Rivalry Between 2 Elderly People

The sun was shinning in the blue sky. The weather was good. I was going to the shop. When i arrive the shop i see my friends are at bottom of the shop. They were breaking a pose. I asked what role my army. They say role petrol. What position you. I say me top net. I ask them put a serious to play football. They tell me later. My freind was raping a matching for his cigaret. The shopkeeper look him traverse. I have to buy many articles for my mom.

I have a tent bazar with me. I get honted. I was going but my freind say he see me with his 35 yesterday. I say no. He say yes i was batting a glue. I say no. He say bush your bush you will know with me. I tremble like a leaf. I want vomit. He say you roding do galant with my 35 later i break you later. I want to escape but problem on me. A freind say hey you are a mary sauce you. I say hey i don’t like your 35 me. But it is false. I like his 35.. I extra love her. Ut i when i pass she not look me. She look only man musculate. I must do gym a little. My freind start put with me. He start pile pile me strong strong. A mary piller i got i tell you. I am afraid he will break my bum. Luckily suddenly the shopkeeper come. He tell hey stop do disorder here you don’t have house. Take your paket and go. Later i telefone the police. My freind scared. He tell me you have chance you sapped today. Tomoro you will know with me.

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