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    Argue a case for the proposal that it just is not possible to run a charity like Sofas on a truly business-like basis Sofas is a well grown and a widely expanded charity firm established to address the needs of the poor or distressed and other social welfare issues in global. Therefore it is important to search that how well the Sofas charities are meeting these needs and what should be improved in order to pursuing the Sofas goals.

    In that case it is not enough to rely on a particular module of doing and the methods and vision of doing should identically changed or improved. Consisting of a large number of voluntary workers spread all over the world even than the salaried staff belongs is a really good advantage that can see in Sofas. Obviously it helps the Sofa’s operation in founding charities to become wider and more helpful. In this case Since the Sofa’s operations lay in countries and critical situations where the neediest people are awaiting; thus Sofas should be aware of holding enough funds to accomplish the mission successfully.

    Therefore Sofas needs to care of the strength of their funding resources, sustainability and new methodologies f earning more funds in to the organization and also they require to conduct appropriate and accurate reports of each and every donate no matter how big or small it is but still transparently . Thus it is understandable that running one large, broad and well active non-profit charity organization like Sofas is not that much easy and not that simple enough to rely on works as they were being practiced.

    It is impossible to a firm like Sofas to run its operations and survive in forth just by being an another typical resource who serves for needy and following the same typical methods they were being used. With Edgar to the changes could be initiated within Sofas for its betterment, the first thing identified as per the study is that they have kind of a disaster relief focus hence accordingly they have been adapted their work as needed as immediate or longer-term of disaster survivor efforts.

    In that manner Sofas would cooperate with other bodies which plays a substantial role in providing disaster aids same as Sofas does. Because that would be more helpful to the organization in identifying the exact situation of the people effected by the disaster, the way of recovering their conditions back to normal and by doing so Sofas able to open more opportunities to privet sources of relief which again could accelerate the organization fund flow. Another thing is Sofas seems to pay a less attention and a care on its customers who contribute to the total fund collectivity of the organization.

    These donors are likely the main root that keeps the whole organization holding. At a situation like that it is perceivably a violation of the donor’s intent in contributing to organization fund dedicated for the aids of charity purpose. This may also decrease the enthusiasm of such donors, reduce of organization publicity and adversely they may attract to other organizations which again effect on Sofa’s found flow. Thus Sofas should more sensible to their donors and other customers in response to concerns about the organization’s inflow of funds and its sustainability.

    Same as the fulfillment of donor intent is an important, keeping their spending within the framework of what they believed and what they wanted also important. For that Sofas requires to quickly meet the needs of those for whom aid is intended and exhibits a clear picture of how the aid was being used. Another thing to mention is Sofas needs to be implied that all of the funds collected from all methods and aerogramme as mention in the study, are going towards direct assistance with a properly controlled management and administrative costs which related to the organizational aspect.

    This may avoid happens of misconception among society that services are being been delivered with trained professionals, administrative back offices, support staff and personals to help which ensure the accountability in use of the donated funds. This way may enhance the trust on the organization that society kept and in other way around the sum of volunteers engaged to the firm also may increase. Analyzing the report included in the study it seems that Sofa’s lack marketing resource and management has brought down the shop and trading income recourse strength.

    Instead of feeding an effective income to the organization, it has fed the organization with a drastically decreased income. Because the lack of esteem of marketing makes a pretty hard situation to secure the necessary funding income through such activities. Therefore the marketing body should be made up of effective activities which are able to devote much more efforts to run the targeted charities and possess the appropriate out come and capabilities. It is something like marketing a new product in most common trade market.

    The events expected to carry out; volunteer involved street shops, fundraising events or whatever the event initiate for the purpose of contributing to the income, needs to be aggressively marketed towards the target donors and organization’s customers. In that case Sofas needs to convince its supporters (COUld be paid staff or none paid volunteers) as well as donors and customers that the particular event is worthy of their time and money, both. 2) What cultural messages about Sofa’s way of doing thing do you sense from reading his case-study?

    Due to the high competitiveness of current economy, the world has grouped themselves and been selfish in order to comfort themselves and individual needs. This grouping system has unbalanced the civil culture in a way that creating significant gaps between each and remaining an artificial poverty and deprivation status within another’s life. In this case Sofas has led their vision in a broad way where they could reach all these neglected humankind and to help them to survive in the world.

    These are the people who most needy and these are the people who required the most attention specially of he people wealthy, so called “rich nations”. Sofas shows that they should pay more attention towards these people and help to prevent these situations and it’s kind of a part of their role that they have to play in this world being as a rich nation. This is a very good message that Sofas gives which is powerful enough to encourage the nations and show them how to go through and win cultural barriers and gaps beyond humanity as a one world.

    Another cultural message gives by Sofas is by helping local people to claim their basic rights such as being employed, having a shelter, having foods, being healthy and educated it would e likely giving them wings to fly towards a better life or make their lives more stable. Another major thing that Sofas raise is paying more attention to enhance the status of women, which plays as the most effective point to breakthrough the cycle of poverty and deprivation rooted in so many third world citizens. ) What factors have been particularly favorable to Marks and Spencer in diversifying its retail business in to financial services (lending pensions, life assurance etc. )? Starting from clothing and diversifying its business to food and further to menacing, M&S became the leader in retail business and market. Particular to finance they found number of effective and attractive ways of doing it and expanding their business where they can achieve sustainability of their business and also their goodwill.

    In this journey, since specially we are talking about their financing benefits that what they could achieve due to diversification, the first thing need to be talked is introducing account cards and personal loans to public. This way was more touching and number of customers has been attracting to the company. Issuing their own credit card makes the sense of reading the loyalty of customers and to enhance their trust kept on M&S. This method has been much more favorable to M&S than his competitors did.

    Another thing is introducing pension and insurance options. As mentioned in the study, the people were tended to go to M&S office and talk with them regarding their pensions and insurance plans, rather than going for common practice of following the insurance agent who came to their doorstep. That much powerful attraction could gain by M&S in their financial strategies. Due to the diversification of M&S one more significant effective way followed by M&S is being innovative in the field and introducing always something new and unique.

    They introduced highly efficient and low cost operation methodologies and implemented them up to utmost satisfaction of SUccess. Nevertheless they created new standards and initiated telephone-based ventral servicing method instead of being in one place and practicing a congestive coordination. By doing so they M&S could reach their customer’s efficiently and comfort them with quick and most appropriate solutions and also to give a real meaning to their requirements.

    And they could hold the customer in all the time and give them he sense that we are still keeping in touch with you to serve you with best solution. This message was really worked and went in to the customer’s mind deeply. 2) Since customer service is so important to Marks and Spencer, suggest what features you would expect to see in a full-scale training programmer for telephone-based customer services staff selling financial products. What are the potential benefits of such training for the company’s image in the outside world?

    Since M expanded their business widely as a financial service provider they require being customer oriented and since it’s subjected to service providing, it’s again compulsorily wanted to give the most convenient solutions with best hosting etiquette’s. In that manner servicing via telecommunication system comes number one and similarly telephone-based operations becomes more convenient and most used method. Therefore the person who handles such responsibility requires being patient, calm and a good listener.

    Nonetheless they should be equipped with the knowledge of quick and good problem solving skills. And they should pleasantly address the customers and let customer to trot out his requirements. The person who’s in other corner of the telephone invitation should have the ability to grasp what exactly the customer wants and what exact step he needs to take forward in order to satisfying the customer’s need. For that at the training programmer, it should be included a training in a way that they will finely be able to approach to the caller and make sure that he met what he expected to meet.

    Another aspect needs to be included into the training programmer is good and clear language behaviors. Telephone operator should deliver his ideas converted in to words in a way that caller can grasp directly without going for further clarification. Words and language use should deliver the exact meaning. And since M&S financial products may use by number of different people from different countries and different cultures, therefore the call center may receive queries in variety of languages and verity of sounds.

    Some people are naturally aggressive. Some people are naturally calm but same time same aggressiveness also used to exhibit in ‘another way. Usually the universal language as accepted is English; but there are number of people who don’t speak English, who don’t understand English and who are not familiar with English. Thus the operator would use the language what suits for each individual. This kind of situations should be sharply identified from the operator and feedback in same way politely. And use the language that listener can understand.

    For that, can give the training which can provide the ability of serving in several languages and also give kind of a cultural training to their trainees. So the training can be included with several languages teaching programmers, training of how to use them practically and acknowledge accordingly.. Etc. Same as language training another thing should be raised in telephone-based customer servicing is the operator should have a good enough knowledge about several human behaviors and ways of addressing.

    As mentioned above the way of addressing and delivering ideas of people are different from one to another. The same meaning may come in several different ways. It happens due to the influence of different cultural standards and civil classes and different societies in the world. Thus the training should include kind of a psychological and cultural knowledge giving programmer as well. Another foremost thing would be added in to particular training programmer is vying a training on company goals, values and objectives.

    Unless knowing this correctly nobody will perform well and even the company cannot expect them to perform well. Because the company’s image should be clearly drawn in its employee’s mind. For that M should provide the trainees with an appropriate clarification about the company, what the company needs, what the company’s capacity is, how about its customer base, what are the strength that company has and what exactly company expect them to achieve and perform on.

    If these things are clear to the trainees so by that time onwards they will play in their oleos more efficiently. Because the telephone operator is the person, whom the customer reaches to, at his very first inception. At that time the first reaction received by the customer will decide whether to keep in holding the company further or just leave the company and go for another. Therefore giving a proper training of company goals, values and objectives would be more beneficial to the company with regard to serving a successful financial product via telephone- based service.

    Same as knowing company goals, value and objectives, the train should be provided about the product that the company sells. That means since the operator responsible to carry out the telephone conversation up to the point that customer meets his needs; therefore the service provider should be equipped with all relevant details without making customer to wait and hold on the line unnecessarily. This is not at all an effective way of attracting the customers and delivering the better quality service.

    Therefore the training programmer should include with a training about what they are selling and what features it exists. By doing so employee will be knowledgeable about their selling product and will able to introduce it to customers by convincing him that there’s no any substitute which can go beyond this product. Anyway, that is the ultimate goal of the company that to sell their product not to be a rejected or neglected product and makes the product most popular and most sold in the market.

    In that mission the big half of the responsibility goes to the person who answers to the call and introduce the product to the caller. Thus it’s compulsory the trainee to be accomplished with total product details and deliver it in same way. So the training programmer should be included this kind of activities and programmer which make the trainee more knowledgeable and skillful.

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