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Believe Statement Essay

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  • Pages 4
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    I was always told that family comes first in any situation growing up this has and will always be true for me. I believe family is important and that they are the support I need in life. My family has shaped me into the person I am today. They have been there for me through the ups and downs and I know they will continue to be no matter what. My dad, mom, siblings, aunts, uncles cousins all of them have helped me to become my best self and are whom I would always go to for support. Although my family isn’t perfect they have shown me the importance of having a support system and they are mine.

    Everyone faces setbacks and ours was when my brother was in a coma. Everyone was blaming each other or themselves just bringing each other’s character down, saying that my brother’s accident was their fault. But if anyone in my family were to tell the story they would say I had it the worse since I was with him in the accident. When we were running an errand for my aunt in Chicago late at night and a drunk driver fell asleep at the wheel. My brother swerved out of the way of the other driver’s car, but there was a tree in the direction that he turned to. Next thing I know I’m inside of a hospital bed and being told that my brother was in a coma.

    My family helped loved and supported me even more than they already did through this time period. Families are your support, whether it’s financially or emotionally they are always there for you because they love and support you. I don’t know where I would be in life without my family. With the amount of unconditional love that they give me at any time and everyone needs some kind of love. In my family that is very strong and one of our top values and it should be in every family’s out there. Especially when hard times come it is the love from your family that would help you overcome it. For me, my family was my support system when I needed them, they were always there for me even though I tried to push them away they wouldn’t budge at my hurtful words or actions. But they stayed with me and picked me up and lightened the mood every time. And for that they have shown me the true value and meaning of family and that for us was love.

    They didn’t give up because they loved me. One thing I most appreciate from my family is as my brother was in the hospital, they all supported my parents and I.Like coming to my basketball games not only were they there they were cheering me on and telling me what I can improve on and if I do this I’ll improve on that one thing. Some people on my teams didn’t have their family there supporting them at any of their games so when my family would see them down or up they would offer them a hand and cheer them on while building a relationship with them. Those kids would always appreciate it and call my family there’s too. A family is not just about blood, but it’s about loyalty respect and love. A family can always turn on you. But a Family will be there for you every chance they get and they will be loyal to you by doing so. That’s why I believe loyalty is a big part of the family.I believe that I am truly the most blessed child in the world to have such a providing, loving, caring, and compassionate family.

    That I know will do anything they can to help me out in any situation. I didn’t have to experience the bad things I have gone through if that means I wouldn’t have been able to have the good times that I had with my family, then bring on the pain because my family and I will just overcome it. My family has kept my head up through the ups and downs: meaning they have never let me down no matter how hard times would get. We push each other to do our best. My family is the reason I am who I am today. They built my character into the strong, smart caring young black child that I am today. I lean on them when times get rough and I will continue doing just that in the future.

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