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The Spaniards did not really know how make money grow. It was good that Spain did not develop our resources then, only the Spaniards would have benefited. The Filipinos did not really share in the wealth of the nation.

The following are the economic changes made by Spain : New Way of Land Ownership Spain introduced the idea that a person and is family could own land. An Encomia was the money from the tribute upon a certain conquered territory. It was given by the king to a Spanish conquistador (colonizer) as a reward for his services.

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In 1951, there were 267 encompass In the Philippines.

The Tribute was the residence task during that time. The tribute was replaced 1884 by the cedilla tax because the Spanish officials cheated and oppressed them.

Polo or Forced Labor All male Fullness form 16 to 60 years old were forced to work Like building roads and bridges. Abolition of Slavery Filipinos could own slaves Like owned property. In the 1 6th century, the Spanish signatories protested to the king about keeping of slaves In the Philippines. Galleon Trade and Subsidy from Mexico Mexico and back. Products includes ( silk, porcelain, cloth, hemp, cigars, silver pesos, Nines, woods, sardines, official documents).

Real Situation-Royal Subsidy – The Spanish colonial government always needed money to keep on running. Introduction of New Plants and Animals Plants: (corn, coffee, beans, actuate, manage peanuts, chic and papaya) Animals: : sheep, cattle, goats, horses, pigeons, swans, carobs, ducks, geese, chickens). Introduction of New Industries Better methods of farming, cattle-ranching, making of candles and soap, constructions of bridges and dams, weaving of hats and mats. Economic Society and Royal Company Two interesting economic organizations were the Economic Society of Friends of the Country and the Royal company of the Philippines. General Basso founded the Economic Society of Friends of the Country in 1781. It sent the first shipment of indigo :dye) to Europe. It stopped in 1809. King Charles Ill founded the Royal company of the Philippines in 1785. Closed in 1834. Alexandra Malaysian – lead the first scientific survey of the Philippines (1789). Antonio Pinned – a botanist, who went with the expedition of ships sailed.

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