ATM Skimming Essay

ATM Skimming

As a member of the team making ATMs for the next generation, we should develop strategies that counteract the features of the illegal skimmers.  Inherent in the problem is the solution.  We know that the flashing lead through entry should light up when in use, so any tampering with the lead would be easy to detect.

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ATM Skimming
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However, when a skim device has been placed in or near the card reader slot, our patented design will work in two ways.

  First, the contoured model will make it impossible to attach/add anything else because there are no hooks or hinges that will facilitate an attachment.  Secondly, the weight (measured in milligrams) of anything else added to the ATM machine for more than three minutes will trigger a silent signal to the personnel of the banking institution.

In order to make it difficult to replace or overlay the fascia, we will collaborate with

the government and Federal Reserve Bank to design a fascia with standardized details that would be difficult to duplicate such as a hard-to-match color, special metal alloy,  and an inlaid 16-digit code.

            Another option will be a GPS device encrypted in the Data Scrambler, a device that detects the activation of a skimmer within a certain radius.  When the thief returns to his home  and starts to download the data, the Data Scrambler will provide erroneous information and record the electronic waves emitted from the skimmer.  Unbeknownst to the thief, the police can track his exact location.

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