The possibilities of Apple technology

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As a leader, you’re enriched y motivating your staff and developing strategies to build business for Apple and for our customers. Key Qualifications Experience in leading, developing, and coaching teams, preferably within a business or sales setting. Extensive knowledge of how businesses use technology. Proven success in sales ? lead generation, acquisitions, and relationship management. Additional Requirements You have demonstrated leadership ability with at least five years of experience in a business setting and at least three years of experience in customer-facing sales in a business solutions environment. You have strong people and presentation skills and excellent written and verbal communication skills. You’ll need to be flexible with your schedule. Your work hours will be based on business needs. As a Business Manager, you work with business professionals and entrepreneurs to discover and create innovative solutions that can help their companies succeed. As member of the leadership team, you hire, coach, and develop the Business Team as well as educate other personnel about our unique business services.

You generate new leads and build relationships, connecting over the phone or through in-store workshops and events. You discover customer needs through consultations, and use your sharp communication skills to prepare and present proposals. And you leverage relationships with internal Apple groups and other partners to develop business and generate additional revenue, while tracking your success with various metrics. By engaging customers to think about the possibilities of Apple technology in their businesses, you help build success – not only for Apple, but for our customers as well.

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As you can see above the qualifications are as following: Experience in teamwork, and coaching teams, in a business or sales environment. Knowledge in using technology at the workflow. Successful career in sales. Demonstrated leadership 5 years of experience strong people and presentation skills Flexible working Human Resources HRS Manager We’re seeking a Human Resources Manager based in the Atlanta metro area. This position reports directly to a Human Resources Leader and is a key business partner to our market leadership teams.

As an HARM, you will provide generalist support for the local markets through consultative partnership with the HRS Leader, Market Director, and their leadership teams ensuring that elicits and procedures are understood and applied fairly and consistently. Key Qualifications Understanding or experience in a customer service environment is preferred but not required Preference will be given to candidates with 5+ years of progressive human resources generalist experience in a retail environment with an emphasis on employee relations and staffing.

Description The successful candidate will combine outstanding relationship skills and analytical abilities with a passion for enabling our people to exceed their potential. We also look for people who can build creative programs and products. He or she will rely on core skills such as coaching, influencing, facilitation, communication, process development and critical thinking. We look for high- energy, thoughtful professionals who can work at granular, tactical, and big- picture levels.

Specific responsibilities include: Develop all levels of management with special emphasis on Market and Store leaders. Support the facilitation of leadership development programs with an emphasis of topics to include: Learning Agility, Coaching and Discipline, Competency Assessment, Managerial Courage, Situational Leadership and others. Maintain knowledge of current human resource and benefit trends, laws, governmental compliance and company policies. Conduct investigations related to specific issues initiated from the Ethics Hotlist and other contacts in the Corporate Human Resources Department. Track key information/reports pertaining to: succession planning, turnover trends, market compensation data and employee relation issues. Other Responsibilities: Provide support and guidance to market leadership with regard to strategic management changes and succession planning. Coordinate annual merit and employee evaluation process with direction from he Senior Human Resources Manager and Director of HRS, Retail Stores. Provide support for new store growth as it relates to store staffing and leadership development. Extensive regional travel, up to 75% of time, is required. Education A Bachelors Degree and/or professional certification in this field is preferred but not required. PA Requirements and preferred skills The skills required for the business manager application are as stated below. All the required skills are mandatory in order to obtain the selected jobs. US Business manager Experience in teamwork, and coaching teams, in a business or sales environment. Knowledge in using technology at the workflow. Successful career in sales. Demonstrated leadership 5 years of experience strong people and presentation skills Flexible working For the function of HRS manager several requirements are stated, however there are also some preferred requirements but which are not necessary , required. A Bachelors Degree and/or professional certification in this field is preferred but not required. PA Technological and Physical Resources Apple has a number of resources in hand which are both physical as technological. Technological Resources Apple trademark When a company or organization wants to use Apple’s name or logo they will need to pay Apple.

It also gives Apple the opportunity to franchise their products. Also in a worst case scenario or situation they can also sell the Apple brand. Design Rights Apple has design rights on their products. This means they protect the design of their products and will obtain money when an other company copies their design ideas. It covers all design aspect of their products. And it offers protection for a long period of time. Apple patents Apple has, just as any big corporation in the technological sector thousands of taunts. These patents stretch from the production to the distribution of Apple products.

Everything done in the process of making, offering, and distributing of Apple products can in fact be patented. This means Apple has the full right of for example the manufacturing process of the phone. Apple copyright All the software and documentation made by Apple is secured behind Apple’s copyrights license. This means that all software produced by Apple, for example; Pages, Keynote, Numbers, or Greenland is protected and may not be used in public or without license. It is also illegal to redistribute software made by Apple thou explicit clearance.

Documentation like manuals or other information may not be copied, redistributed, or sold. Physical Resources Materials and waste In order to produce Apple’s products thousands of resources are required. These resources are extremely valuable and are one of the reasons that Apple Inc. Is so extremely wealthy. Proper waste disposal and recycling is very important for a company as Apple. As allot of people start to care more and more about the environment it is important for companies to have a positive reputation in environmental protection.

Having a good reputation can be seen as one of the est. ways to advertise your organization. Machinery The Apple manufacturing plants require allot of machinery that is worth millions of dollars. Without this equipment it would be impossible to produce all of Apple’s products. The machinery is mostly found in China where Apple’s production plants are located. Also all means of transportation are important to Apple as they are the main way of shipping all products around the world Company buildings Apple owns thousands of buildings. From factories to stores everything is in apple’s hands.

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