Assignment task A example

Diversity Acceptance and respect for differences, such as race, ethnicity, gender, sexuality and religious beliefs. Equality Everyone getting the same right, opportunities and fair treatment. Inclusion Allowing everyone to be included and accepted within a situation such as a group or a task. Discrimination Unfair treatment of someone due to their differences, such as religion, race, sex or age. Iii. It is important that social care workers follow laws, regulations and codes of reactive.

List Three that relate to diversity, equality, inclusion and discrimination.

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Assignment task A example
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1. Equality Act 2010 2. Human Rights Act 3. SC code of practice Iii. Describe two situations where you may need to get support or advice about working in a way that promotes diversity, equality, inclusion and discrimination. You should get support or advice is you are not sure what to do as it is better to check than to get it wrong, you should also get support or advice if it is beyond o job role and is not something you have been taught how to deal with.

Via. For each situation you have identified, describe how you could access support, information or guidance. You could ask someone in a higher role than you, such as a senior or manager. You could also refer back to any policies or procedure you have in place to deal with the situation. There are also information leaflets available which could help you.

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