Assignment questions Essay

Your task is to undertake strategic planning for your own organization or for an organization you are familiar with in your country or region - Assignment questions Essay introduction. Locate the vision statement, mission statement, statement of values and formal objectives of your chosen organization. Not all organizations have a statement of values; if that is the case, you can do without the statement of values.

Not all organizations have formal objectives; if that is the case, you will be required to develop some appropriate objectives as part of the assignment. Write a report in which you: Briefly describe the organization and its industry. Identify the vision statement, mission statement and statement of values; explain their appropriateness for the organization; suggest potential improvements. Identify objectives; analyses their appropriateness for the organization; suggest potential improvements.

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Undertake an internal analysis of the organization and an analysis of its external environment, using appropriate strategic management tools. Develop an appropriate strategy for the organization. Make sure you explain why the strategy is relevant and how it relates to vision / mission / objectives. Clearly justify your argument. You do not need to develop implementation processes. But you should mention the critical importance of implementation, execution and evaluation of the strategies you come up with for his assignment.

Note: In a real world strategic plan it is unlikely that you would use formal referencing. While you might not use referencing in an actual strategic plan, you would definitely source your information from various company/ industry reports and from journal articles. In this assignment you are required to make the use of such sources explicit through referencing.

Assignment questions Essay

Question 7.1

These are the type of crimes:

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Assignment questions
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A - Assignment questions Essay introduction. Larcency as there was no evidence of fear or physical interaction in between.

B. Violent crime as a gun was used to rob the laptop.

C. Burglary crime as Sarah broke into the victims house.

Question 7.5

They must not be acquitted as they knew every time that the files were confidential but as they still went for them they must be penalized.

Question 9.1

In my opinion no contract exists in this case however as Everett and miller were friends he would have paid miller later for the candies.

Question 9.4

Yes infact Kira is correct when she asks for the voidance of the contract as she lost her mental capability to make a wise decision. As The necklace worth thousands of dollars was sold by Kira just for $100 which clearly reflects the lack of her mental capacity.

Question 10.1

Caplans claim is the replacement of plumbing fixtures which has been installed of the Kohler brand by faithful constructions in contrary to crane brand as suggested by the Caplans’ in the contract.

Question 10.3

a. As the famous singer Jimenez has died it has led to the discharge of the contract as comes under the law of Object impossibility of performance.

b. Question

This contract so discharged because Raglione has died just prior to the transfer of title as stated under the law of Objective impossibility of performance.

c. Question

This contract is discharged as stated in the law temporary impossibility due severe snowstorm has made Oppenheim unable to deliver the apples

d. Due to an additional oil embargo imposed by the oil producing nations the sales of Maxwell’s gas station has gone down thus disabling him to pay his lease payments which under Commercial impractibality can discharge the contract.

Question 10.4

In my opinion Sweet is correct as sweet was unable to deliver the requested amount of sugar by Ken due to problems in the sugar refinery which does not make sweet liable for the breach of contract as stated under Objective impossibility of performance.

Question 11.11

A. Revocation of acceptance is the rejection of the goods that prevents the purchaser from practicing the right of denunciation.

Buyer should notify the seller within a particular time when a buyer discovers a ground for revocation. Moreover the goods must be in there original state or they should have not undergone any ample transformation.

Yes, as miller had already informed about the poor quality and had warned several times and it would discontinue the further purchases.

B. Yes there an ethical base for the buyer to revoke acceptance of goods and recover of damages as the buyer pays the price for a certain good against a certain quality but the goods should have not undergone any sufficient transformation.

Question 11-8

Yes IA has a contract with shell as the terms of the contract were listed within the webpage which declares copying the distributing the content is illicit and will cause the copier to enter a contract with Shell. Despite of that IA has continually copied the contents of shell’s website.


McDonald’s who has accepted the Shoes may keep them and recover for the loss that is resulting in the ordinary course of events however it should inform Vetter within a reasonable time.

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