the significant reasons that affect organization’s HRS is the characteristics of the demand and supply in labor market. Nowadays, the characteristics of the demand for a labor which require a lot of factors such as experiences, high education, skills and knowledge that will influence HRS and they recruit their vacancies based on these characteristics.. For example, a big restaurant often classifies the requirements of job vacancies that should e clearly to hire right candidate in holding the right position (Chefs, Kitchen hand, Waiter or Cleaner).

Moreover, due to a potential worker have a right to accept or reject the offer of the restaurant. A Waiter might make a decision depend on restaurant’s work conditions, wage level, benefits… This clearly will bring an effect on worker’s decision made by HRS. To solve this problem, HRS must identify the compliance with the efficiency of labor demand and supply and HARM probably make some the considerations such as benefits, payment, training and work condition to attract candidate and encourage their potential rocker to avoid being panic.

Furthermore, a structural policy also could be included in HRS to decrease minimums the structural problems of the labor market, minimize the shortage of skilled labor In conclusion, by having a good training, knowledgeable and skilled workforce, the organizations could enhance their operation and their money. In additions, to get a capable workforce, organizations need invest more in their Human Resource Planning. A well- developed HRS will provide the best plan to deal with the changes in its external and internal environment.

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