Working with the Elderly: Things to Consider

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Their health is not as good as the younger generation and they may visit the hospital ND doctors often. They are set in old ways from their past and don’t like to experience new ideas or change. Many are racist because this is how they grew up. 2) When you think about working professionally with members of this group, are there traits, characteristics, or other issues about the group that you would be curious about, concerned about, or intimidated by? Why would understanding diversity issues be important to you as a human services worker?

When working with this group I would be concerned about their overall health physically and mentally. Many diseases such as arthritis and AL timers’ disease occur at this age. Also hip and back problems. I would also be curious if they receive any financial help or health insurance to help with expenses. Understanding diversity at this age is important because there are different cultures in the older generation and they may have different expectations, views, and ideas about human service workers. Caring for them individually as a person is important. 3) How could advanced knowledge of the group address concerns and assumptions?

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Advanced knowledge of medical history and the medical field could help with this group. Also understanding different diseases and conditions that affect this group will help when treating the clients and helping them. It will take less stress of off the client if you understand their situation their going through. 4) What kind of information, learning experiences, contact, and so forth would you need to increase your knowledge about this group? I would need information about elderly homes, medical information about the elderly and different diseases that can occur at this age.

Learning experiences that would help would to actually be around older people such as a nursing home and spend time with hem to get experience and knowledge. Could contact other groups who help the elderly, nursing homes and hospital for information that would benefit me. Group 2: Jewish Americans group. The most I know about this group from research is from the Holocaust. Most Jews are very religious and often can only marry another Jewish member. It is said that Jews are very smart and often greedy with money. Jewish families are also very close. Diversity issues be important to you as a human services worker?

I don’t see the Jewish population as being much different than the rest of the population. They ay be more religious in their beliefs, but I personally have no concerns about this group. It’s important to understand this group just as it is every other group. To get to know their differences and culture. Assumptions? Advanced knowledge of this group can help people see Jewish as being more than just part of history and the Holocaust. You need to increase your knowledge about this group? Visit religious place that the Jewish group take part it and learn about their practices. Group 3: Native Americans group.

My assumptions and beliefs about this group is that they are very wise ND live off of the land. They have learned a lot from their ancestors and use it in daily living. I would still assume that they live off of the land and use no technology and electricity. Of course some may have adapted to live now and live in homes. They believe in the afterlife, and worship the sun, rain, and nature. They have many gods. Diversity issues be important to you as a human services worker? I would think that Native Americans would be harder to work with because they may not agree with everything the worker is trying to do.

They may feel weak to ask for help. They have many beliefs that may come in the way of receiving help, such as using certain medicines or getting government help. It would be important to understand this group so that the service worker does not offend the client and can help them using their knowledge of their culture. Assumptions? Advanced knowledge of Native Americans can address concerns and assumptions because you will learn the true beliefs of Native Americans and how they evolved into today’s society. You will learn how to handle situations without offending them.

They will respect you for the knowledge you have gained n their account. You need to increase your knowledge about this group? Going to an Indian burial ground or a museum about Native Americans can expand your knowledge about this group. There are also places were Indian tribes still exists and live off of the land. Spending time there would gain personal experience. You can even get in contact with families who have had ancestors that were Native Americans and learn about this group. Group 4: Arab Muslim Americans group. Females are valued less than males. Females also cover themselves from head to toe in clothing.

They do not speak unless spoken to first. I believe that most Americans are afraid of this group because of September 1 lath, and that this group is not very fond of Americans. Muslims speak another language and may not understand American ways of equality between men and women, diversity issues be important to you as a human services worker? I would be curious to see if a female came to get help with her partner if she would of speak or let the male do all of the talking. I would be curious to see how my client is adapting to life in America and if people treat them differently and how.

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