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On Behalf of Others

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Mrs. Acosta On behalf of Others On Behalf Of Others Individuals who are under certain conditions should have their situations exploited in order to avoid having more people suffering. I agree with Agee’s claim because if their situations are not exploited then they can’t be given aid and it can’t be prevented in the future. In the documentary “Old People In Jail” by Tim Gruber shows some old people look like they shouldn’t be in jail. What jail does to people is make them look older then they are.

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On Behalf of Others
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On behalf of others I feel that having old people in jail is not fair because they wont die in peace, they would die in a place they don’t want to be in. In this documentary the situation is that old people should not be in jail because it is bad for their health and it kills them faster. Another documentary called “Migrant Mother” is about a mother who is taking care of her children after the dust bowl.

The mother and her children have to survive on frozen vegetables that they saved up.

The migrant mother’s situation was that she was left alone with limited food to take care of her family, but since her situation was exploited she and other migrants were able to receive aid from the government. In the documentary “ Joshua Febres: The Uncertain Gang Member”, Joshua is an high school student and he was involved in a gang, he was also selling/doing drugs and he stopped doing all these horrible thing and went back to school to get the high school diploma.

Joshua and a lot of students have the same situations every year, and they usually end up dropping out, By having his situation exploited other students can learn that if they try they can still have a chance of passing and getting a diploma. In another documentary the documentarian JR takes photos of people acting goofy and making faces,and posts them up on walls, on stairways, on the sides and tops of trains. The reason why he does this is to show people all over the world that they are all the same and to show their innocence.

I agree to what his motives, he is trying to make the world see that they are all the same and peaceful to stop wars and make an era of peace that should last. Some people might hold a different point of view from myself. They might say individuals who are under certain conditions should not have their situations exploited because other people would use their problems to make money. If someone has an different point of view from me I would say even if some people would make money off of people who are under certain conditions not all people are bad some people would try to help out the ones who are in need.

In conclusion all of these documentarians try to show the good sides in people, and use them as examples for others. The documentaries teach people different lessons like you should never give up and that everybody is innocent and you wont know how they are if you don’t meet them. They also show people’s situations so other people know what is going on so they can lend aid and stop it so it won’t happen again in the future.

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