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Barangay health center informayion system

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The Barangay Health Care Management Information System is a community-based and patient-directed organisation. Its end is to supply first assistance. maternal and child wellness attention. diagnosing of societal diseases. and other basic wellness services to all the members of the community it is functioning. Primary Health Care is one of the top precedences of the metropolis authorities. This is proven by the being of barangay wellness centre. It is normally the first point of contact between occupants of the community and other wellness attention installation degrees.

Health Care gives high importance to instruction. nutrition. preventative medical specialty and intervention of the most common diseases and hurts. It is considered as a practical agency of giving any signifier of wellness attention for every people that live in Barangay.

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Barangay health center informayion system
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Barangay Health Center services are regulated by the ( DOH ) . Undertakings may be spearheaded by each Center under the supervising of the local authorities and the municipal wellness officer. Every wellness Center is equipped to supply primary degree of wellness attention.

Barangay Health Center is normally staffed of physicians. public wellness nurses. dieticians. medical technicians. rural wellness accoucheuses. Barangay wellness workers tooth doctors. etc. The end of Health Center is good for all. It aims to cut down wellness exclusion and societal disparities. It helps in forming wellness services harmonizing to people’s demands and outlooks. It besides works on incorporating wellness into all sectors. Barangay Health Workers live in the communities they serve. and act as alteration agents in their communities. They provide information. instruction and motive services for primary wellness attention. maternal and child wellness. kid rights. household planning and nutrition. They may administrate immunisations and regular deliberation of kids. They frequently assist accoucheuses in supplying parturition services.

Health Center direction information systems are information direction system that gaining control and show informations related to the bringing of wellness attention services. And wellness Center direction information system is non merely a system of computing machines and package. It includes clinical guidelines. medical nomenclature lexicons. and interfaces the assorted diagnostic devices and other clinical and concern information databases. such as research lab. pharmaceutics and diagnostic imagination. It is besides used for public wellness and medical research intent.

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