Literature Review On Material Management Construction

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Nowadays, many contractors are making investing to building undertaking to gain their net incomes. Unfortunately, there are non all contractors able to gain the net income of the investing in building undertakings. This is because some of the contractor does non proper direction the stuffs. For illustrations, a contractor over order the stuff such as cements, bricks and support, the cost will increase and the net incomes will go low or shortage of the money. Therefore, a systematic stuff direction is really importance in building site to avoid over ordering and receive low quality stuffs at the same clip can minimise the cost and maximum the net incomes

Construction stuffs can be dwelling as a major cost for any building undertaking. This is because 50 % or more of the entire cost of the undertaking is for buying the stuffs or even storage the stuffs costs. Therefore, expeditiously material direction is really importance because it will be a batch of money. Therefore, the contractor should see the clip to order the stuff when they needs and the clip bringing to the site. This is because if the stuff does non come at the agenda clip will do hold of the undertakings.

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In add-ons, a proper site program to set the stuff is really importance for building site. For illustration, if the stuffs such as concrete batch works seting excessively far from the physique topographic points, it will do a batch of clip for labors to convey the concrete to sites. This will detain the clip to finish. Therefore, difference stuff should turn up at the suited location. This will assist to increase the productiveness of the building undertakings.

Now, Almatad Sdn. Bhd is transporting out a lodging undertaking which is semi-detached houses and dual storey patio in Johor. The building site layout has been prepared which illustrates the layout equipment, edifice stuffs and entree roads for the hard-on of the edifice. As a new site director of the undertaking, I noticed that many jobs are transporting out by the programs and those jobs will do the undertakings to be hold or increase the cost of the undertakings. Therefore, I need to re-organize the layout of the site and better the site consequently.

Literature reappraisal on stuff direction

Harmonizing to Arnold, J. R. and Chapman ( 2004 ) , stuffs direction can specify as an forming map responsible for planning and commanding the stuffs flow. This means that the stuffs direction is a planned process that involves from the initial buying, bringing, managing and minimization of waste of the stuff with the intent to guaranting the quality, measure and clip of the demand should run into consequently.

Material direction are the activities involved to be after, control, purchase, expedite, conveyance, shop, and issue in order to accomplish an efficient flow of stuffs and that the needed stuffs are bought in the needed measures, clip, quality and at an acceptable monetary value. ( Stukhart,1995 )

Importance of stuff for a undertaking

Most of the organisation are holding the same job which is related to the pull offing the flow of the stuffs. Therefore, the efficient direction of stuffs is the chief keys issue to find the success of a completion of a undertaking. In add-on, the control to the stuffs is capable to the difference company and should be handled efficaciously to finish the undertaking. Building stuffs cost is the major cost for the undertaking. The cost represented by stuffs changed and may include between 20 % and above of the sum of the undertaking.

Harmonizing to the Stukhart ( 1995 ) and Bernold and Treseler ( 1991 ) surveies, the stuffs cost can be around of 50 % to 60 % of the sum of undertaking cost. Materials are really of import in the operations of the building site since inaccessibility of stuffs can halt the building work. In add-on, inaccessibility of stuffs will impact the productiveness and cause to the completion of the undertaking.

Other that inaccessibility of stuffs, the inordinate measures of stuffs could besides make the serious jobs to directors in the building site. This is because storage of stuffs can increase the costs of the undertaking. In add-on, when there are limited infinites in the building site, the directors have to happen other storage from other people to hive away the stuffs until they are needed. So it will necessitate the re-handling of stuffs and the costs of the undertaking. Some of the demands must take to manage and hive away the stuffs decently when they are received. Thus, particular attending should be given to stuffs after they purchased from the provider.

Harmonizing to Damodara ( 1999 ) , there is obvious that stuffs can supply salvaging when it obtained at the lowest monetary value to the company. In early building industry, many building companies experienced that the addition in costs and a lessening in productiveness which due to rising prices and economic jobs. From the research of Stukhart ( 1995 ) we can concluded that early building industry were non utilizing their resources expeditiously and that the lessening in productiveness is due to hapless direction in the building site and stuffs. ( Stukhart, 1995 ) . Material direction has been the chief issue of concern in the building industry. By the research of Baldwin t. Al ( 1994 ) that is more that 40 % of the clip lost due to bad direction in building site, hapless certification of stuffs, deficiency of stuffs on site when needed and unequal storage.

Therefore, the demand for a proper stuff direction system becomes compulsory. Many companies increased their efficiency of stuffs direction to stay the competitory and protected for their hereafter undertaking. They try to cut down their operating expenses cost and improved their productiveness schemes. The salvaging cost and betterment can run consequently by stuffs direction. The stuff available on site and direction system is the chief point to success a building undertaking.

Better stuffs direction will assist to increase the efficiency in the operation in building site and cut down the overall cost from the entire cost of the undertaking. Top direction such as undertaking director, site director or designer should pay more attempt to stuffs direction. This is because available of the stuffs will impact the successful from their undertaking. When the stuff is deficits, the high involvement rates should pay, lifting monetary values of the stuffs and competition with other companies.

There is a developing heed in the building industry that material direction demands to be solved as an overall incorporate disposal activity.

Benefit of stuff direction

An effectual stuff direction system can convey many benefits for a company in building industry. From the survey of Construction Industry Institute ( CII ) we can concluded that labour productiveness could be improved more than 6 % and can bring forth 4-6 % extra nest eggs from the entire cost ( Bernold and Treseler, 1991 ) . Among these benefits are:

  • Reducing the overall costs of stuffs
  • Better handling of stuffs
  • Decrease in duplicated orders
  • Materials will be on site when needed and in the measures required
  • Improvements in labour productiveness
  • Improvements in undertaking agenda
  • Quality control
  • Better field stuff control
  • Better dealingss with providers
  • Reduce of stuffs surplus
  • Reduce storage of stuffs on site
  • Labor nest eggs
  • Stock decrease
  • Purchase nest eggs
  • Better hard currency flow direction

On-site Material Management Functions

Chandler ( 1987 ) stated that, the map of site control of stuffs is to command their conveyances to the site in order to command the waste and guarantee the stuff available on site in the right clip. He besides added that, stuffs control duties can be separated into two countries of actions which is:

Action Prior to Locate Delivery

  • This may include the undermentioned actions:
  • Continuous cheque on order pending bringing or call for division day of the months
  • Pull offing the alteration in the rate of work motion and measure its impact or stuffs
  • Deliveries schedule to set bringing day of the months consequently.
  • Inform the provider about bringing accommodations
  • Discuss and settle with the provider to accommodate to the agreed agenda.
  • Follow up the measures and specification alterations of the stuffs
  • Chasing a major undertaking in a sensible period of clip before supply confidence.

Action after Site Delivery

Concerned for stuffs having, look intoing and payment. These activities and actions provide an of import agencies for commanding the waste of stuff, and do the right provider to extinguishing the add-on cost paid. However, whatever the actions of stuffs direction is running, they need a concerted engagement of both parties such as caput office and the site maps that are primary controlled under the action of site direction:

  • Materials Planning and hastening
  • Materials having and review.
  • Materials managing and distribution.
  • Inventory and stock list control
  • Materials managing and distribution
  • Quality Assurance and Quality control
  • Material Surplus disposal

Procedure of the stuff direction

There are few stairss which can implement the material direction to building site which is be aftering, buying, logistics, handling, stock and waste control. Each procedure was province out its characteristic as of import function for an effectual stuffs direction.


Materials be aftering include measurement, telling and scheduling. It is emphasized that planning is a really of import procedure to increase the productiveness, net income, and helping the clip to finish the building undertakings. The productiveness of the building undertaking will be hanged if the stuff planning procedure is non implemented decently.


Buy the stuffs and have the services from supplier to acquire the support of operations as the building undertaking from production to selling, gross revenues and logistics. For illustrations, a elaborate stuff list and co-ordination of the buying and order of stuff are important to guaranting the stuff will available on building site.


Logisticss is a construct that stresses motion of the stuffs and it involve be aftering, implementing, and commanding the motion and storage of all things from natural stuffs to the finished of the merchandise to run into client demands. During building undertaking, routing of the stuffs will impact the cost and clip to finish the building undertakings.


Managing of stuffs is the flow of the stuffs to the constituent that provides for their motion and location. Due to the rate of managing stuffs, there are some quality demands to be in considerations when planing a stuffs managing system. The choice of the stuffs managing equipment is of import to heighten the production procedure, supply the effectual operation of work force, increase production and progress the system to be more flexible.

Stock and Waste Control

Stock control can categorise as a technique planned to be the screen and to guarantee all stuffs or equipment are available when needed. Stock control include natural stuffs, processed stuffs, assembly constituents, consumable shops, general shops, care stuffs and spares, work in advancement and finished merchandises. It is really of import as the building stuffs were bringing as requested and with the patterned advance by the proper direction of stock control. At the same clip, building activities will bring forth large sum of the waste and it will do trouble to the building industry. However, with the planning of the stuff direction which is effectual will assist to cut down the waste of stuff and increase the net income of the companies.

Challenging of Materials Management

There are few classs that selected in Materials direction:

  • The specification and measuring of the stuffs ;
  • Where to turn up and therefore procurances patterned advance when the direction of stock is done traffics by the provider ;
  • Transaction to site and review of the order as off-loading, and hive awaying onsite ;
  • The executive and pecuniary procedure of payment ;
  • The use of stuffs in production on the occupation site and waste take production.

Procedure of buying and supply of stuffs, the challenges frequently occurs when the stuffs is non tantamount as the telling purchase, the skipped list out telling stuffs, timing of stuffs geting, measures of stuffs, deficiency of preparation and equal direction, deficiency of Just In Time scheme, deficiency of communicating and relation between contractor and supply concatenation companies are the chief hindrances.

In building site the challenging are obvious which are specifically as:

  • Miscarriage to order stock on clip which postponements the undertakings ;
  • Misguided clip presenting which interrupts the work agenda ;
  • The sum telling more than the demands ;
  • Incorrect stuffs or mistake in path of stuffs leads dual work ;
  • Scamp on stuffs from bringing into production ;
  • Double handling of stuffs because of unequal stuff.

The key to success of a building direction procedure is to be effectual in building. The chief jobs lead to uneffective are fault timing of stuffs received by the site or unequal quality, improper information for stuffs arrival to the site stock, losing stuffs, inaccessibility of storage infinite, and waste of labor for stuffs seeking on site.

Remark and measure the bing site layout relation

From the bing site layout program, many stuff or topographic point are located wrongly as below. Concrete batching works is seting excessively far with the stuff which is cement and sum. It usually must set near to the build topographic point because concrete batching works is for blending the cement and sum to organize the concrete. Therefore, if shop it at a distance from site, it will take clip to reassign the mix concrete to the edifice topographic points.

Waste stuff should non located at behind of the impermanent edifice. This is because the impermanent edifice used for undertaking director and others adviser to hold meeting or treatment session and to do determination. If the waste stuffs located behind of it, the sound or smell will upset the person which is inside the impermanent edifice.

Shop should hold a cheque point to hold record through the transferable of the stuffs and instrument of the shop. Without the cheque point, the instrument will easy to be lost and difficult to seek for the needed. With the cheque point, it will be easier for the employee to hold checking record of the stuff or instrument. Therefore, the contractor could salvage up some portable cost as when the demands to rebuy the new instrument or stuffs which are lost founded through the record in the statement.

Entrance to the site or offices was excessively long as when the truck originates during working hours it will upset the labour public presentation as in their plants. Security of the site does non be consider in the site program, this mean the stolen easy to be happen without any security at the site Each shop does non call it consequently. So when the worker demand find some instrument will take times.

Identify possible job that may confront

There are many job faces by site director associating to the stuffs direction on the site which is:

  • Limited infinite and cost. There are limited infinites allowed on building site for the location of the stuffs or shop. In add-on, budget for construct the shop and stuffs topographic points is limited. Therefore, Site director demand to work out the job harmonizing their experiences.
  • Late or early bringing the stuff on site. Materials does non bringing in right clip will do job to site director. If the stuffs bringing early, site director need to set up a topographic point for put the stuffs. In another manner, if late bringing stuffs to site, it will do hold of the work as program by site director.
  • Delivery incorrect stuffs, incorrect quality and incorrect measure. If the stuffs bringing on site without any checked by site director, when the stuffs is demands to be used merely satisfy that the stuffs in the state of affairs of incorrect stuffs incorrect quality and besides incorrect measure, it will do hold of the work and increase the cost of the undertakings.
  • Larceny or spoil when the stuff is needed.. When the stuffs does non set or maintain consequently, it will do larceny or stuffs spoils happen. Therefore, the site director needs to take excess cost to buy the new stuffs or instruments.
  • Waste material addition. When the stuffs does non maintaining in the safety topographic point, the stuffs will be spoils so increase the waste stuffs. As illustration when the cement merely located at site without any screen, when rain the cement will botch.
  • Poor site layout. When the site layout does non be after consequently, it will do many problem to the site director and workers. For illustrations, the concrete batching works located far from the site, it will take clip for worker transportation the concrete to the site so it may do hold of work as clip tabular array.

Proposed new site layout to better the bing site layout

Concrete batching works moves to the site and will hold a impermanent sum storage to set cement and sum. This will assist to increase the work daily because the labor no demand to travel the concrete from far to the site. At the same clip, when have the rain, the cement can merely located at the sum stored without scared the cement will be harm.

All storage should call harmonizing to the type of thing they put, therefore it won & A ; acirc ; ˆ™t be mixed up with other stuffs and easy to happen out the equipment or instrument when demands. The storage from new site layout all already named consequently such as aggregative storage, instrument storage and safety equipment storage. Aggregate storage is merely for impermanent for seting the cement, hemorrhoids and sum. Instrument storage is for seting machine and instrument. Safety equipment storage is for seting some safety equipment such as signboard, helmet, safe boots and others.

Support and lumber can be located together besides of the joint store. Therefore, the labor can easy take out lumber and support to make the articulation without carry from far topographic points. It helps to salvage clip and increase the day-to-day work.

Addition a auto park for parking. Therefore, the labor can park their auto in safety topographic points without any excess fee and will execute will when work because no demand scare the biddings when parking outdoors.

Addition a security cheque in the chief entryway. It is necessary to hold a proper guard in the entryway to maintain path of all visitants to the undertaking. Therefore, the safety of the internal site and the stuffs will be protected.

Addition a cheque point as the guard for stuff, instrument, safety equipment and scaffold. The chief responsibility of the cheque point is received and checks the stuffs harmonizing to quality and measure which order by the site directors. In add-on, it besides helps to enter and administer the stuffs or instrument harmonizing to the demands of the site.


The suggestion that will give strong impact on the material direction procedure is the top direction of undertaking companies should promote their development utilizing stuffs direction systems in their building undertaking. They can do some wages for their employee to go to preparation classs of building stuffs direction. So they can salvage more attempt and clip to accomplish more exact consequences.

Besides, the site director should set up the waste stuffs consequently by recycles and without recycles. For illustrations, some waste stuffs from support can recycle. Therefore the site director should rectify it at a topographic point and sell the recycle mill. This method can assist site director to cover back some cost even is less but at the same clip will diminish the waste stuffs from building.

In add-ons, construct of Just In Time ( JIT ) should use in stuffs direction. The JIT thought originates from the fabrication sector. It helps to smoother the industry procedure through the efficient direction of stuffs such as supplying the right stuffs with right measures and quality, merely in clip for production in fabrication sector. By using the construct of JIT, it can assist to better the motion of stuffs from the providers to the building site. With the JIT direction system, the stuffs possibly delivered to site harmonizing agenda or merely the twenty-four hours before.

Health and safety should be provides harmonizing to the wellness and safety enchiridion. Even it is dearly-won to supply that safety equipment but it is really importance to the worker determined their safety. So that when they are working, the accident can be secured consequently. In add-on a successful building undertaking is holding the zero accident in building site. So the wellness and safety is really of import in building site.

The impermanent installations should supply consequently to the undertaking. The undertaking director should choose the impermanent installations some as offices, canteen, and rest room for worker and other. It should gauge the size harmonizing to the site infinite and the needed of the people. In add-on, a proper direction of impermanent installations will increase the productiveness in building site.


In decision, material direction is the chief key for success a building undertaking. This is because the cost of stuffs is represented more than 60 % or above cost from the entire cost of undertaking. Therefore, with the effectual direction of the stuffs, the company can salvage more than 6 % or above of the cost from a undertaking. Therefore, the stuffs direction method must use in building site to steer the stuffs. With the proper agreement of the stuffs will assist contractor minimum the cost and maximum their net incomes.

Besides, the proper site program is really of import to the building site. The location of the stuffs, storage and other impermanent installations should located harmonizing the efficient of the building work. This will assist the employee finish their work as agenda by the site director without any add-on of unneeded work. When the productiveness is high, the undertaking cans completion of the clip given by the client or early from the completion day of the month.

In add-on, the top direction should give their employee go toing the class sing stuffs direction. This will assist them set up the stuffs consequently to increase their hereafter undertaking and set up the site layout harmonizing to the demands of building undertaking.

Health and safety besides is a portion of importance in building site to supply zero accident. It should follow harmonizing to manus book of wellness and safety. This is because the building site is the hazardous site, when the wellness and safety can be determined on site ; the worker will experience secured and confident to execute their work every bit good as possible. Successful direction of building resources has to be based on updated information and processed using a well-designed building resources direction system.

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