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Print vs Electronic Material

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Technology has affected our society, and its surroundings in numerous of different ways. Technology has not only influenced the values of society, but advanced our way of thinking outside the box; it also helped us grow to learn new concepts making life more efficient. Having such technology we were able to develop the tools that impacted our society in such a way; that it soon forced us to make improvements. For example it helped us develop the idea of printing; which this later became a great source for people to use to create multiple copies of written material in printed format.

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Print vs Electronic Material
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As technology grows more and more concepts began to emerge such as electronic materials; which have significantly improved our way of receiving information. So since technology is constantly changing we may begin to notice how different the idea of print materials and electronic materials really are; due to the many ways they benefit us as a society. Now in today’s society we are beginning to want to stray away from the idea of having Print materials or otherwise known as print culture.

Mainly due to the fact that we are now living in a world where technology is improving so fast that most of everything we rely on is becoming digitalized, and formatted into electronic material. But not to say that we would never use printed material ever again just that they could be less common; they could also eventually become more valuable in the future. So the differences between print and electronic are that having printed materials such as books, magazine, encyclopedia etc. you are automatically guaranteed it’s going to an accurate and creditable resource.

Another difference is that printed material is always accessible whenever you need it unlike electronic material where it may not always be actively backed up, or compatible with newer technology. Also Electronic materials are not always free to obtain due to that fact that they may need you to be licensed to use it or that they require a fee to use them. Printed materials can be a more easier to get a hold of mainly because everyone can access them in a library where the library has already got licenses to use those materials, and either paid for the fees for everyone to use them.

Many people in society today are now seeking to use electronic materials such as smart phone, ipads, and laptops to store document, multiple digital copies of books, and articles etc. ; as a newer efficient way for people to retrieve the resource needed. One way electronic material is different from print is that it’s a way faster way to search for information; it’s also easy for user to use. An electronic material is a very convenient source to have because it occupies less space, and can also be carried from one location to another with ease; whereas print materials such as books can be a hassle to haul around.

Print and electronic materials have both served a purpose to our society; which is being able to have the convenience, and sophistication of using these materials to obtain information to gain further knowledge making our lives much easier. But even though they may serve a similar purpose they have their differences as well. Because, whether we use print material they are more accurate, accessible, and can be free resources to use. Also if the reason you decide to use electronic material for their convenience; they are faster in receiving information, occupies less space, and aren’t a hassle to carry around from place to place.

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