Assignment UPS And The Utility Of Information Systems

UPS depends on using information systems technology to make its business stay together and customer updated and understand what is going on with their packages. By using the information system technology that drives the company’s success in the United States. Lauded, 2009)

It uses different forms of information technologies including bar code scanning systems, wireless networks, large mainframe computers, handheld computers, the Internet, and many different ices of soft- ware for tracking packages, calculating fees, maintaining customer accounts, and managing logistics. UPS out does there competition by having low rates and the best service, which is one reason they have been kept in business this long. UPS has used this to become the largest ground & air drop off company.

The services UPS have include supply-chain design and management, freight forwarding, customs brokerage, mail services, multimedia transportation, and financial services, in addition to logistics services the main product of UPS is a service package delivery. UPS has a device called AID better known as Delivery Information Acquisition Device. The driver hands the device to the customer to get their signature. Once the signature has been done the information that is collected is transmitted back to the UPS.

They use this device so that the company can easily access proof of delivery to customers no matter where in the world the delivery is being made. Pup’s system transmits data about each day shipments whether it is hours or days before the items reaches customs. Once a customer has shipped or had something shipped they can easily access the UPS web site too track their packages, check delivery routes, determine hipping rates, determine time in motion, print labels, and schedule a pickup.

The profit margins realized by the Company vary somewhat among its products, its customer business units and its geographic markets. Consequently, the overall profitability of the Company’s operations in any given period is partially dependent on the product, customer and geographic mix reflected in that period’s revenues. The Company UPS may experiences some seasonal trends in the delivery of its services. For example, sales/services to the European region are often stronger than the Asian region. Social and cultural elements re strong contributing factors.

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