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Assignment Task B

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The footage, broadcast for the first mime on BBC Panorama, shows care workers feeding Maria World too quickly, manually rolling her over, and hauling her roughly into bed – an action that should have been performed using a hoist. All five main care workers filmed by Jane World were sacked. Forest Healthcare, which manages the home, say this was an isolated incident, and that they receive positive feedback on the care in Ash Court, which is subject to “continual improvement. ” Finn Phillips reports.

Forest Healthcare has no connection to Forest Care Ltd which operates homes in Hampshire and Surrey. Panorama – Undercover: Elderly Care, Monday . Pm, BBC One The issue of abuse at Ashcroft which was deemed ‘excellent’ by ICQ was raised by a few members of family, then they put in secret cameras to catch these mistreated of service users. The home is mostly to blame for these events as the staff should be trained and observed when complaints are being made.

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Assignment Task B
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The manager in charge wasn’t handling complaints and concerns with staff as the care the service user was getting decreased rapidly. In the video, it shows care staff manual handling a service user that clearly needs some other support to assist them to and from places.

Overall the failure to monitor service users with less capacity meant they where touted to the whole country, which in the long run can mean serious decline in business. Account 2: Seafloors Nursing Home: 89 year old Ivy Robinson ‘A care home assistant has been sent to prison for “unforgivable and unacceptable” neglect and ill-treatment of an 89-year-old woman. Emma Bran’s “sickening” mistreatment of Ivy Robinson was uncovered only after the pensioner’s worried family recorded the abuse on a camera concealed within an alarm clock at Kickoffs House residential care home in Penetrate, West

Yorkshire. Bryan, 29, hit and shook Robinson, verbally abused her on a number of occasions and failed to administer proper doses of medicine. Along with her colleague Katherine Wallis, 45, she dragged Robinson across her bedroom floor, making the elderly woman scream in pain. Wallis then threatened her with violence. Abuse spanning five days was captured on the hidden CATV camera after Robinsons family became concerned about bruises on her body and saw that she was more distressed than USUal. She suffers from dementia and had lived at the home for six years.

The report of abuse at Seafloors nursing home, was also found by a relative of the service user and they installed a hidden camera. The failure to provide a safe and confidential environment for the service User was deemed unsafe and unprofessional. In both reports, the service user suffering the abuse had less capacity which made them more vulnerable to abuse and neglect. When the service user has less capacity then as the manager or nurse in charge, they should receive better care planning, more person centered approach and regular assessments and checks to prevent abuse from happening.

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