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This I Believe

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This I Believe

This I Believe Essay

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This I Believe
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This I Believe

I believe death brings people closer. When I was in high school I always had plenty of friends to socialize with. However, out of these friends there were only some I considered to be a “true” friend. One of those friends was a boy named Tommy. He was your typical jock, he played football, baseball, basketball and even was considering joining a UFC club. He was one of the nicest people I knew and he always knew how to make someone smile.

It didn’t matter if it was a simple joke, or him doing something crazy that no one else would dare to do. That’s the kind of person Tommy was, he was someone you could always go to for help and could talk to about anything. His friendly smile made it easy to strike up a conversation.
In high school there were cliques, just like any other school out there.

Some people got along with others and some didn’t. Most of us had our own certain group we hung out with. Tommy was never part of one of these cliques he talked to everyone, it didn’t matter who you were to him as long as you paid him the same respect he paid you. Even I was impressed by his ability to be able to talk to just about anyone who was around him. I was a lot like Tommy when I was in high school, I never paid close attention to cliques, I talked to who I wanted when I wanted. Today it makes sense why we were good friends. Tommy even introduced me to my first love. It is pretty easy to say that there wasn’t anyone who disliked Tommy.
The summer had just begun and all of us were excited for class to be over with. One day Tommy was on his way from basketball camp to football practice with his friend Chris in the passenger seat. Tommy did not have his seatbelt on since he was in such a rush to get from one place to the other. He went around a quick turn and hit gravel, it was then that Tommy lost control of his car and flipped into a tree. Being that Tommy did not have his seatbelt he went straight.

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