Bad Vices in Students: When to Stop? Research Paper

It is well known that when a student goes to college he encounters all sorts of vices such as ALCOHOL, CIGARETTES, SEX,DRUGS or BANNED SUBSTANCES and GAMBLING. Such vices cannot be ignored anymore as to the more students seem to be detaching from their parents, they seem to be enjoying freedom too much. Firstly,vices are forms of undesirable practices, habits or behaviours in the society. In most case, vices are usually carried out by students . Many factors contribute why the college students engage in vices.

For example,it could be problems from home and relationships . Secondly,Alcohol use among college students has been a theme for years. It is almost guaranteed that students will be introduced to alcohol at one time or another during their time at school. Risks such consumption has an impact not only on college student. For example, if a person drinks alcohol and becomes violent it is not only affected are affected and other students, family, and anyone.

Thirdly, drugs when they are abused, they lead to many undesirable consequences on a person. For example, teenagers who are shy, lonely and lack self-confidence often find that drugs transform them into life of the party. For them, these vices are the key to social success. In conlusion there are several reasons why a teenager may take drugs or alcohol. Some teenagers are just bored and like to experiment this. Alcohol, drugs and other vices existed long before we were born and will exist forever.

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