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Colleagues Share information, ask and reply to questions, keep up to date of any changes, feedback, build team work, be professional, makes a better atmosphere, better customer service and may prevent mistakes. B. Individuals using the service Laboratory technicians, Consultants, Patients or Representatives Patients Build relationships, trust, provide information and choices for patient make decisions, need their consent for treatment, good customer service, mutual respect, ask questions to understand what they really prefer, independent people, understand patient needs(focus on patient).

. Other professionals Consultants Example of Orthodontics assess the patient for braces, build trust with patient eke sure they understand what’s involved in the long process of this specific treatment, consent form, Dentists and Consultants need to share information and confidentiality about their patient to arrange a treatment plan to suit the patient needs, share their knowledge between that patient. SQ 1. 3 Give 2 reasons why it is important to observe the reactions of individuals when communicating with them.

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Communication, make sure we understand each other and Behavior, body language, might start to be aggressive or nervous.

SQ 3. Give 5 barriers to communication and describe how you could reduce them. Accent: speaking slowly and clear. Jargon: explain in plain English. Background noise: lower the radio or move place. Disabilities: Braille sign or patient should call if need additional support. Language: translator services.

Environment factors (poor lighting): buy spare bulbs or buy additional lighting equipment. SQ 3. 4 Identify 3 services or sources of information and support that enable effective communication. Translation/ interpreting services, posters, internet websites. (some more Practice Manager, Primary Care Trust, NASH, Support services (MIND, SCOPE, Age SQ 4. 1 Explain the term ‘confidentiality. Is a set of rules or a promise that limits access or places restrictions on certain types of information.

Data Protection Act 1998 (Applies for example to Banks, Insurance companies, Doctors, Dentists, Employers, Staff information). Don’t leave paper records on show, files need to locked away on a fire proof locker, on computer need to have passwords, can’t leave someone else’s treatment on screen, only ask information regarding dental treatment, records need to be kept or 8 to 11 years even if the patient decided to have a new dentist elsewhere. SQ 4. Describe 2 situations when you may need to share confidential information with others. When referring to consultants (to arrange a treatment that a dentist cannot do) and when patient has bad debts (to arrange a payment plan). SQ 4. 4 Explain when and where you can go for advice and guidance about confidentiality. To the Practice Manager if I am not sure when to release information. General Dental Council for Whistle blowing when there is wrong doing.

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